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Creating Guest Lists

USC&A - Fraternity and Sorority Life Virginia Commonwealth University. Creating Guest Lists . Purpose. For all members to understand the process of how guest lists are created and why they are important. Moments that make us laugh…. The next few slides each have a specific question on them.

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Creating Guest Lists

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  1. USC&A - Fraternity and Sorority Life Virginia Commonwealth University Creating Guest Lists

  2. Purpose • For all members to understand the process of how guest lists are created and why they are important.

  3. Moments that make us laugh… • The next few slides each have a specific question on them. • After each question is read write down on a separate sheet of paper the first person’s name that you think of. • Do not share your answers with your neighbor. • Do not blurt out your answers.

  4. Moments that make us laugh… Who was “that guy/girl” at your last social event?

  5. Moments that make us laugh… Who is the person that always starts something at your event?

  6. Moments that make us laugh… Who is the person who breaks things at social events?

  7. Moments that make us laugh… Who is the person who always comes, but no one remembers inviting?

  8. Why are we still laughing… • We may love, laugh, care and hold these people close, but why are we still laughing? • Are the men and women that are listed on those pieces of paper worth it? • Should we prevent these individuals from attending social events? • Could any of their behaviors jeopardize the future of our organization?

  9. Chapter Vote • The chapter will now vote by hand on whether or not the names that have been collected on the separate pieces of paper should be included on the guest list for the next social event. • The results will be shared at the end.

  10. Creating Guest Lists • Inviting People • Guest List Options • Choosing the Best Option • Making it Happen • Questions • Resources

  11. How many people can we invite? • Follow what is stipulated in your inter/national guidelines. • If your organization does not have specific guidelines for the number of guests consult with your chapter advisor about what would be an appropriate number for the event. • Some organizations use 4 guests per member • i.e. Alpha Beta Members/New Members = 50 • Alpha Beta can invite 200 guests to the event. • If all guests and members/new members attend there will be 250 people at the event.

  12. Guest List – Basic Necessities • The guest list should have specific names and birthdays of all non-members and members who have been invited to the event. • A separate guest list should be developed for each social function. • Do not make a guest list with the entire student bodies names listed on it. • Do not put random or fictional people on your guest list. (i.e. Barack Obama, Bugs Bunny, Etc.)

  13. Guest List Options • When making guest lists there are different options. • The next few slides will present some of these options. • As each option is explained think about which method might work best for the chapter.

  14. Creating a Guest List - Option A • Post a list on the organizations bulletin board, online, or create it during a meeting. • Each member and new member’s name who will be attending the event should be included on this list. • Next to each member and new member’s name there should be a specific number of spots for the number of guests that each member is allowed to invite to the event.

  15. Creating the List – Option A • The list should be finalized a minimum of 24 hours in advance. • After the list is finalized it should be typed and printed out for use at the door to event. • It is suggested that you have a check-in and check-out time listed next to each name so that you can keep track of who came to and is at your event.

  16. Example of Guest List Option – ACreation of the Guest List Member/New Member Name Rodney Ram 04/24/88 Lois Lane 09/29/87 John Doe 12/25/88 Guest Name and Birthday ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________

  17. Example of Guest List Option – AFinalized Guest List

  18. Creating a Guest List Option - B • Another method of creating a guest list is to utilize numbered invitations. • In this option each member would be given a certain amount of invitations for the event. • The invitations should be printed professionally, or made in a way that they cannot be easily copied. • Keep a list with each member and new member’s name on it and the numbers of the specific invitations they were given. Sample Invitation The members of Alpha Beta invite you to a social event at Nara Restaurant Friday, April 10, 2009 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM ID’s WILL BE CHECKED AT THE DOOR Cash Bar for guests over 21 years of Age #144

  19. Example of Guest List Option – BCreation of Guest List • On the night of the event, keep the sign-in sheet at the entrance. • When a guest arrives write the name of the guest next to the invite/member number when it is turned in. Invitation List Member Name Guest Name Ellen Sue #001 _____________ #002 _____________ John Jay #003 _____________ #004 _____________ Sally May #005 _____________ #006_____________ Scott Hill #007 _____________ #008_____________ Eli Green #009 _____________ #010_____________

  20. Creating a Guest List - Facebook Can we use Facebook to create our Guest List for an event?

  21. Creating a Guest List - Facebook YES

  22. Guest List Option - Facebook • Before you decide to use this option please make sure to use your head and think the entire event all the way through. • Make sure that you have also submitted all of the correct paperwork for the event to your governing council as well any necessary items required by your inter/national organization prior to posting.

  23. Facebook • Before creating an event. • Make sure that your event is in accordance with and does not violate any of the following: • All of your inter/national organization’s Risk Management Policies and Procedures. • The Fraternity and Sorority Governing Councils Risk Management Policies and Procedures. • All applicable laws of the city, county, state, and federal government.

  24. Facebook • Creating the event • Event Description • It needs to be accurate and in good taste. • Remember to be responsible as the invitation may be made public by those who are invited to your event. • Make sure it is not conveying or inferring that you are holding an event that is violating your policies or your governing councils policies.

  25. Facebook • Event Description • All events should be specific and never a reoccurring group. • There should be a specific time and location for the event listed. • Do not make a group like “my fraternity and/or sorority parties” or one that could represent your organization intentionally or unintentionally and attempt to use it as a guest list.

  26. Facebook • DO NOT let guest invite their friends of bring others to your event. • Enable the wall so questions can be asked about the event prior. • DO NOT enable photos or videos. • Make sure the event type is closed. • The chapter officer responsible should control the guest list and there should be no open invites. • DO NOT choose to the show the event within networks, or make it searchable.

  27. Facebook • Remember only invite friends, or people included in your network. • Remember no more than the agreed to set number of guests per member. • If those you have invited decline you can add more, but you should only do this to fill the vacancies.

  28. Facebook • When using this option make sure to provide the person overseeing the facebook event with the names of people that you would like to have invited to the event, so that they will know who to invite. • Remember to print out the guest list and to keep a back-up copy stored on a computer. • After the event is over make sure to take it down.

  29. Questions for Understanding • Why do we have guest lists? • What are the important items that we need to remember when making guest lists? • Which guest list option(s) makes the most sense for my organization? • Who is not invited to our organizations next event as a result of the chapter vote?

  30. Conclusion

  31. Resources • FIPG Policy$FILE/FIPG%20Policy%20July%202008.pdf • Fraternity and Sorority Governing Councils VCU Risk Management Policies and Procedures • Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Social Event Planning Guide 2009

  32. Contact Us For more information or support please contact: USC&A Fraternity & Sorority Life Office 907 Floyd Ave., Room 014 Richmond, VA 23284 Phone: (804) 828-4685 Email: Web:

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