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  1. EGG FREEZING: DOES IT REALLY WORK? Individuals have been buzzing about egg freezing since the declaration came that Facebook and Apple will cover it as a major aspect of their advantages bundles. As regenerative endocrinologists, we're eager to hear such a great amount of discourse about this innovation that is growing conceptive choices for ladies. A considerable measure of inquiries are being gotten some information about egg freezing, particularly of late, and I need to address the absolute most regular ones today.

  2. EGG FREEZING: DOES IT REALLY WORK? What are the advantages of egg freezing? Am I qualified? For some young ladies wishing to postpone having a family, egg freezingmay help prop the rich window open a tiny bit longer, enabling them the adaptability to concentrate on instruction and profession objectives amid their key conceptive years. The perfect hopeful is somebody who is under 36 years of age now and supposes she will probably hold up quite a while before attempting to get pregnant.

  3. EGG FREEZING: DOES IT REALLY WORK? How likely am I to get pregnant utilizing solidified eggs – years from now? Ladies who solidify eggs when they are youthful will probably appreciate a similar achievement rates utilizing solidified eggs later on as they would if they somehow happened to experience IVF and attempt to get pregnant at this point. By and large, we advise these ladies to mean to stop 15-20 eggs for a decent possibility at having the capacity to have an infant later on. For some this implies one cycle of medicine and one egg recovery, for some this may require at least 2 cycles.

  4. EGG FREEZING: DOES IT REALLY WORK? I am more than 35. Would it be a good idea for me to consider freezing my eggs? Less is thought about how effective egg freezing is for ladies age 36 and more established. These ladies frequently have bring down odds of considering with IVF and we expect that diminishment will reach out to freezing eggs for sometime later. Furthermore, if a lady arrangements to attempt to get pregnant soon, she is not prone to see much profit in freezing her eggs over basically attempting to imagine once she's prepared. Thus, it is essential that any lady considering egg freezing take a seat with a fruitfulness specialist to assess her particular circumstance to decide whether egg freezing or another alternative is ideal for her.

  5. EGG FREEZING: DOES IT REALLY WORK? Discover a richness specialist close you. The expectation with egg freezing is that ladies truly can have it all. They can spend their 20's and 30's concentrating on training and profession without yielding their capacity to have a family. As fruitfulness authorities, we respect any development of conceptive administrations for our patients and expectation this will serve to expand mindfulness and engage ladies to settle on choices that best suit their objectives.

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