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Blogging 101

Blogging 101. By Brian Cormier. What is a blog?. Short for “web log” = blog Online diary, log News Photos Video. Where to get a blog?. Google Blogger (“Blogspot”) WordPress TypePad Tumblr . Choose a subject. What are you passionate about? Niche-market blogs get the most traffic

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Blogging 101

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  1. Blogging 101 By Brian Cormier

  2. What is a blog? • Short for “web log” = blog • Online diary, log • News • Photos • Video

  3. Where to get a blog? • Google Blogger (“Blogspot”) • WordPress • TypePad • Tumblr

  4. Choose a subject • What are you passionate about? • Niche-market blogs get the most traffic • General interest blogs are much more difficult to promote • Blogs are excellent for showing your expertise in certain areas: • Crafts • Collectibles • Entertainment • Specific issue

  5. Content for your blog • Be concise • Entries don’t have to be “major” – they can just be quick thoughts • Post-date blog entries for convenience • Update often – a few times per week • Don’t ignore your blog • Use photos – these are searchable in Google and will help get you traffic • Use video

  6. Sources for photos • Google Images • Search for “free stock images” in Google • Give credit for photos whenever possible • Take your own photos – more personal and exclusive

  7. Sources for videos • YouTube • Dailymotion • MySpace • VideoSurf • Google Video • Facebook

  8. Make it easy to read • Resist using coloured fonts • Use what’s easy to read • If readers’ eyes are bugging out of their heads trying to read your blog, they will simply move on • You may think it’s “pretty” and “cool” and “awesome”, while others may think it’s simply “annoying”, “loud” and “excessive” • Make your blog reader-friendly • Use labels to allow readers to find similar stories on your blog

  9. Make it easy to read • Show archives • Allow readers to search your blog

  10. Promoting your blog • Register your URL in Google • Comment on other bloggers’ posts • Post links and talk nicely about other related bloggers, including links to their blogs • Post links to social media websites • Facebook – start a FB page, too! • Twitter • If your blog posts features one of your own YouTube videos, make sure the link to your blog post is in the video description on YouTube

  11. Promoting your blog • Write an e-book on your area of expertise and post it to your blog for everyone to share • People love free stuff • Establishes your credibility • People will gladly share it with others • Give credit to others in your e-book and they’ll definitely help you to promote it

  12. Earning an income • Many ways to earn an income online • Google AdSense • Ads will be placed on your blog based on what you’re writing about • Niche-market blogs most successful at this, i.e. knitting ads on a blog about knitting will tend to get more clicks • Payout is about 60 days after reaching $100 U.S. in your account

  13. Earning an income Example of a Google banner ad

  14. Earning an income Example of Google text ads

  15. Earning an income • Membership site • Exclusive content for members of your site for a monthly fee • Teaching / mentoring / coaching • Professional advice and tips • Online community open only to a few • Affiliates • Commission-based • Selling books, e-books, courses, etc., for others, including Amazon, Chapters Indigo, other bloggers, mentors, coaches, etc.

  16. Comments on your blog • Yes, definitely enable commenting • Yes, definitely enable moderating • Gives you control on what is being posted • Allows you to eliminate spam • Allows you to eliminate haters and trolls • Strongly advise not to allow anonymous comments – this will cut down 95% of spam, haters, trolls • Respond to your comments, even if it’s a simple “Thank you!” • Don’t ignore comments on the links you post to social media site – they count, too!

  17. Comments on your blog • It’s OK not to get bullied into fighting with someone online • “Free speech” also has consequences • Remember, your friends, work and online colleagues will see your blog, too – and read the comments

  18. How to determine success • Number of comments on your blog • Number of comments on Facebook • Number of RTs and replies on Twitter • E-mails from readers • Income earned • Mentions on other blogs / websites • Mentions in the media • Traffic statistics

  19. Figuring out your traffic • Google Analytics • Visitors • Time spent on website • Where are they from? • Top content • Top search engines • Bounce rate

  20. Figuring out your traffic

  21. Resources • Blogging platforms • www.blogger.com • www.wordpress.org • www.typepad.com • www.tumblr.com • Social media • www.facebook.com • www.twitter.com • www.youtube.com

  22. Resources • Professional bloggers / coaches / mentors • Yaro Starak: www.entrepreneurs-journey.com

  23. Resources • Professional bloggers / coaches / mentors • Gideon Shalwick: www.gideonshalwick.com

  24. Resources • Professional bloggers / coaches / mentors • Darren Rowse: www.problogger.net

  25. Resources • Professional bloggers / coaches / mentors • Sue and Steve Soucy: www.sueandsteveshow.com

  26. Conclusion • Be professional • Remember... it’s public • Treat it like a business • Show up for work • Learn how to spell • Layout isn’t everything but it’s something • Promote! Promote! Promote! • Share! Share! Share! • The more you give, the more you’ll receive

  27. My blogs • Brian Cormier • www.briancormier.com • Brian Cormier’s Blogtastic World! • www.briancormier.blogspot.com • Lowcarbdude • www.lowcarbdude.com brian@bricorcommunications.com

  28. Thank you! Blogging 101 By Brian Cormier

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