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Mobile GIS

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Mobile GIS. 25 Sept 2013 Azri Zain Panasonic Toughbook (Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific). AGENDA. Trends and the Future of Mobil GIS GIS Mobility Technology Challenges Overcoming challenges Solutions. Trends and The Future of Mobile GIS.

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Mobile GIS

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Mobile GIS 25 Sept 2013 Azri Zain Panasonic Toughbook (Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific)

    2. AGENDA Trends and the Future of Mobil GIS GIS Mobility Technology Challenges Overcoming challenges Solutions

    3. Trends and The Future of Mobile GIS Growing recognition of geospatial data among corporations and industries – Demand for accurate and up-to-date geospatial data will increase. Push to provide access to both imagery and applications to end‐users anytime, anywhere. More independent and higher-level mobile workforce – more decision making activities on the field. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) - Analysis and reasoning based on data forming part of Spatial Data Infrastructures. Linked Data concept – very much like documents are linked on the World Wide Web. No more data island concept. Social networking and entertainment integration with GIS functionality

    4. GIS Mobility Technology Trends Increased demand for high-resolution imagery. Cloud based computing. Wireless connectivity dependency. Low-cost tech sensors. Free and open source software will continue to grow. Real-time, on-site, paperless updates. PC based software for peripheral control and management. Moving from proprietary equipment towards open systems and non-proprietary Mobile Terminals connected to low-cost sensors

    5. GIS Mobility Technology Challenges Reliability Usability, practicality Connectivity, integration, compatibility Security Current trends demand more detailed data and more accurate decision making in the fastest way possible. A GIS Professionals will have to delivery all this in harsh environments/conditions, punishing to the equipment, with minimal support and communication infrastructure.

    6. Reliability - Ruggedness Withstanding the elements Rough environments Weather Unintentional abuse Maintenance and Support in remote locations? “We are on location to do important work, efficiently and with minimum cost – not to baby-sit equipment and devices”

    7. Usability Usability of input devices in extreme environment Display readability in extreme environment Practicality – weight and form factor Security Battery life Performance Hygiene “My device can withstand rain, drops and shocks. But I cannot complete my work because my gloves are too thick and the screen is wet!”

    8. Connectivity and Integration Wireless connectivity Peripheral and device integration Software compatibility

    9. Security Data Security and Integrity Communication Security Open security protocols

    10. Overcoming Challenges – Panasonic 7 Key Technologies We can fulfill all conflicting requirements in the same unit. Panasonic’s 7 Key Technologies High Visibility Thermal Management Security Wireless Long Battery Life Lightweight Ruggedness In-house development from design to manufacturing

    11. Solutions Panasonic’s line of rugged laptops designed to withstand vibration, drops, spills, extreme temperature and be usable in harsh environments. Product Range Fully-Rugged Semi-Rugged Business-Rugged

    12. Fully-Rugged CF-31 CF-19 CF-H2 FZ-G1 FZ-A1 JT-B1 CF-U1

    13. Semi-Rugged CF-C2 CF-53

    14. Business Rugged CF-SX2 CF-AX2

    15. Thank You