top 10 men s colognes that will drive your woman wild n.
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Men's Cologne

Men's Cologne

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Men's Cologne

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  1. Having a hot date tonight? What are planning to wear? Guess Seductive Homme Blue, John Varvatos Artisan, Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme, Ralph Lauren, Homme by David Beckham, Gucci Guilty, Issey Miyake L, Nautica Aqua Rush or Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Terrible…..or something else? These and other warm men’s fragrances will surely make your woman go wild and make her swoon over and over again—guaranteed! Yes, it’s true. Your smelling good is that one USP that will make you extremely desirable to the opposite sex. Top 10 Men’s Colognes that will Drive your Woman Wild

  2. Read on for top 10 special-occasion scents that we have rounded up for you. Simply use one of these pre-date tonight, and you will surely thank us …tomorrow morning. 1. Tommy Hilfiger Cologne 2. Dolce & Gabbana For Men 3. TEN By Intense for Men 4. Artisan by John Varvatos 5. Guess Seductive Homme Blue 6. Unforgivable by Sean John 7. Contradiction for Men by Calvin Klein 8. Gucci Guilty For Men 9. Boucheron 10. Allure Sport by Chanel for Men

  3. Tommy Hilfiger Cologne This is no cheap men’s cologne! Designed to enhance your persona with a natural, rich smell, it breathes masculinity beyond compare. Since this fragrance is rather neutral in essence, it can be used safely at your next meeting too. This coveted fragrance for men has a slightly citric undertone with top notes of lavender, grapefruit, bergamot and mint; middle notes boasting of cranberry, granny smith apple, and rose; and the base notes of cactus, amber, and cotton flower.

  4. Dolce & Gabbana For Men Dolce & Gabbana Cologne by D&G was launched in 1994. Classified as a refined lavender, spicy, amber fragrance, it possesses a blend of orange, lavender, lemon, sage, cedar as well as tobacco—c’mon, how hotter can it get for your ladylove? Known for attracting women for more than a decade now, the manly smell of this men’s cologne fits your bill to perfection. Be careful if you intend wearing it during the day too!

  5. TEN By Intense for Men A striking male pheromone cologne with a difference, TEN isn't just any other ordinary scent. We bet you haven’t worn cologne such as this before. On a naughty note, this cologne for men is akin to wearing your steam in the form of a mind-blowing fragrance. Don't believe us? Go ahead and try, this one is driving women crazy and how!

  6. Artisan by John Varvatos If you are still on the lookout for distinctive men’s cologne that will keep your woman purring, then Artisan by Jon Vervatos is what you seek. Unique and sexy in every conceivable way, it will surely make you more desirable than before. Adopt the vintage concept of this citrusy-herbal fragrance. It opens with tangelo fruit, Sicilian clementine, aromatic thyme, Mexican tangerine, Greek lavender and Spanish marjoram.

  7. Guess Seductive Homme Blue The world of men’s fragrances attains a new dimension with this simultaneously sensual and airy cologne, something like the woods and the seas. Released in August 2011, this smell belongs to the brand’s Seductive collection and boasts of aromatic, woody, and fougere notes. Yes, it’s one of the best men’s colognes on the rack for a wearer as charismatic and magnetic as you. Here, the top notes are those of mandarin pulp, cardamom milk, and pink pepper.

  8. Unforgivable by Sean John If a combination of danger and power is what you would love to flaunt through your men’s cologne, then Unforgivable by Sean John serves to be the right choice for you. With top notes of green mandarin, tangerine, birch leaf, juniper, grapefruit, basil, bergamot, and Sicilian lemon, it’s surely the right way to go. Here, the middle notes are lavender, iris, and clary sage while the base notes are amber, Australian sandalwood, tonka bean, rum as well as cashmere wood.

  9. Contradiction for Men by Calvin Klein If you are still looking for a lingering, yet not-so-dominating, fragrance for men, then your search should stop at Contradiction by Calvin Klein. Fit for casual wear and evening outings alike, this Calvin Klein variant has amazing masculine scents of sage, vetiver, sandalwood, nutmeg, and lime leaves—all combined to perfection in a single bottle.

  10. Gucci Guilty For Men Known for its fashion, elegance, and style, the Gucci brand holds firm ground when it comes to its colognes and perfumes too. A classic buy for men who love maintaining a casual style while remaining unbelievably seductive, ‘Gucci Guilty’ serves to be the perfect next buy. The top notes include violet, calone, bergamot, and cypress.

  11. Boucheron Boucheron—right from its packaging bottle to superior tones—excites your senses as one of the most seductive fragrances for men. This award winning product is available with some interesting signature scents that includes vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver, verbena, moss, orange, heliotrope, geranium and juniper berry, to name a few. Oozing with style and distinction, it’s perfect for office wear and evening dates alike. Go for it only if you desire to buy only the best!

  12. Very few fashion lovers are untouched by the success that Chanel continues to enjoy because if it’s impressive line of perfumes. Allure Sport happens to be one of the most coveted offerings from this brand and appropriately combines the goodness of aquatic, orange, mandarin, and Atlas cedar notes. It presents the perfect blend of sweet and woodsy fragrances for you too. All in all, these exquisite mens fragrances are all you need to make your women go gaga about you. So give yourself the vibrant freshness that complements your masculine appeal in all possible ways—and from tonight itself! Allure Sport by Chanel for Men

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