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Burgess Elementary School Healthy Food Choices Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Burgess Elementary School Healthy Food Choices Program

Burgess Elementary School Healthy Food Choices Program

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Burgess Elementary School Healthy Food Choices Program

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  1. Burgess Elementary School Healthy Food Choices Program BEST Healthy FoodCho!ce ! Z

  2. Presented by Healthy Food Choices Project Originators: And 2010/2011 Healthy Food Choices Project Leaders: Carson Ward, Ajay Patel, Kendall Securro • Jayda Gary • Samantha Pylypyshyn • Zack Olds • Liz Thornell • Kaden Securro All

  3. Project Purpose: Help kids and families recognize and make healthy food choices Help kids and families increase daily exercise Help kids recognize problems unhealthy eating can cause Provide prizes for kids to help them make healthy choices Provide opportunity for student and community leadership J

  4. Short and Long Term Goals • Short Term Goal – Improve overall health and take steps to reverse childhood obesity in the 4th and 5th grade at Burgess Elementary School. • Long Term Goal – Draw attention to the topic of childhood obesity across the state of SC and encourage kids to copy this program or create their own. K

  5. 2010/2011 Project Dates: Start Date - November 1, 2010 End Date – April 29, 2011 L

  6. Why is The Project Important? IN SOUTH CAROLINA 34% of SC elementary school kids are obese or overweight 33% of SC high school students are obese or overweight 65% of SC adults are obese or overweight SC ranks 7th worst in the nation for childhood obesity. AT BURGESS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL We noticed a lot of kids never eating healthy foods at lunch A lot of food is wasted every day Kids and families need encouragement to make healthy food choices. Student Council members are school leaders. It is up to us to take on service learning projects and “make a difference”. We need to show other kids “you CAN make a difference” S

  7. Program Plan: The program plan is mainly for 4th and 5th graders at Burgess Elementary School. We developed a healthy food choices list with point values; and daily exercise bonus points are given too. We created lists, tracking forms and marketing materials needed to start and run the program. We work with the Georgetown Hospital System and local stores to select prizes for kids to earn by reaching monthly points total targets. Each class has classroom leaders who track the points and handle some of the communication. Z

  8. Support: • School Improvement Council – The Burgess SIC provides support and works with students to make this a successful project. • Teachers and Administration – The BEST teachers and administration have supported every idea brought forward to improve this project. • Parents – This program takes a lot of time and you have to commit to a lot of meetings and LOTS of work to do at home. Program leader parents support the program 100% and are very proud. They see that the kids efforts make a difference and are recognizing what Burgess Elementary School kids are taught …..“service over self” • Georgetown Hospital System - Provides support through business mentors. They also provide us support through their Community Wellness and Employee Health & Wellness Departments Z

  9. The Program Works! • It’s 100% student created, led and implemented. Students do all the work! Teachers are not responsible for the program. • It’s voluntary – There are about 200 kids in the 4th and 5th grade and 95% of them choose to participate in the program because it is competitive and fun! • Prizes are used for 6 months to change healthy food choices behaviors and the habits formed will stick with many of the kids. K

  10. Communication is Important: Students – We encourage student participation by word-of-mouth through the classroom leaders. We also developed marketing materials such as flyers, newsletter stories and memos directed to students. Parents – Parents do the shopping and kids influence parents on what foods to buy. We encourage parents through flyers and memos to support their kids by buying healthy food choices, and to carry the program over at home. Teachers– Teachers are not asked to manage any part of the program. However, they are role models, so we ask them to encourage students to participate and support activities that do sometimes take place in the classroom. We meet with them face-to-face and also send memos to keep them updated on the program. K

  11. The Logo is Important • Students look for the logo we designed above each healthy food choice in the lunch line. • Cafeteria staff helps with daily placement • It is on flyers and newsletter stories BEST Healthy FoodCho!ce ! J

  12. Spreading the Message About Childhood Obesity Our program has been presented to: • Burgess School Improvement Council • GHS Community Wellness and Human Resources teams • Burgess Elementary School administration and cafeteria staff • Statewide SC School Improvement Council Meeting in Columbia • Senator Ray Cleary and the SC Senate at the Statehouse • US Senator Jim DeMint’s Legislative Correspondent in Washington DC • Murrells Inlet Rotary Club L

  13. Future Plans for 2010/2011 • Working on grants to secure funding for future years at Burgess Elementary in Horry County. • We hope to also work with a Georgetown County school next year • We are working on getting new business mentors and business sponsors on board • We hope to some day meet with First Lady Michelle Obama • Continue to talk about the program and get schools and kids interested in making a difference. L

  14. Making A Difference!!! This is what two students said: • “I love the program. It pumps me up and helps me eat healthier. I’m doing it!” Savannah S. • “The prizes got me started but now I have been persuaded to eat healthy and I have made a change in myself!” David S. S

  15. Making A Difference! This Is What a Parent Said: “This program has been successful in getting my 5th grade son to make healthier food choices in what he brings in his packed lunches; but even more amazing he is now helping with cooking healthy dishes at home!” Karen F. S

  16. Making A Difference! This is what a Community Member said: “It has been with great pride that we’ve endorsed and watched our student leaders design, defend and implement this innovative program to help our students make healthy choices. Their initiative is a powerful example to all students at Burgess Elementary School.” Mark Mitchell, Coastal Carolina University Business Professor J

  17. Making a Difference! This is what Senator Ray Cleary wrote: “I enjoyed meeting with you in Columbia and I am very impressed by your accomplishments.” Senator Raymond E. Cleary – Georgetown & Horry County SC J

  18. We wanted our program to be FUN. Spinach and Carrots without fun is just………… spinach and carrots. But spinach and carrots with fun isSpinach!!andCarrots!!!!dude  !!!!! Check out our pictures on the next slides K

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  28. Thank You For Listening to Our Story Any Questions? All