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Critical Tips On Pre-Employment Screening PowerPoint Presentation
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Critical Tips On Pre-Employment Screening

Critical Tips On Pre-Employment Screening

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Critical Tips On Pre-Employment Screening

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  1. Critical Tips On Pre-Employment Screening

  2. Pre-Employment Screening • The field of recruitment is very crucial and also may be stressful, and the last thing that an HR team would want to encounter are last minute surprises.

  3. Check The Applicants References: • The HR Team should make sure that they are dialling a landline instead of a portable number, this is done so that employers are calling the workplace of the applicant's past manager and not only one their companions or associates. • Inquire as to whether the previous employer would re-hire the applicant, given the open door. Their response and reaction to this question will uncover a considerable measure.

  4. Check Online Activities • Most people nowadays have probably created an account or have mingled around online, whether it’s on social media, blogging sites, video blogging websites or personal websites.

  5. Check the Commitment Level • On the off chance that the applicant is as of now employed and there is a probability their boss may wish to hold their administrations, right now is an ideal opportunity to introduce the subject of potential counter offers. Ask the applicant what they would do if their present manager tossed cash at them to motivate them to remain.

  6. Conclusion • Overall, for employers that are really wanting to have quality and trustworthy pre-employment screening, it would be best to follow the said tips above. To make the hiring process even more comprehensive, make sure to utilize pre-employment screening services offered by companies such as Intelifi. Not only will this company provide a reliable and quality pre-employment screening, it also lessens the hassle from the hiring process.

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