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Theme Topic v. Theme PowerPoint Presentation
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Theme Topic v. Theme

Theme Topic v. Theme

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Theme Topic v. Theme

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  1. Theme Topic v. Theme • A theme topic is the subject of a work of literature. • It is usually stated in a few words or in a phrase. • For example, the following words/phrase are types of theme topics: • Appearance v. Reality -- Greed • Madness -- Love • Morality -- Bravery • Doubt -- Heroism • Revenge -- Beauty • Individuality and unity -- Cruelty • Keep in mind there are many theme topics.

  2. Theme Topic v. Theme • A work of literature conveys a central idea about life or human nature called a theme. It is stated in a complete sentenceand is a generalization. • It is often the unifying concept of a story. In other words, it should connect to the beginning, middle and end. • Here are examples of theme statements: • Love is the greatest gift of all. • Money can’t buy you love.  • A gift must come from the heart. • Beauty comes from within. • Therefore: • A theme is an observation one can make about a topical idea and then create a sentence that explains that observation. • This observation or theme should be an overarching idea throughout the work of literature.

  3. Connecting Theme to “The Devil and Tom Walker” • With your seatmate, brainstorm THREE potential theme topics that would be appropriate for the story. Give a one sentence explanation for why you think the topic fits.

  4. Connecting Theme to “The Devil and Tom Walker” • Once your have your theme topics, create a theme statement that you believe is most appropriate. Remember that your theme statement must be supported with events from the text. • Look back through the text and find THREE passages that you feel will support the theme statement. Use the format below to record your support. Each student needs to record the support on their own paper.

  5. Writing About Theme • Write a 3.8 paragraph individually that explains the theme of “The Devil and Tom Walker.” • Format of a 3.8 Theme Paragraph: 1. TS: Identify Theme Statement. Include the title of the work. 2. SS: First example from text that supports theme 3. EX: Explain why that example supports that theme 4. SS: Second example from text that supports theme 5. EX: Explain why that example supports that theme 6. SS: Third example from text that supports theme 7. EX: Explain why that example supports that theme 8. CS: Explain the overall significance of the theme to the story. What do you think Washington Irving is saying about your theme topic?

  6. 3.8 Paragraph Example Hawkeye values individual freedom over the individual’s compliance with society and society’s expectations. Hawkeye stands up to the British officer. He tells the officer that he does not consider himself subject to much of anything. This shows that Hawkeye values himself as an individual more so than a subject of British rule. Hawkeye also helps the Militiamen to escape. Hawkeye knows this to be against the law and he knows he will be punished for it. Hawkeye helps the Militiamen because he believes it is the right thing to do. Hawkeye kills Duncan while Duncan is being burned. This shows Hawkeye’s compassion. Hawkeye thinks it best to kill Duncan even though murder is frowned upon by society. The Last of the Mohicans is saying that a person should value her own ideals over the expectations of society. Hawkeye exemplifies this theme topic because he places his personal values and ideals over the ideals of society.