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Healthy Food Choices Can Be Difficult PowerPoint Presentation
Healthy Food Choices Can Be Difficult

Healthy Food Choices Can Be Difficult

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  1. Blog1: Healthy Food Choices can be difficult Healthy food choices become a lot more difficult when we are surrounded by junk food everywhere. Nowadays we have fast foods, drive through, cafes and social events filled with unhealthy food options. But with little effort, you can try to choose healthy food over unhealthy. Below are 3 steps that you need to take when you have to choose a food item: 1. Have a Look at the Ingredients The first and foremost step to eating healthy is to start paying attention to the ingredients used. You should clearly stay away from foods that contain sugar, high amount of white flour, unhealthy fats, chemicals, preservatives and high levels of sodium. Try to go for food that is in its natural form rather than a modified version of it, as the modification takes out all the nutrition. 2. Always Keep Healthy Food Handy in Singapore You get hungry in between your meals and that is when you resort to junk food. Make it a habit to keep healthy snacks near you. Store some snacks in your car, such as nuts or dried fruits. Always keep healthy snacks in your office desk. Try to leave your house with at least one fruit in hand. 3. Learn to say “NO” People eat unhealthy food in Sinagpore either when the food is free or when they are in a social situation where they can’t say no. If you find yourself in any of these positions, learn to say no. It is ok to say that, you won’t hurt anyone’s sentiments. Your friends and family will understand your reason behind it, just try to explain to them why are you eating healthy and then they will support you in this decision. One of the best ways to keep you on track with your healthy food options is to make a calendar plan prior only. All you have to do is remember these 3 steps and stick to the idea of choosing healthy food over unhealthy food always.