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Experience of Vietnam in Census Mapping and Household Listings PowerPoint Presentation
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Experience of Vietnam in Census Mapping and Household Listings

Experience of Vietnam in Census Mapping and Household Listings

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Experience of Vietnam in Census Mapping and Household Listings

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  1. General Statistics Office of Vietnam Experience of Vietnamin Census Mapping and Household Listings

  2. General Statistics Office of Vietnam 1. Census history: • The population census in 1979 – the first real population census of an independent Vietnam, providing surprisingly good benchmark data as a springboard for national level. • The population census in 1989 – the first modern census, introducing internationally recognized census concepts, design features and processing. • The population census in 1999 – the third census, expanding its scope in some areas for more comprehensive data. • The forthcoming population census is going to be conducted in 2009. At this moment, the preparation activities are well underway.

  3. General Statistics Office of Vietnam 2. Experience in mapping and household listing: • The 1979 census: undertaken by the localities but not successfully completed due to lack of the sufficient supervision and the very complicated situation of Vietnam. • The 1989 and 1999 census: • Mapping was started in several years before the census but the main mapping effort and fieldwork were started just in 6 months prior the census time. • The country was divided manually into enumeration areas (EAs) based on the terrain and settlement's population size of each commune, with the intention that each EA would serve as a workload for an enumerator. • Then the task of drawing maps could begin. • Requirements of a layout sketch map: a detailed EA map will show clearly the boundaries, streets, buildings on the streets and other features like river, hill, trees etc.

  4. General Statistics Office of Vietnam 2. Contd… • Household listing was commenced in January of the census year and completed just before the start of the enumerator training. • Information on the household form (name of household head, address, dwelling number, number of hh. member). • At that time, no cartographer worked for General Statistics Office (GSO) to train in mapping. • In 1989 census, 03 mapping specialists from the Cartography Department attended in preparing the mapping manual and in pretest. • In 1999 census, no participation from the Cartography Department was given to mapping activities. The 1989 mapping manual was used.

  5. General Statistics Office of Vietnam 2. Contd… • At the commune level, a staff from the Commune People’s Committee could be recruited for mapping, playing as a resource person for this activity at the commune level from the very beginning. • The 1999 census: • A hard copy of all EA maps together with household list was sent and kept in the GSO and served as a master sample frame for many surveys of GSO as well as various Ministries afterward. • However, the maps and lists in 1999 census were lost due to the quality of paper and bad storage. • So for 2009 census, mapping and listing of enumeration areas will have to be carried out again.

  6. General Statistics Office of Vietnam 2. Contd… • Plan for the 2009 census: • Collect (or buy) the up to date administrative maps (province, district, commune) from Cartography Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. • Instruct province, district, and commune offices to review and check the accuracy of the boundaries to ensure that all land area or population settlement belonged to one and only one administrative unit. • Get sketch maps of EA made with help of the local officials from the field visit to each commune .

  7. General Statistics Office of Vietnam 2. Contd… • A network of EA fully covers a commune and they are numbered serially. Basic idea of EA formation is to provide uniform workload to each enumerator during the interviewing period of 10 to 15 days. • Indicate a distinct number for each household in EA and prepare household list in the prescribed form. • Set up the system of the mapping and household listing, involving to estimated cost and time, and training. • Establish a database to manage and update list of all administrative areas and localities until the census time. • And implement a very intensive field program to ensure for the preparation of map.

  8. General Statistics Office of Vietnam 2. Contd… Suggestions in pre-census mapping for the 2009 census: • Paint or write the house number on the outer wall of the concerned house, or paste a sticker with the house number near the entrance to easily identify the house. • Draw the EA map without cutting across various hamlets/small villages/mountain villages/wards. • Then, draw the EA map (with the village map if possible) within the digitized commune map in the field along with measurement of coordinates (using GPS) as testing activity for the future. • List of households accompanied with each EA map should be prepared as a pre-census exercise.

  9. General Statistics Office of Vietnam 2. Contd… • However, to ensure for use in a long run, these materials must meet some essential requirements. The EA maps together with the household list would serve as a master sample frame. It is suggested that they would be scanned and stored in computers. • Mapping and listing for each EA would be launched in September 2008 (or earlier if necessary) and completed well before the census date. • The commune offices will be in charge of the task under the overall supervision of the Provincial/District Statistics Office (PSO).

  10. General Statistics Office of Vietnam 3. Issues Relating to Geographic Information System: • In the 1989 census: A small publication of thematic map was disseminated. • In the 1999 census: • The CD-ROM for data and result of the 3% sample. • The CD-ROM “Census Pop-Map Application”. • The Socio-economic Atlas of Vietnam titled “A depiction of the 1999 Population and Housing Census”.

  11. General Statistics Office of Vietnam 3. Contd… • Plan for the 2009 census: • The production and publication of thematic maps and population atlases are important post census activities. • So apart from the above products as in 1999 census, more publications of thematic maps would be disseminated.

  12. General Statistics Office of Vietnam Thank you!