landsat advisory group update september 5 2013 n.
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Landsat Advisory Group Update September 5, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Landsat Advisory Group Update September 5, 2013

Landsat Advisory Group Update September 5, 2013

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Landsat Advisory Group Update September 5, 2013

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  1. Landsat Advisory Group UpdateSeptember 5, 2013 Co-Chairs Kass Green and Roger Mitchell

  2. LAG Membership

  3. Landsat Study Questions • Product Improvement: Review current and future Landsat data and information product specifications, and advise USGS on potential means of modifying the current products to make them more useful to commercial information providers and value-added analysts. Team Lead: Peter Becker Status: Approach drafted and 2 productive meetings. Output:  Initial draft summary report may be complete by Sept 6. • Cloud: Recommend potential new approaches to data management and distribution (e.g., possible means to “bring algorithms to the data”, rather than to “bring the data to algorithms”; and use of “the cloud” and other new technology developments). Team Lead: Darrel Williams Status:  Team met with EROS staff. Provided LAG with initial draft. Output:  Plans to have next draft within a few weeks.  Ready for December NGAC meeting.

  4. Landsat Study Questions • Industry benefits: Review and document the benefits to Industry of the U.S. Government continuing to build and operate future Landsat systems. Team Lead: Cory Springer Status:  Just getting started. Action:  Team meetings scheduled for week of Sept 2. • Foreign partnerships: Review and make recommendations regarding partnership opportunities with existing commercial or foreign missions to maintain and augment DOI/USGS land imaging capability. Team Lead: John Copple Status: Information requested from USGS on foreign partnerships.  Meetings being scheduled.

  5. Landsat Study Questions • New apps: Based on the Landsat 8 improvements, in collaboration with the Landsat Science Team, identify potential new applications of Landsat imagery and data. Team Lead: Tony Spicci Status: Team has developed a strategy.  Landsat Science Team polled for suggestions. Face-to-face meeting with Science Team in Oct.   Output:  Draft paper in progress.  • NRC Report: Review and comment on the National Research Council report on implementing a sustained Land Imaging Program. Team Lead: Dave Cowen Status:  Summary draft report is complete.  Organized as a synthesis.   Output: Draft summary report for NGAC to consider at September meeting. Action: Additional refinement to include LAG comments.