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Lake Austin Boat Club PowerPoint Presentation
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Lake Austin Boat Club

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Lake Austin Boat Club
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Lake Austin Boat Club

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  1. Lake Austin Boat Club “Bringing you the best boats, all year long.”

  2. A huge selection of over 30 boats • Brands like MasterCraft, Tige, Malibu, Air Natique, Ski Natique, Supra, & many more. • Many packagesfor all different sizes and types of boats. • Full day prices range from $275-$325 & Half day prices range from $225-$260 • Full day is 8 hours, and half day is 5 hours. CALL US NOW! (512)-111-BOAT

  3. The Floor Plan The Shop is a facility where customers can check in, add accessories, and pay for their awesome day on the lake. The Pavilion is a facility designed to provide customers with an area to relax, eat, and wait for their boat. Our crew is CPR Certified, and there is a large medical kit in The Pavilion, where employees can treat patients, if wounded, or call the hospital, which is a quick 10 minute drive away. Pavilion Dock Water Path to the dock Path to the dock Shop

  4. Lake Austin Boat Club Accolades • NEW 2013 boats • 2013 Wakeboards • Amazing facilities • Platinum level in sales • Platinum level in customer service • Top 5 boat clubs in Texas. Come to Lake Austin Boat Club on the west side of Lake Austin for great fun, amazing boats, and an experience you’ll never forget! After one day out on the water, You’ll want to come back every chance you can! (512)-111-boat

  5. Frequently Asked Questions What happens if myself or a person on my boat gets injured? If you or a member of your group is injured while you’re on a boat, you can either come back to the dock to receive treatment from our first aid trained employees, or use the first aid kit in your boat. What should I do if it starts to rain, thunder, or lightning while my group Is on the lake? You will need to bring the boat back to the docks as quickly as possible to ensure the safety of you’re group. You will be able to come back, when it is not raining, and use the rest of your time. Make sure to call ahead to make sure there is an opening.

  6. Customer Feedback “I had an amazing experience at The Lake Austin Boat Club with my family. The employees were polite, on the ball, and very professional. The employees in the shop were very helpful and helped the members of my group find the accessories that they needed. Overall I would give Water Sport rentals a 10/10!” - Andy M “By far the best boat club in central Texas!” - Boating World Magazine “I loved my experience at The Lake Austin Boat Club!” - John S “We had an undercover representative go to The Lake Austin Boat Club to test a boat, and see if the ratings were actually as good as they were said to be. He was astonished with the great customer care, huge boat selection, and quality service.” - Southern Boating Magazine “Lake Austin Boat Club is the place to go. They are one of the premier boat rentals in Texas.” – Boat Club Association of America

  7. Thank you for your time! Lake Austin Boat Club (512)-111-boat Weekdays: 7:30 AM – 8 PM Weekends: 8 AM – 8 PM