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Tourism. Travel for recreation or leisure or provision of services in support of that Assumes: disposable income (can afford it) leisure time (paid vacations) infrastructure available. History of Tourism. Pilgrimages from Europe to the Holy Lands

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  1. Tourism Travel for recreation or leisure or provision of services in support of that Assumes: disposable income (can afford it) leisure time (paid vacations) infrastructure available

  2. History of Tourism Pilgrimages from Europe to the Holy Lands 1758 – first travel company in Great Britain 1851 – first package tour – Thomas Cook Health tours – spas like Hot Springs (1876) Seaside resorts – Atlantic City, NJ(1854) 1937 – term “tourism” used officially by League of Nations 2004 - 763,000,000 tourist arrivals world-wide

  3. Top 5 tourist destinations (2004) • France 75,000,000 • Spain 53,600,000 • United States 46,100,000 • China 41,800,000 • Italy 37,100,000

  4. Tourism in Belize 1952 – appointed Committee for Tourism Activities 1953 – Fort George Hotel – first hotel 1960 – tourism discouraged by PUP 1966 – first hotel at San Pedro – 4 rooms 1980 – 138 hotels with 1,377 rooms and 2000 beds 1981 – first ecotours offered 1990 – first real government interest 1998 – new government pushes tourist industry 1998 - 408 hotels with 4000 rooms and 7000 beds 2004 – 25% of Belizeans work in tourist trade 2004 - 1,000,000 tourists (800,000 cruisers)

  5. Jacques Cousteau The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau (1968-1976) Visited the Blue Hole in 1971 on the Calypso Invented SCUBA

  6. Arrivals to Belize 1988 vs. 1999 • Mode 1988 1999 • Cruise ship 267 34,130 • Sea 9,386 11,312 • Air 49,409 112,400 • Overland 82,959 168,800 Spent $111,500,000 US in 1999 Spent $174,100,000 US in 2005 Only $30,600,000 spent by cruisers - $44.00

  7. Tourist attractions Beaches and coral reefs Diving, deep-sea fishing, sailing Vast tropical forest areas wildlife, vegetation, big rivers, hiking Over 600 archaeological sites visited by over 40% of tourists 20 natural areas created between 1982-1991

  8. What tourists do in Belize • SCUBA/snorkling • Wind surfing • Fishing • Sailing • Caving • Canoeing/kayaking • Bird/nature watching • Golfing (Caye Chapel)

  9. http://www.kayakbelize.com/ http://www.windsurfbelize.com/

  10. Deep-sea fishing

  11. Eco-friendly: Cave tubing

  12. Ecotourism The World Conservation Union (1996) defined ecotourism as environmentally responsible travel to relatively undisturbed natural areas that promotes conservation, has low negative visitor impact, and provides for beneficially active socioeconomic involvement of local populations. In March 1988, presidents of Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico signed a joint tourism promotion pact By 1998, Latin American countries reported they had invested more than $21 billion US in ecotourism initiatives

  13. Goals of ecotourism generation of financial support for protected area management generation of local economic benefits generation of local support for conservation Tourism must be planned and managed in such a manner that its natural and cultural environments are not depleted or degraded, but maintained as viable resources on a permanent basis for continuous future use Should be small-scale

  14. Timothy, D. J., and K. White. 1999. Community-based ecotourism development on the periphery of Belize. Current Issues in Tourism. 2:226-242. Toledo Ecotourism Association Ten villages participate in a guest house and ecotrail program

  15. Potential bad impacts of ecotourism trail proliferation erosion and widening muddiness on trails vegetation cover loss soil and root exposure tree damage animal-human conflicts degradation

  16. Incidental ecotourists tourists with multiple interests who encounter wildlife or fragile ecosystems inadvertently Lamanai Archaeological Reserve, Belize black howler monkeys being affected Possible solutions:- more effective guide training limiting tourist group size increasing entrance fees at the Reserve.

  17. Ripple, W. J., and R. L. Beschta. 2006. Linking a cougar decline, trophic cascade, and catastrophic regime shift in Zion National Park. Biological Conservation 133: 397-408.

  18. Increase in ecotourists caused decrease in top predator which in turn lead to increase in main herbivore which lead to lack of recruitment of cottonwoods, decreases in other vegetation, and decreases in terrestrial and aquatic animals

  19. Mass tourism Movement of large numbers of people at once Carnival Cruises lists 31 off-boat daily activities They have proposed $50,000,000 US cruise terminal 200 port calls at Belize in 2005

  20. Belize City is a tender port Tourist Village Freestay Caribbean Program

  21. Princess Hotel and Casino

  22. Radisson Fort George

  23. Banana Bank Ranch – mile 46

  24. Chan Chich Lodge - northwest

  25. Francis Ford Coppola Blancaneaux Lodge Turtle Island La Lancha Lake Peten

  26. Tikal

  27. El Castillo at Xunantunich

  28. Cayo Espanto - $2000 US per day $2300 US round-trip $12,000 US for island per day

  29. Placencia • Lobsterfest 22-24 June • Whale shark tours

  30. Tourism agencies Belize Tourism Board www.travelbelize.org Belize Tourism Industry Association www.btia.org

  31. Retired Persons Incentive Program • Started in 1999 • 45 years or older • Pension of at least $2000 US a month • Pension deposited in Belizean bank • Fee of $1350 - $750 for additional people • Move belongings, car and boat duty-free • Pay no taxes • Cannot work

  32. Culin Ha Retirement Community

  33. Fer-de-lance – Tommy Goff

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