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Lighting Controls: The New Frontier

Lighting Controls: The New Frontier. Doug Avery April 9, 2014. Do you think that lighting controls are important?. What is a lighting controls system?. Basic lighting control system. Occupancy/vacancy sensor Photocell Controllable ballasts. What is an advanced lighting controls system?.

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Lighting Controls: The New Frontier

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  1. Lighting Controls: The New Frontier Doug Avery April 9, 2014

  2. Do you think that lighting controls are important?

  3. What is a lighting controls system?

  4. Basic lighting control system • Occupancy/vacancy sensor • Photocell • Controllable ballasts

  5. What is an advanced lighting controls system?

  6. Advanced lighting controls system • Tuning • Scheduling • Dimming • Daylight harvesting • Occupancy /vacancy • Individual control • Demand Response

  7. Office of the Future Projects

  8. Landmark Square • Office of the Building (2000 sq/ft) • Showcase for new Tenants (TI) • Unique Design, each office different fixtures

  9. Conference Room

  10. Energy Benefits Using Advanced Lighting Controls These numbers demonstrate the results of a well designed lighting system that provides the right amount of light for the tasks being performed, only when that light is needed.

  11. Los Angeles Federal Building FBI 12th Floor East Lighting

  12. The Project • East half of the 12th floor, about 7500 square feet (sf) • Not including core areas • Not including large conference room or core area manager’s offices • Not including bathrooms, stairs, etc.

  13. Existing Conditions

  14. System Performance: Federal Building

  15. GO 4 Executive Suites

  16. The Project • The executive suite and offices, about 16,500 square feet (sf) • Including large conference room and support spaces • Including private bathrooms • Not including public elevator and elevator lobby, public restrooms, stairs, etc.

  17. Executive Conference Room

  18. System Performance: GO 4

  19. If advanced controls are so great, why isn’t everyone using them?

  20. Controls are not installed …… because • Business as usual • Lack of training • Designers • Architects • Electrical Engineers • Owners • Contractors • Emerging Technology • Controls • Design strategies

  21. National Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (NALCTP)

  22. What is the Smart Grid and what does it have to do with you?

  23. Moving Forward • Controls are King • So who will be leading the way for total building controls? • Why does there need to be so darn many classes? • How can you stay on top of rapidly evolving technology?

  24. Summary of Commercial Opportunities • Advanced Lighting Controls • Automated Demand Response (ADR) • The Automated Building • The Smart Grid

  25. Questions? Send QUESTIONS any time to dougavery@earthlink.net

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