a mountain environment n.
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A Mountain Environment PowerPoint Presentation
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A Mountain Environment

A Mountain Environment

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A Mountain Environment

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  1. A Mountain Environment

  2. A Mountain Environment The class is going to be divided into working groups of 2 – 3 children.  Each group will look at a different Mountain Range. 

  3. A Mountain Environment Your task is to produce a leaflet for your newly retired Grandfather. He has decided to take a holiday in the Mountains during the Spring but he knows nothing about where he is going.

  4. A Mountain Environment Your group can choose from one of the six mountain ranges and towns that could be a possible holiday destination for your Grandad. : • Grasmere The Lake District • Goetzens The Austrian Alps • Kathmandu The Himalayas • San Sebastian The Pyrenees • Yellowstone The Rockies • Cuzco The Andes

  5. A Mountain Environment The fact file will have 4 sections: geography & weather, clothing & supplies, plants and animals and tourist attractions.

  6. A Mountain Environment Section 1 Geography and Weather Where is the Mountain Range? Any known fact about the Mountain Range. What is the weather like?

  7. A Mountain Environment Section 2 Clothing and Supplies Thinking about the weather conditions and the time of year your Grandad will be going on holiday what equipment will he need and what clothes should he take?

  8. A Mountain Environment Section 3 Plants and Animals Whilst on holiday you Grandad wants to know what types of plants and animals he might see. You need to find out what typical plants grow and animals are to be found in the mountain range. Pictures and descriptions will help him identify them whilst he is on holiday.

  9. A Mountain Environment Section 4 Tourist Information Not only does your Grandad want to do lots of walking he want to visit the local tourist attractions. You need to make a list of at least 3 tourist attractions in the local area, noting when they are open and how much they charge to enter.