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Discussion Questions:

Discussion Questions:

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Discussion Questions:

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  1. USA Today called them “absurd.” Yahoo said they were “disturbingly ugly.” NBC Sports said the uniform was“theworst ever for any NFL team.” And ESPN said “you’ll understand why they were retired… or burned.” And those were the printable comments about the Steelers’ recent throwback uniforms. What do YOU think of them?

  2. Baylor University entered the 2012 NCAA men’s basketball tournament with a 3 seed…and these adidas-inspired neon uniforms.

  3. The Nike / University of Oregon 2012 Rose Bowl uniforms drew plenty of “Star Wars/Darth Vader” comparisons online but were a huge hit with Oregon Ducks fans.

  4. In 2009, the NFL’s Denver Broncos unveiled these uniforms in one of the NFL’s “Legacy Games” (in which both teams wore throwback uniforms)…

  5. TV personality (and former ESPN SportsCenter anchor) Keith Olbermann called out the entire Philadelphia Eagles organization as the "Worst Persons in the NFL" for their decision to wear these throwback jerseys in 2007, saying "Throwbacks? Try throw-ups!".

  6. The NBA’s Denver Nuggets decided to pay homage to the team’s popular “Skyline” jerseys from the 80’s and announced they will wear these “alternate” uniforms at 18 home games during the 2012 season…

  7. The 1994 season marked the Chicago Bears’ 75thas a member of the National Football League. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the franchise, the team wore 1920’s throwback uniforms for several games.

  8. The University of Maryland introduced “PRIDE” uniforms last season in collaboration with Under Armour to equal parts fanfare and criticism. Three days ago, they launched “PRIDE” 2.0, which will be worn this weekend.

  9. In the 1970’s, Marquette’s athletic department made the bold decision to allow one of the team’s players design the first untucked jerseys. After the 1971-'72 season, the uniforms were banned, allegedly because they disoriented opposing players.

  10. College and professional teams aren’t the only ones rocking the funky uniforms these days. Earlier this year, Atlantic High School in Florida debuted these uniforms that were designed and donated by a group of community focused business owners in Delray Beach. Sports uniform guru UniWatch called it “what might be the craziest football uniform ever” and images of the uniforms went viral.

  11. In 2011, the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats paid tribute to the popularity of NASCAR in their home state with checkerboard/racing themed uniforms. The jerseys were worn in conjunction with the team’s “NASCAR Night” promotion at the arena.

  12. However, after reviewing some of the “statement” uniforms in the previous slides, this one clearly takes the cake. Behold several variations of the uniform worn by Jorge Campos, goalkeeper for the Mexican National Soccer Team… “Score” one for Campos and the uniform designer, Umbro???

  13. Discussion Questions: 1) Why do you think some teams wear flashy uniforms?2) What are the advantages? Disadvantages?3) What is a brand?4) Do you think wearing flashy uniforms has anything to do with a team’s branding strategy? Why or why not?5) What influences your decision to purchase team-branded merchandise? Would you buy merchandise featuring flashy themes like these?