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  1. Advent • waitingforChristmas Martin Hricuš Matyáš Kajsrlík Tomáš Šlégr

  2. Advent traditions • Advent is a preparationfor Christmas • Advent begins on the first Sunday of Adventbetween 27th November and 3rd December. End of Advent represents the sunsetof Christmas Eve. • In our countryeach Advent SundayiscalledIron, Bronze, Silver and GoldSunday.

  3. Advent traditions • FamilieshaveanAdvent wreath withfourcandlesandonecandleis lit on eachAdvent Sunday • In the Czech Republic wehavea traditionofAdvent concerts, which are heldon eachAdvent Sunday

  4. Thisis a traditional Advent wreath This Advent wreathwas made by Mathias´ mother

  5. Letter to Baby Jesus • Eliška and Jana BeforeChristmaschildrenwrite a letter to Baby Jesus. In the letter they write what they want to find under the Christmas tree. If they are still small and can’t write, they draw pictures of things which they wish.

  6. Children most often want toys: • Boys want cars, car tracks, building kid, football ball, PC games consoles etc… • Girls want dolls, Barbie, Pet shops, Barbie house, princess dress etc… • They put the letter on a windowsill and after that they are waiting when the Baby Jesustakes it.

  7. Difference between Baby Jesusand Santa Claus Whois Baby Jesus? • He issmallchildwith blond hair, whowasborn in Bethlehem. • Nobodyknowshow Baby Jesusbringspresents. • In theeveningof 24.12. the bell ringsandsudenlythere are giftsundertheChristmastree.

  8. Whois Santa Claus He isanoldgrandfatherwithwhitebeardandglasses. He wearsredcoat, redpantsandredhat. He drivessleigh, that are pulled by reindeers. He comes to the house downthechimney. He eatssweets and drinksglassofmilk. He bringspresents in the big bag.

  9. Christmas sweets • Sweetsare one of the things that cannotbemissed at Christmas time. Eating sweets makes the right Christmas and creates the magical Christmas mood. Baking starts at the beginning of December and it continues to Christmas Eve because of „mysterious“ disappearing of sweets (mumsbakeandchildrenanddadsnibble).

  10. Gingerbreads • 650 g flour • 250 g powdered sugar • 100 g honey • 50 g butter • 3 eggs • 1 yolk for brushing gingerbread • 1 teaspoon of baking soda • 2 teaspoons of milled spices 8 cloves, 1 spoon of allspice, 1 spoon of cinnamon, pinch of star anise, and you can add anise, fennel, ginger,… • 1 spoon of cocoa Klára Ester Hana

  11. Other sweets • Vánočka is very typical Czech Christmas pastry.

  12. VLASTA LÁĎA Buying a carp

  13. . • EveryyearbeforeChristmaspeople in our country buy a carp. Friedcarpis a verytraditionaldish on ChristmasEvedinner table.

  14. Preparingcarpfordinner • Afterbuying a carpyoushouldkillhimsomehow. That´sthework, whichourmothersdon´tlike to do, but fathers are braver and do it. Then a carpneeds to becutintosmallportionsandthenitisready to bepreparedforChristmasdinner.

  15. CHRISTMAS TREE • In our country everyyear ten daysbeforeChristmasEvepeoplebuy a tree. • A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce, or pineor fir. • Christmastreeisoneof most importantsymbolsofChristmas. • The tree was traditionally decorated with edibles such as apples, nuts or dates, butnowadayswe are decoratingtreewiththingslikebaubles, ChristmasballsorspecialChristmaschocolates in themorningof 24thDecember.

  16. How to decorate a Christmastree ?

  17. OurChristmastreeatschool ChristmasTree – thefinalproduct

  18. Christmascribs • Eliška and Jana Many familieshave a kindof nativity sceneunderornext to theChristmastree.

  19. Our Nativity Scene Wewantedto haveourownNativity Scenesowemadeit.

  20. We had a lot offunwhenpreparingthe Nativity Scene

  21. CZECH TRADITIONAL DINNER TraditionalChristmas menu: • Chowder • Potatosalad • Breadedfriedcarp

  22. Youcanpreparetraditionalpotato salad and breadedcarpwithus. To watchthe video click on thescreen Orwatchithere:

  23. „Rules“ FOR CHRISTMAS DINNER • Every family canhaveitsown traditions! • FOR EXAMPLE: • Goingfor a walkbeforethedinner • DecoratedCristmas table - Carpscales are put undertheplates (forwelth in thefollowingyear) • No onecanget up fromthe table exceptforthehousekeeper. • An extra chairispreparedforunexpectedguest • Listening to carolsduringtheCristmasdinner…

  24. UNPACKING GIFTS Prepared by Natalie

  25. Afterthetraditional Christmas dinner the family moves to the Christmas tree ...

  26. … andtheyunwraptheirgifts. ExceptfortheothergiftsalmosteveryonefindssocksundertheChristmastree in our country ;)… …later on theycansingor listen to someChristmascarolls:

  27. Made by andsung by: Gabriela Šrautová, Eliška Dvořáková, Klára Flídrová, Jana Kamenárová, Markéta Vedralová.. Percussions: Luděk Hejhal, Matyáš Kajsrlik, Tomáš Sadílek, Markéta Vedralová ChristmasCarols • OldCzech folk songsaboutbirthoflittleChrist-child.

  28. Půjdem spolu do BetlémaWe are going to Bethlehem • Thisis a song aboutlittlemusicians, whocame to singand play songsforlittleChrist-child. They play variousinstruments: violin, flute, pipeand double bass. • Click onthescreenor use this link • to listen to thecaroll:

  29. Nesem vám novinyGoodtidingswebring • Thisis a song aboutbringinggoodtidingsfromBethlehem. A childwasborn,angels aresingingbeatifulsongsandshepherds are bringing a lot ofpresents. • Click onthescreenor use this link • to listen to thecaroll:

  30. SomeChristmastraditions • CuttingapplesintohalvesIfyoucansee a “star“ youwillbe lucky andhealthybutifyoucansee „just“ a crosss – itisconsidered to be a bad sign.

  31. Small boats made ​​ofwalnut shells and candles are sentouton the water. • If the boat staysatthebrimofthebowl, its owner will be home next year. If itfloatsto the middle, the owner will travel a lot. • Floatingboats

  32. Peopleusually put thecarpscalesintotheirwallet. Thescales are believed to bring money andwealthduringtheneryear. • Carpscales

  33. Christmasmidnightmass • Atmidnight many people go to thechurch to theChristmasmass. TypicalCzechcarols are playedthere. A lot ofthemisincorporatedintothe most famous „CzechChristmasmass“ composedby Jakub Jan Ryba.