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  1. Friday!!!! • Quizzes need to be made up by 3:00 on Monday. I am available Guided Study today, after school today and Monday. • One-pager #3 is due today around 2. I won’t take these late. • You will turn in a sample compare/contrast writing today. • Monday will be final review and a reading day. BRING your book! • Tuesday is the first day of the final. BE HERE! • Even if next week is super cold and IF WE still have school, you will be here because I am still teaching and moving forward. You are young adults! DRESS FOR THE WEATHER AND GET TO SCHOOL! • If you aren’t here and we have school, you better get on line to get caught up!!! NO EXCUSES!!!!

  2. Overall feeling or meaning: ThesisThis will be last sentence of paragraph 1 • While the deaths of Gatsby and George are inevitable in both scenes, the overall feel of each is quite different: version 1 has an overall feeling of squashed dreams while version 2 has an overall feeling of uncertainty and regret. • Template: While _(insert overall similarities of both scenes), the overall feel is quite different: version 1 is (insert the overall feel of version 1) while version 2 is (insert the overall feel of version 2)

  3. Compare/Contrast: Similarities (Paragraph 1)The same, but… • Similarities of Romeo and Juliet: Choose one or two from EACH section. Describe what is happening. How are these similar and what is the significance to the overall meaning? • Vocally, Juliet sounds and looks hopeful and wistful as she monologues about Romeo. Romeo also speaks expectantly. • Cinematically, there are diegetic sounds of both Romeo and Juliet speaking. The camera shots give some close-ups of either Juliet and/or Romeo • Actions: Romeo is hiding and Juliet is speaking unaware of Romeo’s presence nearby • Setting is at Juliet’s home and Juliet is dressed in white in both while Romeo seems to be in a costume appropriate for the time period.

  4. Differences in the similaritiesEven though these elements are seen in BOTH scenes, there are differences that make each scene feel different overall. • After your paragraph on similarities, you will have TWO paragraphs on differences. • Paragraph 2 will be about the differences seen in the similarities listed in paragraph 1 for version 1. • Paragraph 3 will be about the differences seen in the similarities listed in paragraph 1 for version 2. • Make use of transition words!!!!

  5. Your opinion • Paragraph 4 will be which version is best and why. You will defend your claim with evidence from the paragraphs 2 and 3.

  6. Your turn • Write ONE paragraph on the differences of either version 1 or 2. Turn in for feedback