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Brookmeade Elementary School Wide Discipline Plan 2008-09 PowerPoint Presentation
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Brookmeade Elementary School Wide Discipline Plan 2008-09

Brookmeade Elementary School Wide Discipline Plan 2008-09

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Brookmeade Elementary School Wide Discipline Plan 2008-09

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  1. Brookmeade ElementarySchool Wide Discipline Plan 2008-09 3777 Edenburg Drive Memphis, Tennessee

  2. Guiding Principles Beliefs: • All students will benefit academically and socially through rigorous, high quality researched based teaching strategies, exposure to the arts, diverse cultures, and technology. • Every child will take ownership in their learning through comprehension of district standards and school expectations. • All students will develop higher self esteem through positive reinforcement and encouragement. • There is a positive correlation between achieving at higher levels when intensive teaching and learning strategies coexist. • Leadership skills will be fostered through participation in civic groups and extracurricular activities. • Each child is responsible for respecting their school, others, and themselves. Brookmeade Elementary School BRP 2008- 2009

  3. Guiding Principles School Character Points Compassionate Committed Considerate Brookmeade Elementary School

  4. Guiding Principles Our Shared Values We believe that all stakeholders of our school should treat each other with respect and compassion. No one should be treated unkindly. We believe that members of the school community should not yell, scream, use abusive language, or do any acts that demean or intimidate others. We are COMMITTED to creating safe and secure environments that foster the growth of trust among all members of the community. We believe that everyone has to take responsibility for creating an enriching learning environment. This can be achieved by carefully listening to each other, engaging in respectful dialogue, and being committed to our shared values. Brookmeade Elementary School

  5. VISION The vision of Brookmeade School provides for a secure and challenging atmosphere that empowers each student to develop the skills, attitudes, and understandings necessary to prepare for a life of quality and success in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, democratic society. Brookmeade Elementary School

  6. Mission Our mission is to ensure that every child learns and achieves at high standards by maintaining an environment that is rich with literature, conducive to learning, promotes maximum academic achievement, accommodates diverse learning styles, fosters trust, and contributes to life long learning. Brookmeade Elementary School

  7. Philosophy Statement • The social and academic growth of all students can be developed in a positive safe, and nurturing school climate. • It is necessary for the entire school community to be committed to supporting the learning of appropriate behavior choices. • We must empower our students to be responsible for their own behavior. Brookmeade Elementary School

  8. Previous Results Student fights decreased by 42% during SY 2007-2008 as a result of communicating behavioral expectations, implementing PBIS, and providing incentives and celebrations for fight-free days. An addition of new and/or inexperienced faculty members contributed to a 28% percent increase in disruptive behavior during SY 2007-2008. Brookmeade Elementary School

  9. Goal and/or Objectives Goal: To increase appropriate behavior by being consistent with school wide policies and procedures. Objectives: • To create a classroom environment that promotes positive behaviors and decrease disruptive behavior by 10%. • To create a nurturing environment that builds trusting and caring relationships that will result in a respectful and responsible climate. • To promote positive relationships among all students, faculty, staff, and community stakeholders on a daily basis. Brookmeade Elementary School

  10. MCS Blue Ribbon Discipline Committee Worksheet2008-09 Name of School: Brookmeade Elem. Blue Ribbon Discipline Committee is representative of the school faculty and includes an administrator. Fill in the names of committee members and designate a Team Leader (TL) *Indicates members mandated by MEA contract Brookmeade Elementary School

  11. School Wide Discipline Committee The Discipline Committee will create a schedule and meet the first Tuesday following the 20 day reporting period. Mrs. M. Lewis/Ms. T. Gathings will be responsible for retrieving the data. Brookmeade Elementary School

  12. Meeting Schedule Brookmeade Elementary School

  13. Monitoring Process • Data collected by the “S.I.S. Tracker” will be used by the Discipline Team to review the effectiveness of procedures in place and make changes as necessary. Brookmeade Elementary School

  14. Action Steps Based upon the Effective Behavior Survey, the most critical areas of focus are: 1. Fights 2. Disrespectful Behavior The following are actions that we will use to focus on the areas: • To communicate our “Discipline Plan” to all staff during in-service • To communicate our expectations to students using the concepts of the “First Six Weeks of Schools” • To communicate our expectations to parents via the Brookmeade Panda handbook • To communicate the school-wide behavior plan to all during “Open House” Brookmeade Elementary School

  15. Celebrations Celebrations will take place in the form(s) of: • Ice Cream Socials • Cookouts • Dress down day • Pizza Parties • Panda Bucks(the Panda Store) • Movie/Popcorn • Semester Celebrations • Classroom Celebrations Brookmeade Elementary School

  16. School Rules • Respect Self • Respect Others • Respect Property • Respect Learning Brookmeade Elementary School

  17. Behavioral Expectation Matrix Brookmeade Elementary School

  18. General Procedure for Dealing with Problem Behaviors Observe problem behavior Is behavior major? Find a place to talk with student(s) NO YES Ensure safety Problem solve Write referral & Escort student to office Problem solve Determine consequence Determine consequence Follow procedure documented Follow documented procedure NO YES Does student have 3? Follow through with consequences File necessary documentation Send referral to office File necessary documentation Follow up with student within a week Brookmeade Elementary School

  19. How we teach the rules and procedures The following methods will be used to teach the rules and procedures at Brookmeade: • Modeling • Story telling • Music • Role Play/Drama • Games • Visual Aids(posting the rules, voice levels, vision, mission, beliefs, etc..) • Active monitoring of rule following behavior • Teachers will allot the first two weeks of school for teaching rules and procedures to students Brookmeade Elementary School

  20. Arrival • Students should arrive at school in compliance with the MCS uniform policy • Students will enter the cafeteria starting at 7:00am • Students will be dismissed to class at 7:20am • All classes will begin at 7:30 • Students arriving between 7:30-7:45 will report directly to their classrooms and will be marked tardy. • Students arriving after 7:45 must report to the office for an admittance to class. Brookmeade Elementary School

  21. Arrival Procedures • All students will enter the building from 7:00-7:20 AM using the cafeteria door in the front of the building. • Students eating breakfast will enter the serving line quietly and quietly sit at the designated breakfast tables to eat their meal. • Students who choose not to eat breakfast will sit quietly at designated tables and read, study, practice math facts, or finish homework. • At 7:20, students will be released by rows to go to their classroom. • All students will observe noise level 0 in the cafeteria and hallways in the mornings while waiting for classes to begin. Brookmeade Elementary School

  22. Restroom Breaks • Students will keep to the right in the hallway. • Students will adhere to the “zero” voice level in the hallway. • Only four-five students will be allowed in the restroom at a time per break. • Restrooms should be monitored before and after class visits for cleanliness. • Students leaving the classroom must have a hall pass. Brookmeade Elementary School

  23. Cafeteria • For breakfast, students will enter the cafeteria through the side door and adhere to the “zero” voice level. • For lunch, students will enter through the second set of double doors and adhere to the level of the day voice tone. • Students will remain seated after being served until dismissed by the cafeteria assistants. Brookmeade Elementary School

  24. Cafeteria Expectations Students are expected to: • Enter quietly and orderly • Sit at designated tables facing the stage and remain seated during lunch • Practice good table manners • Keep hands, feet, and other objects to self • Engage in LEVEL (1) quiet conversations • Clean personal area when finished • Ensure their class cleans tabletops and pick up trash from the floor and around tables • Leave all food in the cafeteria Brookmeade Elementary School

  25. Playground • All teachers must adhere to the recess schedule. • Playground activities should be planned prior to leaving the classroom. Brookmeade Elementary School

  26. Assemblies • Students are to enter and exit the cafeteria in quiet and orderly lines. • Students are to sit quietly in designated areas and display respectful behavior throughout the program. Brookmeade Elementary School

  27. Dismissal • All bus and daycare riders will report to the cafeteria at 2:00 PM. • Students should enter the cafeteria at a level “zero” and remain seated until dismissed by the bus monitors. • At 2:10 PM, teachers will escort their kindergarten, 1st,2nd,and 3rd grade students out of the building. • Kindergarten students will exit the building using the south/west doors leading to Trezevant Street. • At 2:15 PM, teachers will escort their 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students out of the building. Students in these grades will exit the building using the north doors leading to the paved playground area. • Teachers will walk their students down the sidewalk and remain there until all students have cleared the campus. • Car riders must wait at the front entrance. • Children MUST cross the street at the crossing guard area. • When no crossing guard is present, students must be dropped off or picked up at the curb next to the school. Brookmeade Elementary School

  28. Classroom Procedures School-Wide All teachers will stand at their door at 7:20 AM to greet students. • Morning Organization -Put things away -Get necessary materials/sharpen pencils -Deposit homework -Teacher bell-work activity • Morning opening • Morning meeting • Students will use sign-out /sign-in sheet when they leave the classroom unaccompanied by teacher. • Classroom clean up should begin at 1:50 PM. • All students should be ready for dismissal at 2:00 PM. • Teachers will walk their students down the sidewalk and remain there until all students have cleared the campus. Brookmeade Elementary School

  29. School Wide Incentives Examples of school wide incentives that will be used for students: • Panda Bucks • Certificates • Public student recognition • Panda Store • E-Club • S-Club • Field Trips • Movie/Popcorn • Classroom celebrations • Panda Celebrations Brookmeade Elementary School

  30. Teacher Incentives Examples of school wide incentives for teachers include: • Spa treatments • Gift certificates • Food coupons • Game Tickets • Comp Time • Teacher Recognition • “Shoe Boxes” • “Break” from classroom Brookmeade Elementary School

  31. Resources for Incentives The Brookmeade team will use the following resources to aid in obtaining incentives: • Adopters • Community Sponsor • Faculty/Staff/Administrator • Parents • P.T.O. Brookmeade Elementary School

  32. Character Education • It is our belief that character traits are best acquired in an atmosphere that emphasizes “Learning Together”. • “Learning Together” requires the modeling of appropriate behaviors by ALL. • The following resources are in place to support character education: • MCS Family Life Curriculum • Second Step • No Bullying • Responsive Classrooms • The First Six Weeks of School • Morning Meetings • Counselor-led activities • Word of the Day • “Day-to-Day” • Differentiated Instruction Brookmeade Elementary School

  33. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention The following programs are used to address alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention: • School-wide drug free campaign during National Red Ribbon Week (October 23-31, 2008) • School-wide Drug Free Day (December 3, 2008) during Healthy Choices Week (December 1 – 5, 2008) • Lessons and activities facilitated by counselor Brookmeade Elementary School

  34. Harassment and Bullying Prevention The faculty participated in harassment training during the week of August 4th-8th, 2008, during this time, bullying prevention was discussed. Brookmeade Elementary School

  35. Violence Prevention Programs The following programs are used to address violence prevention: • MCS Family Life Curriculum • Second Step • No Bullying • Responsive Classroom • First Six Weeks of School • Morning Meetings • Peer Mediation These programs will be implemented by both teachers and the professional school counselor. Brookmeade Elementary School

  36. Multihazard Emergency School Plan Fire Drill Dates are scheduled for: 8/11/08 1/12/09 8/25/08 2/09/09 9/08/08 3/09/09 10/13/08 4/13/09 11/10/08 5/11/09 12/08/08 Earthquake Drills are scheduled for: 10/27/08 02/02/09 Severe Weather Safe Area Drills are scheduled for: 09/29/08 03/02/09 Other Drills(lockdown, intruder, bomb threat, etc.) 10/03/08 (lockdown) 04/17/09 (lockdown) Brookmeade Elementary School

  37. Multihazard Emergency School Plan It is our #1 priority at Brookmeade to provide a safe and secure school environment for the students we serve. These are the following provisions for providing school safety: • Students are supervised at ALL times • Procedures for all emergency drills are reviewed and practiced periodically • Sites for school wide evacuation are North FrayserCommunity Center and Jehovah Witness North Congregation(walking).Sites requiring transportation are Lucie E. Campbell Elementary. Brookmeade Elementary School

  38. Intervention Plan When a student’s behavior is not in compliance with the standards set in place, the following actions will be taken: • Teacher’sClassroom intervention • Counsel with school counselor • Counsel with the principal • Conduct a S-Team Meeting Brookmeade Elementary School

  39. In School Suspension (ISS) • As an extension of the classroom/school discipline plan, ISS seeks to help students improve behavior while remaining in an educational setting. • ISS will hold students accountable for their behavior, prevent misbehavior and require students to act appropriately when they return to class. • Only administrators will refer students • Teacher/ISS instructor will provide assignments • ISS will be utilized as one of the interventions available in the discipline plan. Brookmeade Elementary School

  40. Secondary Intervention Evaluation Data from the “S.I.S.” Activity Tracker will be used to evaluate the progress of The School Wide Discipline Plan. Progress will be indicated by reviewing conduct reports, office referrals, “S.I.S” Activity Tracker, and the Blue Ribbon Data website each six weeks regarding exciting and positive changes at Brookmeade. Brookmeade Elementary School

  41. Tertiary Interventions • Teachers will use the S-Team Referral Process to identify and plan for these particular students. • Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Interventions Plans will be completed on these students. • The team will meet 4-6 weeks to monitor the success of the interventions being used to address the student’s behavior. Brookmeade Elementary School

  42. Green zone 0 – 1, yellow zone 2 – 5, red zone 6+ office referrals CONTINUUM OF SCHOOL-WIDE INSTRUCTIONAL & POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT Tertiary Prevention: Specialized Individualized Systems for Students with High-Risk Behavior 2% Secondary Prevention: Specialized Group Systems for Students with At-Risk Behavior 8% Primary Prevention: School-/Classroom- Wide Systems for All Students, Staff, & Settings 90% Brookmeade Elementary School

  43. Conclusion • We are committed to promoting a “Compassionate, Committed, and Considerate” environment. Brookmeade Elementary School