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Generation Y: Maximising the value of generations in the 21 st century workplace.

Generation Y: Maximising the value of generations in the 21 st century workplace. Dr Paul Redmond, Government Legal Service , Feb. 09. How does a drum-playing gorilla sell chocolate bars?. ‘Generation Y speaks: it’s all me, me, me. Sunday Times, 4/02/07.

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Generation Y: Maximising the value of generations in the 21 st century workplace.

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  1. Generation Y: Maximising the value of generations in the 21st century workplace. Dr Paul Redmond, Government Legal Service, Feb. 09.

  2. How does a drum-playing gorilla sell chocolate bars?

  3. ‘Generation Y speaks: it’s all me, me, me. Sunday Times, 4/02/07

  4. ‘The Google Generation’: web-savvy young people for whom the world is just a click away.’ The Guardian, 30/09/06

  5. ‘Generation Y says car boot sales are more fun than going to Church.’ London Evening Standard, 8/5/06

  6. ‘51% of Gen Y women would have surgery to improve their looks.’ BBC On-line News, 20/02/07

  7. ‘Generation Y – the generation that dares to ask for more.’ Sunday Times, 23 April 2003

  8. ‘Generation Y goes for flexible hours.’ London Evening Standard, 20/04/06

  9. ‘Generation Y – different attitudes to work and authority, claim employers.’ Sunday Times, 19/03/06

  10. ‘Generation Y, the employees with more front.’ Times, 19/02/06

  11. ‘Generation Y – today’s graduates who fail to make the grade.’ Sunday Times, 25/02/07

  12. ‘Workers with attitude: Why Generation Y is turning out to be every employer’s nightmare.’ Financial Times, 01/02/02

  13. ‘Government must change to appeal to Generation Y.’ Daily Telegraph, 15 July 2008

  14. ‘… the generation that has never encountered an economic recession.’ Guardian, 4 November 2008

  15. “Each generation is a new people.” Alexis de Tocqueville

  16. “The key question to ask is not how old people are, but when they were young.” Putman, 2000

  17. ‘Idealist’ ‘Reactive’ ‘Civic’ ‘Adaptive’

  18. Why generations matter.

  19. ‘CORPORATE BRAIN DRAIN– arguably the single most concerning impediment to long-term sustainable growth ... The contributing forces are: an ageing talent pool combined with a diminished pipeline [plus] a changing market landscape that requires new perspectives and skill’. Deloitte, Generational Talent Management

  20. Boomers.

  21. Largest gen. in history - 35% of workforce Defined by post-war optimism and values Ethos: hard work; loyalty; rewards Family-orientated. Boomers

  22. Idealistic and altruistic. Socially liberal; politically conservative. Organisational and careerist. Defined by modernist achievements. Boomers

  23. Generation X.

  24. Blurring of traditional boundaries. End of Cold-War certainties. Lack of clarity – at home, work and in the world. Loyal to profession, not necessarily to employer. Generation X – the Reactives

  25. X - The Lost Generation Grew up during a time of strong political leadership. Largest group now in the workforce. Confident and independent, but concerned about work-life balance. ‘Digital Immigrants’.

  26. Generation Y.

  27. Connected …24/7 Self-confident Optimistic Independent Bored by routine Entrepreneurial Goal oriented ‘Digital Natives’ Generation Y – characteristics

  28. Y’s formative years • Grew up during the ‘Decade of the Child.’ • Enjoyed unprecedented levels of parental supervision, support and involvement. • Rise of the ‘Helicopter Parents’ …


  30. The White Knight

  31. The Agent

  32. The Banker

  33. The Bodyguard

  34. The Black Hawk

  35. Gen. Y – career aspirations • Lots of Change, Challenge and Choice • Sense of purpose and meaning • Access to mentors and other company champions • Open social networks that embrace open / honest communication.

  36. Generation Y attributes.

  37. #1. Attendance is alwaysoptional.

  38. “Contrary to assertions that Gen Y are flighty and don’t want to stick at a job, research shows that if they are getting what they want they will stay, and they will be loyal.” Talent Smoothie, 2008 t

  39. #2. Passionate about new challenges, responsibilities and success.

  40. What is important to Gen Y when working on projects? % % % % % SOURCE: Bibb, S., Walker, S., James, J. (2008).

  41. #3. ‘Career’ means a cause to believe in. 72% of finalists said they would have to feel happy with an employer's ethical record. GRADFACTS

  42. #4. Think: ‘IPOD’ Insecure, Pressurised, Over-taxed, Debt-ridden (Ipsos Mori, 2008)

  43. #5. WLB is more than a buzz word: flexi-working, part-time, gap years, home working.

  44. #6. Focused on long-term skills development.

  45. ‘… today's younger managers in the health sector believe their future success depends on skills development. Asked what attracts them to job opportunities, just 21 per cent said pay is very important. Most (78 per cent) said they are attracted to employers offering training and development and 87 per cent said the "challenge of work" is a key factor influencing their choice of job.’ Health Service Journal, 17/06/08

  46. #7. Image or ‘brand’ matters.

  47. Brand Tattoos What are the brands that Generation Y are most likely to tattoo on their bodies?

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