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Lifedesigncoach- Life Savers PowerPoint Presentation
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Lifedesigncoach- Life Savers

Lifedesigncoach- Life Savers

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Lifedesigncoach- Life Savers

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  1. Lifedesigncoach- Life Savers A profession that is way different from mentoring, consulting, counseling is termed to be Life Coaching.

  2. This process aims at specifying personal aspects in a clients personal life, knowing what is happening at the moment and taking up courses that suits the best in making life the way the client wants it to be. • The Life Coaching Courses Sydney teaches us the following skills: people skill i.e. building rapport and relationships, communication skills which include verbal, non-verbal, framing and interview skills, changing processes i.e. changing attitude, behavior and beliefs, thinking skills and negotiation skills.

  3. Life coaching can helps us plan our careers and our progress, it helps us enhance our relationships, helps us change our old habits, helps us create an expressive behavior. • It helps us learn realistic optimism, it improves all aspects of health, and also helps us decide effectively.

  4. The benefits one gains from these courses: clarity in decision making, bridging the gap between where one is at present and where one wants to be in the future, strategies that will help us reach our goals faster, it helps us explore the options that are available for us, dedication. • Relationship counseling include psychologists working with individuals, families and couples in order to improve and enhance their relationship.

  5. A few common relationship difficulties include: couple distress, recurrent patterns in relationships, relationship breakdown, lack of communication, infidelity, jealousy, difficulties with commitment, dating anxiety, difficulty in establishing and maintaining relationships, sexual difficulties. • Relationship Counseling Sydney helps us individually or as a family to sort the various problems in our relationships.

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