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Presentation Title Here

Presentation Title Here

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Presentation Title Here

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  1. Presentation Title Here Speaker name and job title.

  2. Battcon Approved Template • This template may be used for Battcon presentations. • While other templates may be used, the company logo size (below right) should not be exceeded. • Only one company logo per page. • The Battcon logo should appear on the slide. • The Technical Committee may request changes to slide presentations to avoid overt commercialism.

  3. Preferred Header Size is 44 pt • Body text size can range from 32 point. • To 28 point • To 24 point • To 20 point (Try not to use this 4th level of bulleting.) • Test readability by viewing the slides ten feet from your computer screen. Keep tables at least 18 point text. • You may vary text size, but readability in a large conference room is important. Try to follow the guidelines above. • These rules apply to text in graphics as well.

  4. Colors • You may change text and background colors, but the ones in this template were chosen for readability in a large conference room. • Keep readability in a large room in mind if you make changes to background and text colors.

  5. Number of Slides • You are allotted 20 minutes to present. • It usually takes 1 to 2 minutes to properly present a slide and for the audience to absorb it; thus, you generally should not exceed 20 slides. • The Battcon Technical Committee will offer feedback if you greatly exceed this number.

  6. More on Number of Slides • When you have a lot of info to convey, don’t reduce the text size to fit it in 20 slides. (See the previous comments about readability.) • PowerPoint is not intended to include all the information in your paper – that’s what the paper is for. • PowerPoint just highlights talking points (as a reminder to the presenter). It is never meant to be read line by line by the presenter.

  7. Removing Logos from Slides • When the information on a slide needs the maximum amount of space to be presented cleanly and readably: • You may remove the logos. Right click the slide thumbnail, select Format Background, check Omit Background Graphics from Master, then click Close. (Do not click Apply to All.) • You may reinstate the line under the title by copying and pasting the horizontal red line from the slide master. • Note that doing the above will cause the slide number to disappear.

  8. Poor Graphics Examples DLC <4 kft <1 kft O E CO SAI ped copper cable Text too small. Poor color/contrast choices.

  9. Good Graphics Example Front Terminal Heat Dissipation Top Terminal Heat Dissipation 3 4 6 5 There is more surface area to dissipate heat 2 5 Cells 3 & 4 are hotter 4 3 2 1 6 1 Cell 1 is the (+) and Cell 6 is the (-)

  10. Poor Table Example Text too small and poor choice of text/background colors.

  11. Good Table Example

  12. Contact Info If you wish, you may post your contact info on the final slide. You may include your name, company, address, email and/or telephone. Use of this last slide is optional.