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Travelling. Theme:. The type of the lesson: Lesson- Revision. Kazakh people should know three languages Kazakh , as state language . Russian , as an official language . English , as communication language . Nazarbajev . N . A. Do you know an English proverbs ?.

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  1. Travelling Theme: The type of the lesson: Lesson- Revision .

  2. Kazakh people should know three languagesKazakh, as state language.Russian, as an official language.English, as communication language. Nazarbajev.N.A.

  3. Do you know an English proverbs ? • So many countries, so many customs. • There is no place like home. • East or West, home is best.

  4. The theme of the lesson: “ TRAVELLING“

  5. The plan of the lesson • Home task • To revise the active vocabulary • To use Past simple tense in our speech • To speak about travelling

  6. Travelling If you are tired and have free time,there is nothing better than to go travelling. What kind of travelling to choose? That depends on your interests, time and money .If you are tired of the noisy city ,its wonderful to go to the seaside. If you are fond of sightseeing and history and want to get some information you can go to the abroad.

  7. There are lots of ways of travelling.The best thing is to go by air.You can also travel by train,by car. A cruise is a wonderful kind of travelling for those who have enough money and time. If you are going by plane,train,ship don’t to have any problems,it’s best to book tickets in advance.You can do it throw the internet.You can also find any information you need about the departure,arrival time,the price of the tickets.The travel agency do everything for you.

  8. The travel agency book tickets, reserve rooms in the hotels, organize excursions. The only thing you should do yourselves is to go through the customs.

  9. Answer the questions ! • What is the fastest way of travelling? • What is the most expensive travelling? • What kind of transport do you prefer ? • Are you sea-sick? • Have you ever been abroad ? • What do you do when you have free time and money ? • If you have enough money,what countries will you see?

  10. Please choose smiles

  11. “Who is quicker in your group ?” 1. The first day of the week… 2. The colour of the sun… 3. You drink this when you are thirsty… 5.The month that follows after April … 6. A bright colour… 7. A domestic animal… 8. You grow flowers in a… 9. Eight plus one is… 10. A very big animal… 11. A spring red flower… 12. Boys and girls at college are… (Answers: Sunday, yellow, water, run, November, red, dog, garden, nine, elephant, tulip, pupils.)

  12. Write past form of the verbs Visit Get Go See Be Feel Swim Study Make Hike Ride Climb Stay Play

  13. Write past form of the verbs Visit Get Go See Be Feel Swim Study Make Hike Ride Climb Stay Play Visited Got Went Saw Was, were Felt Swam Studied Made Hiked Rode Climbed Stayed Played

  14. Задание . Поставьте глагол в простом прошедшем времени. • 1. We (to visit) a lot of museums when we were in London. • 2. The children (to have) a wonderful time last time. • 3. They (to make) a day- trip to some interesting places near Moscow every month. • 4. I (to swim) a lot and (to stay) in the sea every year. • 5. The weather (to be) terrible at the seaside yesterday. • 6. My family and I (to go) to the Black Sea in August.

  15. Are you fond of travelling?

  16. – Where did you travel last summer?– What transport did you travel by?– What country did you visit?– What did you do there?– What was the weather like?

  17. What country will you visit ? The USA Germany France Italy England

  18. How will you travel ?

  19. –Whydoalotofpeopletravelbyplane?(the fastest)… by train?(the most convenient)… by car?(the most interesting)… by ship?(the most comfortable)… by bus?(more pleasant than…)… on foot?(the cheapest)

  20. what is your favourite way of travelling? P: my favourite way of travelling is of travelling by Plane, because – it is comfortable I can get to my destination very fast Train, because - it is comfortable I can relax and sleep there it is not expensive I like looking at villages, forests through the window Car you can go as fast or slowly as you like you can stop when and where you want you don’t need to think about tickets T: have you ever been abroad? What foreign country did you visit?

  21. What will you do in your free time ? boat ride a bike ride a horse Swim and play on thebeach make a Sandcastle fish

  22. Weather Cold and Snowy Cloudy Rainy Sunny Warm Hot

  23. Let's look through advantages and disadvantages of each trip. : begin reading. What are arguments against the seaside? What can we say for this trip?

  24. 1.TranslatefromRussianintoEnglish(Переведите с русского на английский): T: Что ты делаешь, Лиза? L: I’m looking at the holiday brochure. There are four hotels in the town, but I can’t decide which one we should stay. T: Дай мне посмотреть. Почему бы нам не остановиться в Паласе? Он выглядит самым комфортабельным из четырех и не такой дорогой, как Саншайн. L: But, it’s near the main road and I think it’ll be too noisy to live there. T: А как насчет отеля Мэджик Касл тогда? L: I don’t know. It looks dirtier than the other hotels. T: Но он самый дешевый и возможно там тише, чем в Паласе. Я знаю, что там дружелюбный персонал. L:Okay! Let’s stay at the Magic Castle Hotel. I’m sure it will be fine.

  25. Most people are fond of travelling abroad. What is more pros or cons going abroad? Let’s divide them into two groups. 1.discover new places, 2.help to become more educated person, 3. improve knowledge of foreign language, 4.wait at airports, 5.depend on the weather, 6.have to think about accommodation and food, 7.many places are polluted, 8.teach people about art and culture, 9.the beauty of many places has disappeared, 10.help to relax, 11.beaches are always overcrowded, 12.meet interesting people, 13.see world wonders ( Cтуденты называют сначала аргументы в пользу путешествия за границу, а затем аргументы против).

  26. 2.     Write the conversation in the correct order (Запишитеразговорвправильном порядке): A: We’ll take a room on the second floor. How much is it? B: Okay. It suits us. We’ll take this room. A: Seventy dollars per night, sir. B: Yes, we’ll be able to put you up. Which floor would you like, sir? A: Have you got any vacant rooms?  B: One double-room, please. A: Single or double, sir? 

  27. 3.     Find the synonyms for (Подберитесинонимы): 1.     luggage                                           a. trip 2.     return ticket                                    b. baggage 3.     journey                                           c. a buffet car 4.     cloakroom                                      d. schedule 5.     a dining car                                     e. round-trip ticket 6.     booking-office                                 f. left-luggage office 7.     timetable                                          g. ticket office 8.     fellow-passenger                              h. travelling companion

  28. 4.     Match the words and phrases in column A with those in column B (Соотнесите словавколонке A сословамивколонке B): 1.     room servicea. остановиться в отеле 2.     travel agency                                  b. прибытие 3.     book tickets                                    c. местоуокна 4.     arrival                                             d.бюро путешествий 5.     departure                                        e.отправляться по расписанию 6.     leave on time                                   f. купитьбилеты 7.     stay at the hotel                               g. справочноебюро 8.     window seat                                    h.бюро обслуживания 9.     passport                                          i. отправление 10.  information office                            j. паспорт

  29. 5.  Translate the words and phrases given in brackets (Переведитесловаифразыданныевскобках): 1.I hate flying and always prefer to travel (на поезде).  2. Would you like (носильщика) for your luggage, miss? 3. Unfortunately there was no (кафе-ресторана) on the train and we had to take a lot of food with us. 4. Modern planes have very comfortable (сиденья) in all cabins. 5. There are always bustle and confusion (на станции). 6. Before boarding the plane (пассажир)must register at the airport. 7. You (приземлитесь) in London at ten-fifteen p.m. 8. If you’ve got something to declare you come through  (красный коридор).

  30. 6.  Translate the sentences from Russian into English (Переведитепредложения срусскогонаанглийский): 1.     Куда я могу отнести ваш багаж, сэр? 2.     Давайте поспешим, иначе мы опоздаем на поезд. 3.     Вот мой билет и паспорт. 4.     К сожалению, все билеты проданы на сегодня. 5.     Как долго вы собираетесь оставаться в стране? 6.     У вас есть вещи подлежащие декларированию?

  31. 7.  Translate the sentences from English into Russian  (Переведитепредложениясанглийскогонарусский): 1.     I’m sorry I’m late. When did you arrive? 2.     Excuse me, please, where’s Platform six? 3.     I’d like to book a single ticket. 4.     Don’t worry, we have still a lot of time left. 5.     I’d like two tickets for the 7 o’clock train to Warsaw.

  32. 8.  Choose the word that best completes the sentences from the list below • (Выберитеподходящеесловоизспискаивставьтееговпредложение): • accommodation, abroad, visit, arrives, journey, in advance, hotel • It’s always more convenient to book tickets ... • 2. London Tourist Board is here to help you enjoy your ... to London. • 3. We can provide ... in a wide range of price categories in over • 900 hundred • hotels and guest houses of Berlin. • 4. Will you tell me about the facilities offered by your ... ? • 5. Good-bye! I wish you a pleasant ... . • 6. She was as excited as a child about her first trip ... , and spent • the next days buying clothes. • 7. It ... at 11.00 but it may be a little late because • the weather forecast is bad.

  33. Thank you for your attention !!!

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