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Theme. By: Stephanie Esterle & Ashley Edwards. What is theme?. The life lesson that comes from a story. What kind of theme’s are there?. There are many different types of themes. Some stories focus on …. USER FRIENDLY.

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  1. Theme By: Stephanie Esterle & Ashley Edwards

  2. What is theme? The life lesson that comes from a story

  3. What kind of theme’s are there? There are many different types of themes. Some stories focus on …

  4. USER FRIENDLY In the story “User Friendly”, A boy named Kevin has no friends beside his Computer Louis. Kevin really likes this girl, but Actuall his computer is a girl and likes him. The computer is jealous of Jenny and finds A way to destroy her family. In the end, Kevin’s dad shuts down the computer and The last thing they saw was “Louise”. what is this story's theme?

  5. Annabel Lee Annabel Lee is a poem about two people who are in love. The Angels are jealous and kills Annabel Lee. The boy is sad Forever. What is this story's theme?

  6. In this story, a person named Echo gets a curse set on her that makes her repeat everything a person says. Echo talks to Narcissus. Echo asks to be killed and gets her wish. Narcissus can only love himself, but wishes he has Echo still. Echo and Narcissus What is this story's theme?

  7. The only girl in the world for me A boy really likes a girl, but doesn’t know how to talk to her. He refers to her as a goddess. After a long time of passing notes, he finds out that she likes him back. They go to the movies, and in the end, they both had empty bladders together. what is this story's theme?

  8. Aphrodite Aphrodite was the goddess of love<3. The stories we have been reading are themed around love. So Aphrodite is the perfect Greek immortal to portray our book themes.

  9. Odesseus • The story of Odesseus is a very sad one. On his wedding day his true love, Penelope, was dancing and she stepped on a snake. The snake bit her and killed her. She went down to Hades realm. Odesseus was so sad that he began to play music that even the gods cried to. He went down to Hades to get Penelope back, and was told not to look back at her, but did and lost her forever. He came out of Hades realm alive, but dead inside. Later, he was killed by a band of rouge nymphs, torn up, and thrown in the sea. After the goddess Aphrodite witnessed this, she went down to Earth, put Odesseus back together and gave him a proper funeral. He was finally reunited with Penelope forever together in Hades realm. What is this story's theme?

  10. Love Our stories that we read are all centered around love, and each one is different. Some of the themes from out stories are, “Love conquers all” & “Love never dies”. Ergo love is a recurring theme in these stories.

  11. Ashley and Stephanie would like To thank you for watching our Presentation. We worked very hard on This project. We would also like to thank Miss Schuttte for giving us the Opportunity to do this project and to pick Partners! Thanks again! Thanks!

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