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Pre-Employment Screening - Veritas-Intelligence


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Pre-Employment Screening - Veritas-Intelligence

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  1. Welcome To Pre-Employment Screening

  2. Employment screening worldwide Employment screening can be conducted as a pre-employment screening or in-employment screening. When you have any doubts about the credibility of a candidate or current employee, we are able to check the provided information on one’s resume and one’s working history.

  3. Background check worldwide We are able to conduct a comprehensive background check, or background screening, on an individual. If you need to be sure an individual is who one claims to be, whether it’s in a business environment or on a personal level, we can provide you with useful information to reassure you that you are making the right decision hiring this individual, doing business with them or to start a personal relationship.

  4. KYC Program We, at Veritas Intelligence work with our clients with a holistic approach, to human intelligence and ‘know your client’ compliance in a robust framework, to prevent financial damages and losses and provide risk-modeling for advanced solutions to responding to financial crime. In this program, we have different levels of investigations to offer.

  5. Whereabouts Program In case an individual tries to escape the entered financial agreement or after fraudulent acts and tries to conceal, we can offer a special whereabouts program. This program is fully aligned with the situation and can be implemented worldwide. With all current technical detection methods, the person in question will be located. With additional observation on a local level, the actual residence address will be established. This program differs from a standard address search.

  6. International asset search services An asset investigation, also known as asset search or asset check, will provide you a comprehensive representation of all the assets belonging to a legal entity or individual. Veritas Intelligence is specialized in providing asset search services to among others, corporations, law firms, financial institutions and dept collectors. In case a debtor is involved who claims not to be able to meet the payment obligations, the result of an asset search can confirm or deny this as the case. If you are considering to outsource a collection, an asset investigation can report how many collectable assets an individual or legal entity possesses and what your position is, in relation to other creditors suing the same debtor.

  7. What can you expect? Our clients are always the center of our attention. Due to our wide-ranging experience, our goal is to work efficiently, cost effectively, and results focused. It goes without saying that we maintain strict confidentiality standards. Our goal and promise are to provide the info you need in complex financial asset investigations. By using a unique combination of HUMINT, analytical and open source intelligence gathering, we unlock complex structures, simplify the nature of how assets are hidden, provide corroborative evidence, sourced and reported in a diligent, legal and simplified way.

  8. Contact us Website : www.veritas-intelligence.com Email : info@veritas-intelligence.com Telphone : +31-850-656-642

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