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Song Yuan & Pei Yu PowerPoint Presentation
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Song Yuan & Pei Yu

Song Yuan & Pei Yu

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Song Yuan & Pei Yu

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  1. ECE 551 – Semester Project Design of Electronic Piano -------Based on Spattan-3 Starter Kit Board Song Yuan & Pei Yu

  2. Description of Project An electronic piano is designed based on FPGA, which consists of core parts that designed by using VHDL hardware description languages, as well as some periphery circuits. The musical performance can be done not only by keys but also with automatic type in theelectronic piano.

  3. Description of Project If we have enough time to continue the project, we will add simulation of the traditional musical instruments, for example flute, organ, horn, clarinet, oboe, etc. Experiment validates the correctness of the design.

  4. Figure 1 Frequency of music scale

  5. Figure 2 The system structure

  6. Description of Project In auto play and keyboard encode section, if auto=0, we will choose music in musical memory to play automatically. If auto=1, we will choose signal from the key to play in the key. Treble0, middle0, and bass0 connect with key defined as high tone, mid tone and low tone respectively, and index [0] ~index [11] will connect with 12 piano keys respectively. Treble1, middle1 and bass1 will output the information of Sound Spectrogram (treble, middle, and bass respectively). Code [0-11] will output codes of piano key or codes of Music Scale about music in the musical memory.

  7. Description of Project The function of the music scale generating section is to cause different Music Scale with different frequency. According to the relationship between names and frequencies (in Figure 1) and a design of frequency divider in audio output control section (a controlling module that controls the sound output), then we can count numbers of frequency for treble, middle and bass respectively.In our project, the function of Index is to make codes for inputting music scale from auto play and keyboard encodes section.

  8. Description of Project Moreover, the functions of treble, middle and bass are to transmit Sound where Music Scale will be Spectrogram for auto play and keyboard encode section. For example, when treble=1 it means the Music Scale is in the treble, and when bass=1 it means the Music Scale is in the bass. The sound spectrogram, which contents high, med, and low output, will connect LED. It will be available when it is high vol. Interface of CODE will connect 7-segment that will show the number that Music Scale outputs.