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- Technical Highlight -

- Technical Highlight -. Chonan Technical Service Training Center. Sorento. “ 22months work ” Model Fixing : Mar. ‘00 Design Completion : Aug. ’00 Pilot Model : Oct. ’00 ~ Jun.’01 P1 : Sep. ‘01 P2 : Nov. ‘01 PP : Dec. ’01 Mass Production : Mar. ’02. Working Period.

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- Technical Highlight -

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  1. - Technical Highlight - Chonan Technical Service Training Center

  2. Sorento

  3. “ 22months work ” Model Fixing : Mar. ‘00 Design Completion : Aug. ’00 Pilot Model : Oct. ’00 ~ Jun.’01 P1 : Sep. ‘01 P2 : Nov. ‘01 PP : Dec. ’01 Mass Production : Mar. ’02. Working Period Brand Name • Name • (High styling, High Performance with Hi-Tech) • Line-Up: LX, TLX, LIMITED Development

  4. ●Aggressive and Strong Characteristics - High and Enough Volume Hood - Solid type & Hi-Tech image Head Lamp - Simple Body color bumper guard ● Simple body line & Empathized edge - Side window graphic emphasized Sporty looking - Sufficient Volume & Hard Side view - Enlarged Side-garnish ●Wide opening & Highly Stable feeling - Emphasized Back door volume & edge line - Solid type large rear combination lamp - One body Rear step with bumper & Sporty Rear-Spoiler Style Exterior

  5. Front View ⊙ High dignity and Excellent quality ⊙ High power and High prestige ⊙ Cd = 0.435 ⊙ O.A.W. : 1863 mm (1884mm: Side garnish)

  6. Side View ⊙ Slant Edge and thick image line of stylish appearance ⊙ Enjoying out-door activity and leisure ⊙ O.A.L. : 4567 mm (4625mm : Bumper guard) ⊙ Wheel Base : 2710 mm

  7. Rear View ⊙ Distinguished luxury rear view styling with modern and refined image ⊙ Rear glass flip open type ⊙ Electronic controlled rear wiper by ETACS ⊙ O.A.H. : 1726mm (1806mm : Roof rack)

  8. Sorento Sorento ML320 (BENZ) X-5 (BMW) RX300 (LEXUS) Sorento leads the style of SUV in the world automotive market

  9. Sorento Interior ⊙ Sensible interior image with practicality and dignity ⊙ 4-poke leather steering wheel ⊙ Easy control and combination for best drive condition ⊙ Human Sensitibility Engineering Technology ⊙ Highly roominess interior space with simply Modulated in-panel

  10. Sorento Various function & High quality for Seats ● Improved Rear Seat - Movable Center Head-rest & Arm-rest ● Strengthen Seat Design - Style / Feeling / Comfortable ● Enlarged Rear trunk space - Luggage Rail – Easy loading - Clean & Smart image

  11. Upper tray Ticket holder Driver’s Tray Center tray Ash tray (Automatic) Rear door pocket Front door pocket Glove box (2 story tray) Floor net tray Rear side tray Rear net tray Open tray (On center console) 2 Story console box Front seatback tray Rear arm rest tray Seat undertray Big sized cup holder Sorento Maximized space for Convenience

  12. L X W X H 4567×1863×1726 Power Train A2.5 CRDi, Σ3.5, S-II 2.4 Front: Double Wishbone, Rear: 5Link Coil Suspension P245/70R16, P225/75R16 Tire 60˚ 1580 887 2710 1030 1863 4567 Sorento Package

  13. Sorento Driving Performance Model Item Acceleration

  14. Reduce Engine Vibration Remove Timing Chain Noise Balance Shaft Chain cover shield Reduce Engine Side Noise Reduce Engine Noise Cylinder block shield Bed plate Sorento NVH Improvement Same level of NVH as High leveled Gasoline Vehicle

  15. Idle Vibration Idle Noise (dB) Sorento Rexton Santafe (dB) Sorento Rexton Santafe S/Wheel 107 120 118 Noise 47 48 50 Floor 93 106 102 Booming 70 87 83 • Front Damping Sheet • Strengthen Frame & Structure • 2 folds Dash Panel Structure • 3 Points Mounting Sorento Silent Idle

  16. Sorento Power train ※ Above available spec. by regions could be changeable in final fixing stage.

  17. Sorento Engine view – Σ 3.5 (V6)

  18. Sorento Engine view – Sirius-Ⅱ (2.4ℓ)

  19. Sorento Engine view – A 2.5 TCI (CRDI)

  20. ■ Increasing specific power and fuel economy - DOHC 4 valve swing arm with roller and Direct-Injection(DI) - Turbocharger with intercooler - State-of-the-art Electronic Diesel Control(EDC) by Bosch with Common Rail - Electronically controlled high precise injectors - High injection pressure up to approx. 1,350 bar ■ Decreased Low emission and NVH - Pilot injection prior to main injection - Balance shafts and rubber case - EGR system with oxidation catalytic converter - Cam carrier and leather frame Sorento A-2.5 TCI (CDRI) – High Speed Direct Injection

  21. Sorento High Pressure Line – Common Rail

  22. Competitive Models(Diesel) Maker/Model Kia Sorento Hyundai Teracan Daewoo Rexton Opel Frontera Mitsubishi Pajero LandRover Freelander Displacement (cc) 2,497 2,476 2,874 2,171 3,200 1,950 M.Power(Ps) 145/4,000 103/3,800 120/4,000 115/3,800 160/3,800 112/4,000 M.Torque(kg-m) 33/2,000 24/2,000 25.5/2,400 26.5/1,900 38/2,000 26.5/1,750 Sorento Comparison

  23. Sorento Engine Specification

  24. ■ Manual Transmission : → M5UR1 ■ Auto Transmission : → 30-40LEI Sorento Transmission ※ The same transmission is adapted regardless of the Engine variation.


  26. Sorento EST Electronic Shift Transfer Manual control Between 2wd ↔ 4wd Mode : 2H, 4H, 4L Maker: Borg Warner in USA Electrical gear shifting by driver’s lever operation

  27. Sorento EST Components Planetary gear (4 LOW) Rear output TM input Front input

  28. Sorento TOD Full time 4wheel drive system TOD: Torque on demand Maker: Borg Warner in USA TCCM: Transfer case control module TCCM controls load distribution to front wheel variously - 0:100 / 50:50 Mode : Auto, Low

  29. AUTO-LOW control Rear output shaft Planetary gear (LOW) Multiplediscs T/M input Front output shaft Sorento TOD TOD or ATT (Active torque transfer)

  30. Sorento ABS(Anti-Lock Brake System) • ■ Bosch ABS 5.3 • - 4-Sensor 4-Channel type • - ABS with EBD type • ■ Functions • - Steerability • - Stability • - Stop Distance • ■ EBD • Electronic Brake force Distribution • Brake force distributed by HECU instead of proportioning valve

  31. EBD Modulation * EBD control example

  32. Sorento Advantages of EBD • Significant improvements have been made in brake performance • EBD with weight distribution sensor has been incorporated for the optimum function of 4 channel 4 sensor type. • Approach to ideal brake-force distribution • Adaptive to different loading conditions • Constant brake-force distribution during vehicle life time • Monitoring of EBD-function • Minimal extension of ABS hardware required

  33. Supplemental Restraint System Pretensioner Load limiter PAB Curtain airbag Frontal crash sensor DAB Belt buckle sensor Pretensioner Load limiter ACU Sorento S.R.S.

  34. Absorbs kinematics energy of occupants. Protects occupants from interior trims. Protects occupants from broken glass. Reduces occupants neck load by kinematically restraining spin of neck. Sorento FUNCTIONS of SRS

  35. 3m Sec Crash Crash Sensing Ignite the Inflator 20m Sec 35m Sec 40m Sec Produce Nitrogen Gas to Inflate the Bag Bag Deploying Full Deployment of the Bag Protect the Occupants Vent Gas (Bag Deflation) 105m Sec Airbag System Completed Sorento AIRBAG SYSTEM OPERATING SEQUENCE

  36. DAB & PAB ● Applied Depowered air bag : Deployment pressure is 20~30% decreased in order to avoid passengers from injury by the Airbag itself - DAB : Membrane type - PAB : Invisible type Curtain Airbag ● Protect passengers from Side impact - The curtain airbag will be deployed from roof trim to protect the occupants from side impact Sorento

  37. Front Impact Sensor ● More accurate & Safe - Newly developed safety device - The FIS senses a crash and send signal to ACU to deploy the Airbag FIS equipped FIS No FIS Seat belt system ● Pretensioner ● Load limiter ● Buckle sensor Pretensioner & Load limiter Buckle sensor Sorento

  38. ■ Auto Air conditioner (FATC) ■ Manual Air conditioner Sorento Air-conditioning System

  39. Air Quality Sensor • Detects exhaust & harmful gas • Automatic operating • Easy installation on the existing vehicle. -Manual operation available. Humidity Sensor Humidity sensor detects the relative humidity of the car’s cabin. This sensor converts it into the voltage signal and sends the signal to the FATC controller. Sorento


  41. Sorento ■ ETACS : Electronic Time Alarm Control System ETACS controls following items ; - Super lock function - Panic function - Two turn unlock - Washer related wiper - Variable Intermittent wiper - Seat belt warning - Ignition key hall illumination lamp control - Power window time lag - Battery saver (TNS function) - Keyless receiver

  42. - There are two relays in the controller to control the motor rotation to clockwise or counterclockwise according to the potentiometer signal. Sorento Rear Wiper Control

  43. - While the switch is in auto position tail lamp and head lamp in on / off automatically regardless of the driver’s intention according to the surrounding brightness. Sorento Auto Light Control

  44. Sorento RAIN SENSOR  Function Detection of amount of rain - By the Refract Ratio - By the Rain drop times - By the Rain drop distance  Operation - Low, Mid, High speed – Auto mode - Automatic Intermittent operation - Selective Manual operating

  45. Sorento Multi-meter - Vehicle multi-meter is mounted on the roof trim giving driver accurate reading at a glance.  Operating Items - Compass - Altitude - Barometric pressure - Ambient temperature

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