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  1. Tamworth Rural Community

  2. Region Tamworth is on the New England Highway, and is the home of Country Music Festival

  3. Regional map Activity: complete the regional map worksheet

  4. Population • ESTIMATED RESIDENT POPULATION • Population 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 • Males No 21 081 21 266 21 683 22 050 22 318 • Females No 22 270 22430 22 733 23 077 23 297 • Persons No 43 351 43 696 44 416 45 127 45 615 Activity: Create a column graph using the data above

  5. Birth and death rate 2010 • Births No 552 • Total fertility rate Rate 2.0 • Deaths No 371 • Standardised death rate Rate 7.1 Questions: What is the difference between birth and death rates? 2. If the country fertility rate is 1.8 %, Why do you think the Tamworth rate is 2.0%

  6. Towns, Villages and Suburbs • The Tamworth Region covers 9,653.25 square kilometres, with a population of over 58,000. • From the Nandewar Range north of Barraba, to the head of the Peel River and the Great Dividing Range, Tamworth Region is one of the most progressive and exciting places in inland Australia. • It combines country living with city style, history, sport and culture. The region is about three times the size of Sydney basin or the same area as Lake Eyre. • Approximately three quarters of the region’s population lives within the city of Tamworth with the balance residing in the small townships of Manilla, Barraba, Kootingal, Nundle, and the villages of Attunga, Bendemeer, Dungowan, Duri, Moonbi, Somerton, Woolbrook and Woolomin, and various rural localities. Activity Choose one small community from the Tamworth region and create a tourist poster

  7. Attractions – Country music festival • On the Australia Day long weekend 1968, the Tamworth branch of the Modern Country Music Association ran a talent quest which may have been the predecessor of the Tamworth Country Music Festival. • However, the Country Music Association and Tamworth City Council state 1973 as the first year of the Festival when the Country Music Awards were staged by Radio 2TM to support their Country Music Capital promotion. • Other events included the Bluegrass Championships, Hands of Fame, The Roll of Renown, the Rodeo, the Buttercup Open House concert, the Mr Juicy Concerts, busking in Peel Street, the Cavalcade and industry seminars. • In 1974, the Country Music Annual (published by 2TM) described the Australia Day long weekend as “a general, once a year get-together for country music followers”. • Australia Day is 26 January and (since 1988) is a public holiday when it falls on a weekday. The red carpet highlight of the festival, the Golden Guitar Awards, are held on the last Saturday in January each year. • The 38th Tamworth Country Music Festival will be celebrated from Friday 15th January to Sunday 24th January 2010. Activity; You have been employed to create an advert of one minute to promote the country music festival for 2012

  8. Nundle– Chinese festival • Nundle’s Chinese Heritage • From the 1850’s to the 1880’s thousands of people came to what was then called the Peel River Diggings which incorporated Nundle, Happy Valley, Hanging Rock, and Bowling Alley Point. Among the rush of people were numerous Chinese; most looking for gold, plus a few came to set up stores and gardens to supply the diggers. • Illness or accidents took the lives of many searching the hills, and the Bowling Alley Point and Nundle Cemeteries became their final resting-places while the majority left when gold petered out or new fields beckoned. Some stayed on and became a permanent part of Nundle and district history. • The Government Officials on the Gold Fields of the 1860’s to 1880’s were ‘Englishmen’ and had some difficulty with the Chinese language. The names of Chinese miners were simply written down as they sounded; the result was that what was recorded may not have born close resemblance to the actual names! The word ‘Ah’, a term of respect, was often prefixed to the Chinese names when they were recorded in the official documents of the day. Activity Complete general conditions on the Nundle gold fields worksheet and activity

  9. Activity Using the information on the extract from the Maitland Mercury worksheet complete the activity

  10. Images of tamworth Grey fergy muster Bendemeer Peel street Tamworth Brisbane street

  11. Changing community • Tamworth is one of the fastest growing rural communities in the north west. • This is due to several factors • 1. Centralisation of services - The revamping of the Hospital and medical services , the new hospital at Manila has made the Tamworth region more accessible for people who want a tree change (sea change) • 2. New industry – new mines opening, introduction of new industries and the new equine centre has boosted Tamworth’s population • 3. Country music festival – in it’s 38th year, the festival has promoted Tamworth region and many people choose to move to the area because of the facilities it provides. • 4. Region council had promoted Tamworth region as a good/ safe place to bring up a family. Creating many Child friendly services. An example is the new skate parks and play equipment.