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Organizational Behaviour- MGMT 6021 Final Presentation

Organizational Behaviour- MGMT 6021 Final Presentation. Myers-Briggs Homes. “. Employee Orientation Package – Welcome to our Home. Our Philosophy ‘ Customer for Life'.

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Organizational Behaviour- MGMT 6021 Final Presentation

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  1. Organizational Behaviour- MGMT 6021 Final Presentation

  2. Myers-Briggs Homes “ Employee Orientation Package – Welcome to our Home

  3. Our Philosophy‘Customer for Life' Every company has its own unique corporate culture. It can best be described as a mindset, or “the way we do things around here”. It is rooted in our history, the founding principles of which our company is based on, and how we deal with each other, our Purchasers, Trades and Suppliers everyday. Satisfied Customers are the fundamental building blocks of our successes. • Enthusiastically embracing our “Customer for Life” philosophy will solidify growth of current and future relationships.

  4. Company Background Linda and Alanna founded Myers-Briggs Homes with a clear vision in mind, shaped by years’ of experience in the building industry. Employee satisfaction isn’t just about time spent building quality homes It’s equally important for the company experience to be pleasant.

  5. Our Team CEO/ Project Construction Manager Alanna Miller 519-555-5555 ext 1 • Manage construction teams from start to finish • Increase pressure to reduce risk, control costs and optimize project schedules. • Schedule, contract specifications and budgets. • Prepare contracts and negotiate revisions, changes and additions to contractual agreements with architects.

  6. Our Team Human Resources/Customer Service Manager Linda Micallef 519-555-5555 ext 2 • Recruit skilled employees who are committed to quality workmanship; • Provide a positive workplace that fosters a cooperative and supportive team atmosphere; • Supervise and coordinate work activities so that each employee plays a part in our company’s success; • Develop and promote company policies that recognize and reward employee performance

  7. Our Team Administrative clerks • Process applications, licenses, permits, contracts, registrations, requisitions and other forms and documents in accordance with established procedures and schedules. • Authorize and issue licenses, permits, registration papers, reimbursements or other material after requesting documents have been processed and approved. • Maintain inventory of office supplies and order supplies as required. Service Professional • Prepare reports, presentations and provide information to staff and general public regarding company and program rules, regulations and procedures; • Provide hands on working skills and front line communication with customers; • Prepare each home for pre-delivery inspections, clientele closing dates and after-sale service.

  8. Our Team Plumbers • Read blueprints, drawings and specifications to determine layout of plumbing system, water supply network and waste and drainage systems; • Install, repair and maintain domestic, commercial or industrial plumbing fixtures and systems Electricians • Read and interpret drawings and electrical code specifications to determine wiring layouts for new or existing installations; • Install, replace and repair lighting fixtures and electrical control and distribution equipment, such as switches, relays and circuit breaker panels.

  9. Our Team Landscaping Professionals • grading plans and equipment operation is a must. • landscaping installations, reviewing and • improving site operations and quality control. Masonry/ Bricklayer Bricklayers • Cut and trim bricks and concrete blocks to specification using hand and power tools; • Lay bricks, stone or similar materials to provide veneer facing to walls or other surfaces; Site Supervisor • Leading a results oriented team during all phases of construction to ensure quality standards are exceeded within the established schedules of a high volume production site. • Execute hands on working skills and oversee site operations.

  10. Our Team Interior Designer • Interior designers have to be able to work with contractors and clients alike, planning and implementing all aesthetic and functional decision • Interior designers have to be able to balance their own tastes and their clients’ tastes-and be willing to put their clients’ tastes first. Framer • Selecting, measuring and marking materials for foundations, floors, walls, roofs, and exterior doors and windows • Cutting and shaping materials and joining them with nails, screws, bolts or glue • Reading and interpreting blueprints Finance Manager • Combining forces with such departments as purchasing, estimating, drafting and construction to streamline accounting policies and procedures; • Facilitate year-end tax statements. Liaise with financial institutions to acquire and manage financing. Prepare and manage monthly/yearly cash flow, project and EVA reports.

  11. Workplace Issues • Safety – ensure safe homes, safe work environment • Time Constraints – meeting deadlines • Conflicts – many different roles working together

  12. Our Company Plan An integral part of positioning our company within the top builders in Ontario is ensuring that our employees understand our organizational strategy. This defines our vision, mission, values and priorities. A clear demonstration of where we see the company going will keep us all focused and satisfied in our daily lives.

  13. Our Company Plan Vision To become known as the best builder in London, Ontario. Mission Statement Proudly construct quality homes for our customers. Values Take pride in our Workmanship and Customer Service. Priorities Promote our “Customer for Life” philosophy each every day by providing the best customer experience any home buyer will ever have.

  14. Our Company Goals • To clearly define our organization and workplace values & ethics • To continue to be a high performance team 3) Promote our functional organizational structure

  15. Workplace Values & Ethics • We live in a changing workforce with diverse cultures, with more women in the workforce and with more generational diversity. We want to embrace this diversity so we can represent the people who will live in our homes. • We value the balance between work & life by offering flexibility in our work hours. • We know that we have a social responsibility to our community and will commit to offering time and supplies to Habitat for Humanity and Dream of Lifetime lottery for The London Health Sciences Centre

  16. Workplace Values & Ethics • Happy employees make happy customers We care about our employees happiness and we will provide supportive leadership to help all employees feel that they are respected and cared for. • We have the highest rating in London for employee satisfaction and we keep our employee turnover down. We believe that is also why we have a great reputation as one of the top quality builders in London, Ontario.

  17. High Performance Teams • We set goals each month and these objectives help us guide our performance. Our employees find that because they always know what to expect they are motivated to get the job done. • We give our employees feedback regularly about their performance and goal accomplishment so we can build on our successes. • We value our employees input and everyone is involved in problem-solving.

  18. High Performance Teams • Our team is made up many different members each with their own role. Defining these separate roles upfront during orientation allows for new employees to understand their part in the big picture. Everyone is a valued member of our team. • Our team provides the opportunity for every employee to achieve their own personal goals by provide educational reimbursements, training and social support. • We are committed to building not only quality homes but to building a quality place to work for all of our employees.

  19. Functional Organizational Structure • Our team is made of a diverse group of employees from customer service and sales staff to skilled labourers to designers. • Every different function of our team operates by communicating and coordinate the work that needs to be done. • Every employee is individually responsible for the work that they do and as a team we are all collectively accountable.

  20. Functional Organizational Structure • Having this kind of functional structure allows our company to recognize the unique role each employee plays • Even though our team is made up of many different experts and specialists are decisions are made as a team to avoid conflicts • Our company works hard to coordinate our work activities to achieve both individual and team goals

  21. Final Message

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