application of space technology for flood management in iran n.
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Application of Space Technology For Flood Management in IRAN PowerPoint Presentation
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Application of Space Technology For Flood Management in IRAN

Application of Space Technology For Flood Management in IRAN

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Application of Space Technology For Flood Management in IRAN

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  1. Application of Space TechnologyFor Flood Management in IRAN Ministry of Energy Water Resources Management organization flood control, river and coastal engineering bureau By : J. Vatanfada General Director of Flood Control & River & Coastal Engineering Bureau

  2. Regional workshops on the use of space technology for disaster management These regional workshops are an element of capacity building modules, whose final objective is to incorporate the use of space technologies in a sustainable manner into operational disaster management programs around the world

  3. The objectives of this paper • Surveying of Flood disasters in Iran • The necessities and advantages of outer space technology in warning and flood risk management • Our present conditions in Flood disasters management in Iran & usage of R.S. • Our remediation and recommendations for decreasing the casualties by occurring of natural disasters specially in Flood disasters

  4. Flood damages during past 5 decades Millions US$ Table (1): Number of Flood Events & Killed in Recent Years

  5. Golestan Flood

  6. Some of outer space technology applications in Flood • Identifying of inundation areas • Illustrating of flood types in different time and place conditions • Identifying effective parameters in flood aggravation and its damages • Surveying effects of flood • Determination of losses to human and others • Receiving immediately of special data • Updating of Information of flood data and digital maps of inundating areas • Compensation of lost time and finances and costs • Limitation of traditional devices in compare with outer space technology

  7. (By Iraq)

  8. World wide maps shows extreme flood events in years 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003

  9. Sample space photos for surveying of rivers in Iran for flood damages . Figure(1): Landsat pictures of Qezel-o-zan River (1987) Figure(1): Landsat pictures of Qezel-o-zan River (2002)

  10. Flood Disaster Management in Iran • The theoretical flood management, which is available from different methods. • The experimental flood management, which achieved from our previous experiences

  11. Flood disaster management in Iran: • Executive management: Which is governed by Ministry of Interior (National disaster task force) • Management of studies: Which is governed by Ministry of Energy (Sub-Committee of Flood Prevention) • Ministry of Energy • Ministry of Interior • IRSC • …

  12. Stages of Flood Management • Mitigation • Preparedness • Response • Recovery

  13. Attempts • In present years some attempts have been started. • Developing in mathematical models (HEMAT, …) • Operation of some Pilot projects (Preparing pilot project of snow measuring maps) Flood plain mapping by linking Math. model & GIS Surveying Qezel-o-zan River Morphology by R.S. • Incorporation between NCC and Ministry of Energy has been resulted in training of 300 professions of water affairs on application of O.T.C and GIS, in 6 months.

  14. Considerations in Flood disaster management • Considering a mechanism for flood monitoring & warning • Considering of application of previous experiences • Considering a center of rapid warning reaction • Consideration of a continuous prediction and warning management training • Making well communication with local organizations to suitable Flood Management • Making well communication with international organizations for using experiences and advanced technology

  15. Proposal Incorporation fields with UN office of outer space program • Renewing on Structures & reviewing in policies of Flood management specially in Regional scale by usage of R.S. • Arrangement of short time and continuous training programs: Especially for professions of Flood disaster management

  16. Recommendations • Creating Regional monitoring & Warning Systems between Neighbor Countries,with help of UNOOSA • Consideration of decreasing losses on flood and also in drought, For example a regional warning system between Iran and Afghanistan, can help us in Hirmand River and its catchments, to prevent effectively of flood and drought disasters.

  17. Recommendations • It is necessary to create a regional centre for Regional Warning Management for: • Flood • Drought • … • We hope international organizations like UN help us • more than previous in all dimensions of warning management

  18. Acknowledgement I would desire to acknowledge to: • Iranian Remote Sensing Centre (IRSC) • The UN office for outer space affairs And, also other Co-Organized