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French – Asia Grid Activities

French – Asia Grid Activities. Dominique Boutigny. Joint FJ / FK Particle Physics Laboratory Workshop. Credits : Yonny Cardenas Sylvain Reynaud. History of the French – Asia Grid.

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French – Asia Grid Activities

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  1. French – Asia Grid Activities Dominique Boutigny Joint FJ / FK Particle Physics Laboratory Workshop • Credits : • Yonny Cardenas • Sylvain Reynaud

  2. History of the French – Asia Grid The Grid has been one of the major technical project within all the 3 French – Asia LIAs : FJPPL – FCPPL – FKPPL and to a lesser extent within the FVPPL (Grid deployment and tutorial in 2007, 2009 and 2011 ) Part of the activity was related to LCG • Another part was related to different projects (often multidisciplinary) and to computing development : • Distributed storage • Interoperability tools • CPU cycles After a few years of work it has been decided to build a common French / Korean Grid infrastructure, then Japan has been added We now have a functional global France / Korea / Japan / China distributed infrastructure at the disposal of the LIA projects

  3. Extra services Storage GLite / SRM storage system is often not flexible enough to satisfy standard users' needs  Considerable expertise at CC-IN2P3 and KEK on iRODS Deploy iRODS as an alternative Grid storage system Implement advanced data management policies / data replication Federation of iRODS systems between KEK and CC-IN2P3 VO sites Job Management A DIRAC service will be implemented to facilitate job submission and reliability


  5. A few examples of LIA projects using the France / Asia Grid • FCPPL : • Autonomous Cosmic radio detection system : TREND – Use GLite / iRODS • Cosmology projects in the framework of the Tsinghua Center for Astrophysics • FJPPL : • g-2 EDM project @ JPARC • Simulation GEANT4 • Data analysis and reconstruction • Data sharing • Requirements : 26 000 millions of CPU HS06-hours (preliminary estimate !!! ) – Enormous amount of CPU

  6. A few examples of AIL projects using the France / Asia Grid • FJPPL : • Project to setup a data recovery system based on iRODs for disaster recovery • See talk from Takashi • FKPPL : • A lot of activity in 2010 / 2011 on Lattice QCD, GEANT4 and drug discovery • Grid tutorials and trainings • FVPPL : • Analysis of Next Generation Sequence data • Grid-enabled Drug Discovery • Generation of Tsunami scenarii

  7. Interoperability tools a.k.a. SAGA • Ideally a standard user wants to have access to "unlimited" computing resources in a uniform and simple way • The reality is often much more complicated : • Different middleware • Different storage system • Different authentication mechanism • Grid Vs non Grid (simple batch system) • Cloud / virtualization • etc… A lot of work in France and Japan around the Open Grid Forum standard SAGA  see Takashi's talk

  8. done in progress Supported technologies Grid techno. Others Execution gatekeeper gLite-WMS wsgram BES ARC Unicore6 Genesis II Cream SSH local Batch SSH Grid techno. Others Data Logical Physical LFC SRB iRODS Local catalog gsiFTP SRM iRODS HTTP HTTPS SFTP SRB file ftp zip Unicore6 Grid techno. Others Security InMemCred Globus G. Legacy Secret Svc G. RFC820 MyProxy VOMS JKS SSH Login / pwd X509 .netrc

  9. Conclusions The Grid computing projects are very active within the 3 LIAs  They are now converging on a global coherent project built around the French – Asia Grid This computing infrastructure is fully functional and at the disposal of the scientific projects. New services will be added to increase the flexibility. Yonny Cardenas from CC-IN2P3 is providing an efficient support to help people to port their applications on the Grid.

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