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Express Energy Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Express Energy Services

Express Energy Services

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Express Energy Services

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  1. Express Energy Services Express-QUOTE User Guide Last Revision: 4/13/12 Confidential

  2. Table of Contents Slide # How to Access Express-QUOTE 3 Creating a New Quote 4 Input the Customer Data 5 Set the Terms and Validity of the Quote 12 Input Job-Specific Information 14 Input the Quote’s Items 17 Apply Line Item Discounts 22 Apply a Discount to All Items 23 Set Up Cover Letter & Attachments 25 Set Task Reminders 26 Submit the Quote 27 Print the Quote 28 Copy the Quote 29 Confidential

  3. How to Access Express-QUOTE To access the Express-QUOTE service, visit the Express employee login page ( and click the Express-QUOTE link near the bottom of the page. Confidential

  4. Creating a New Quote To create a new quote, click the “Create New Form” button near the top of the page. Confidential

  5. Input the Customer Data To enter a customer’s name, click the icon between the “Select” dropdown menu and the red “New” link. Confidential

  6. Navigating the Customer List Rather than scrolling through the entire list of customers, enter some or all of the customer’s name in the search bar before clicking “Go.” Confidential

  7. Navigating the Customer List, Continued Once you have found the correct entry, click the customer’s name to continue. If you can’t find your customer, read the next 4 slides. Confidential

  8. Creating a New Customer If you couldn’t find your customer in the database, close the search window and return to this screen. To continue, click the red “New” link. Confidential

  9. Creating a New Customer, Part 2 Enter the customer’s name and click “Apply.” Confidential

  10. Creating a New Customer, Part 3 Click the red “download” link in order to download the PDF forms for new customer information. Confidential

  11. Creating a Customer, Last Part Fill out all 3 forms and return to AR. Confidential

  12. Set the Terms and Validity of the Quote If your customer was in the database, certain information will be automatically filled into the form. On the left side, be sure to fill in the form as detailed below. Contact: Enter the customer’s name. Email: Enter the customer’s email address. Terms: Defaults to Net 30, but can be adjusted using the drop-down menu. Valid Until: Defaults to 2 weeks from the creation of the quote, but can be adjusted by clicking the calendar icon to the right of the field. (For more information, see next slide.) Confidential

  13. Adjusting the “Valid Until” Date If you need to enter a new “Valid Until” date, click the calendar icon as shown here. A new window will pop up showing a calendar for the current month. To move between months, click the arrows to the left and right of the month name at the top of the calendar. Once you have found the right date, click it (8, in this example) to continue. Choosing the correct date is mandatory, so don’t forget. Confidential

  14. Input Job-Specific Information Select the location of the job from the drop-down menu. Select the district using its drop-down menu too. Confidential

  15. Input Job-Specific Information, Cont. The “Service Line” box is a little different from the rest. If you hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard when clicking on a line, you can select multiple service lines like below. Confidential

  16. Selecting Service Lines As you can see, the Service Line you select will change the availability of the input fields below. Be sure and enter all required information even if you select multiple service lines using CTRL-click. Confidential

  17. Input the Quote’s Parts Once you’ve filled out the top part of the form, scroll down until you see this section. This is where you’ll enter the items required for the job. To begin, click the first empty field in the upper left. Confidential

  18. Adding Additional Parts, Part 1 If you need to add additional parts to the quote, click the “Add lines” link. 3 additional fields will be added, as shown on the next slide. Confidential

  19. Adding Additional Parts, Part 2 The additional forms will be added below the first three. Confidential

  20. Input the Quote’s Parts, Cont. Start typing the part code and wait for the dropdown box to appear. Select your item from that list. When you do, the fields to the right will be automatically filled in. You can also click the “?” under the line number. A box will pop up that lets you search for the part and click its name to continue. At this point, enter the quantity. Once you have, click outside the quantity field (in the white space below it, as an example) and see how the Ext Price will automatically update. See next slide for an example. (Click somewhere inside here) Confidential

  21. Line Item Price Updates The Ext Price updates automatically. When it does, you’ll see a new “Discount” box appear below. If you enter an individual unit discount for the item (see next slide), the box to the right (currently 0.00) will update to show how much of the price is being discounted. Confidential

  22. Applying Line Item Discounts In this example, a 10% discount has been applied to the item, creating a $30 discount. To see the final price (Ext Price minus the discount), see the Total cost at the bottom of the section. Confidential

  23. Applying a Discount to All Items, Part 1 If you’d like to apply a base line discount to all items in the quote, scroll back up to the top of the window and notice the blue box on the right of the page. In this example, we’re applying a 20% discount to all items. Confidential

  24. Applying a Discount to All Items, Part 2 That 20% discount we just applied will update all of the fields below. Note that you won’t always see exactly 20% in the individual unit discounts. The page will automatically adjust the number (see 19.30% for the first item) in order to make sure that the discount (55.00) is a whole number with no cents. Keep in mind that you can override the base line discount (20% in this example) with an individual unit discount. Confidential

  25. Set Up Cover Letter & Attachments Once you have added all of the parts, scroll down until you see the last section. Write any additional information that you feel should be included. Attach any files (MSAs, cover sheets, and so on). A cover sheet is required for each quote. For customers already in the system, a sheet will normally be automatically supplied. For new customers, however, you will need to upload one. Confidential

  26. Setting Task Reminders Once you have uploaded a cover sheet (or one has been automatically supplied), select it from the dropdown menu under “Cover Sheet.” Task Reminders can be used to email a follow-up or notice of a quote expiration to you or any other user in the list of Express employees. To choose between follow-up and expiration, click the dropdown box under “Task.” Add any comments you have in the “Comment” field, and then select the user you want to receive the reminder in the “For User” dropdown menu. Lastly, select a date for the reminder to be sent out by clicking the calendar icon under “Remind On.” If you need to add additional reminders, click the “Add lines” link near the bottom of the box. Confidential

  27. Submitting the Quote Lastly, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You should see the following options: To save this quote as a draft, click “Save as Draft.” This lets you save the draft to the system and come back to it later before submitting it for review. If you’d like to use the information on this quote again (for future work of a similar type, as an example), be sure and check the “Save Draft as Template” check box. Lastly, when you’re ready to submit the quote for review, click the “Submit” button. Once submitted, you’ll have to wait for approval. If you’re a District Manager, your quote will be automatically approved. After you submit the quote, you’ll be taken back to the main menu. Clicking the quote number of your recent submission will let you copy, print, or email it (see next slides). Confidential

  28. Print the Quote Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You should see the following options. To print the quote or save it as a PDF file, click “Print.” A window will pop up (see left) with a nicely-formatted version of the quote. Click “Print Now” to send it to your printer. Click “View as PDF” to see the file as a PDF file that you can then save to your computer and email out. Confidential

  29. Copy the Quote Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You should see the following options. Copying the quote allows you to reuse some or all of the information in a new quote. Click “Copy into new Form” to create a new form with identical information that can be easily edited for a new quote. If you have access, you can also copy your existing quote to another user as a draft so that they can then edit it. Confidential

  30. Contact Information For further information, questions, or concerns, please contact Englisha Wells: (713) 625-7457 Confidential

  31. Quick Reference Sheet TIME SAVING TIP COPY Open an existing quote which you intend to modify to produce new quote. Scroll down, click “Copy” button. Copied quote opens (with new quote #). Modify quote as needed instead of creating one from scratch. Quotes can also be copied to other users as drafts. • HEADER • Click “Create New Form” button • Click form icon “ “ • Enter part of operator company’s name in search bar, click “Go” • Click the appropriate operator name • If operator name not found, close search window. Click “New” • Enter operator’s name and click “Apply” • Click “download” PDF forms. Fill-out all three forms and return to AR • Enter customer’s contact name and e-mail • Verify and/or modify auto-filled-in data • Select location, district and service line • Select multiple service lines by holding down the control key and selecting multiple lines. • Enter ALL the service line data in blank fields • BODY • Scroll down to the body of the quote • Enter in the items required for the job • If you know the part code, type it in the empty “item#” field. • If not, click the “?” under the line number and search for part. • Enter the quantity and unit of measure. • Apply line item discount, by entering % discount, $ discount will display. • Apply discount to all items, scroll to top of page, find blue box in right hand corner, enter % discount or $ discount. • Continue entering items to quote (step 2-5). • Add additional lines to quote, click “Add lines”. 3 additional lines will be added. • Scroll down to “additional information” • Write any additional info you want to print on the cover letter • Attach any files • Select “Cover Sheet”, choose agreement terms with operator, “MSA” or “T&C” • Used to e-mail follow-up or notice of quote expiration to you or to fellow employees. • Choose task, add comments, select who will receive communication, and remind on date • Save the quote as a draft, click “Save As Draft”, allows you to come back to finish. • “Save Draft as Template” as a means to be able to bring up this draft at anytime to minimize the time to prepare a similar quote in the future. • Submit the quote for review by clicking “Submit” • Print the quote or save it as a PDF file. Click “Print”, then “Print Now”, then “View as PDF”. Confidential