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Unposting Item Groups Concept PowerPoint Presentation
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Unposting Item Groups Concept

Unposting Item Groups Concept

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Unposting Item Groups Concept

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  1. Unposting Item GroupsConcept

  2. Unposting Item Groups

  3. Unposting Item Groups Step 1 Begin by navigating to the Group Control page. Click theScroll Downarrow.

  4. Unposting Item Groups Step 2 Click theAccounts Receivablemenu.

  5. Unposting Item Groups Step 3 Click theReceivables Updatemenu.

  6. Unposting Item Groups Step 4 Click theUnpost Groupsmenu.

  7. Unposting Item Groups Step 5 Click theOnline Groupmenu.

  8. Unposting Item Groups Step 6 Enter the desired information into theGroup Unitfield. Enter"US003".

  9. Unposting Item Groups Step 7 Click in theGroup IDfield.

  10. Unposting Item Groups Step 8 Enter the desired information into theGroup IDfield. Enter"104".

  11. Unposting Item Groups Step 9 Click theSearchbutton.

  12. Unposting Item Groups Step 10 Use the Group Control page to review groups that are posted based on a combination of search criteria and link to the appropriate unpost page.

  13. Unposting Item Groups Step 11 Click theOptionstab.

  14. Unposting Item Groups Step 12 Use the Options page to modify the accounting date or the unpost reason prior to unposting any groups. You can also use this page to define document sequencing options for the unpost group.

  15. Unposting Item Groups Step 13 Select the Keep Original Document Type option to use the document type of the original group. Deselect to use the default document type for the group type. This field is available only if you have enabled document sequencing.

  16. Unposting Item Groups Step 14 The Unpost Reason field is used to specify the reason code for the unpost action. For example, you might want to indicate that you are unposting a payment group because a check was returned due to insufficient funds. You view the reason on the Item Activity and Payment Status pages. Enter the desired information into theUnpost Reasonfield. Enter"NSF".

  17. Unposting Item Groups Step 15 Select the Edit Accounting Date option if you want to change the Accounting Date field. The new accounting date must be in an open accounting period for the Receivables business unit.

  18. Unposting Item Groups Step 16 Click theActiontab.

  19. Unposting Item Groups Step 17 Use the Action page to select an action for an unpost group.

  20. Unposting Item Groups Step 18 Select a posting action for the group and click OK to execute the action. Values are: • Do Not Post: Saves the changes for the unpost group, but no posting takes place. • Post Now: Runs the Receivable Update multi-process job immediately. If the user enabled the notification feature, the system displays a message when the job completes. • Post Now to GL: Runs the Receivable Update multi-process job immediately and runs processes to create and post journals to the general ledger. If the user enabled the notification feature, the system displays a message when the job completes.

  21. Unposting Item Groups Step 19 Select a posting action for the group and click the OK button to execute the action. Additional values are: • Batch Priority: Runs the Receivables Update multiprocess job the next time a priority scheduled job runs or the next time a standard scheduled job runs if that occurs first. This option is not intended for large jobs. • Batch Standard: Runs the next time a standard scheduled batch jobs runs. This may occur once a day depending on how often the organization schedules standard jobs.

  22. Unposting Item Groups Step 20 The posting options that are available depend on the options that are selected on the Define User Preferences - Process Group page. Use the Post Now and Post Now to GL options only for small groups or when there is an immediate need to post the transaction. The system issues a message if another user or scheduled process is posting transactions for the same business unit and customer combination at the same time.

  23. Unposting Item Groups Step 21 Your transaction saves automatically when you click the OK button. Click theOKbutton.

  24. Unposting Item Groups Step 22 The Delete Unpost button is available after you select a posting action. Click to delete the unpost group that you created.

  25. Unposting Item Groups Step 23 Click the Review Unpost Now button to display a page where you can review the details of the unpost group. This button is available after you select a posting action.

  26. Unposting Item Groups Step 24 You have successfully unposted an item group. End of Procedure.