numbering issues and eir n.
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Numbering Issues and EIR PowerPoint Presentation
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Numbering Issues and EIR

Numbering Issues and EIR

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Numbering Issues and EIR

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  1. Numbering Issues and EIR Gary PellegrinoTIA TR-45 EUMAG Chair Editor: 3GPP2 SC.R4002-0 GHA Guidelines

  2. Numbering Types • MIN block identifiers are administered by IFAST and North American Numbering Plan Area MIN Block Identifier (MBI) Administrator • ESN and UIMID resources have effectively been exhausted • TIA is the Global Hexadecimal Administrator (GHA) • Assigns single-mode MEID (MS & SF_EUIMID) and multi-mode MEID • Following SC.R4002-0 v9.0 GHA (Global Hexadecimal Administrator) Assignment Guidelines and Procedures for Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) and Short Form Expanded UIM Identifier (SF_EUIMID) • Terminals (known as multi-mode assignments) complying to both 3GPP2 and 3GPP air interface technologies may use a single identifier, separate MEID and IMEI assignments are not typically needed. • The multi-mode identifier needs to be in decimal form • The GHA is presently assigning the RR 99 decimal multi-mode range 3GPP2 Technology Webinar Workshop

  3. 3GPP2 Numbering Related Specifications • 3GPP2 SC.R4001-0 (formerly S.R 0088-0) • SC.R4002-0 includes all forms necessary for MEID single-mode & multi-mode applications 3GPP2 Technology Webinar Workshop

  4. Equipment Identity Register (EIR) • The EIR is primarily designed to control fraud • X.S0008-A v1.0 in press, now includes EIR MEID protocol elements • CDG published CDMA EIR Requirements “CDG Document 212 Version 1.0” in December 2012 • The TIA MEID db under development is capable as a Centralized MEID EIR (CEIR) i.e., white list, should industry desire to pursue • The decimal MEID (RR99 exclusively used for multi-mode) assignments are provided to the IMEI db by the GHA With EIR Without EIR 3GPP2 Technology Webinar Workshop

  5. Highlights • It was agreed in the Global Wireless Equipment Identifier Numbering Resources & Administration Joint Experts Meeting held in London in 2009 that the unique identifier used by a particular cellular network should be used for all applications including M2M that use that cellular network. • It is estimated that M2M needs can be served by the present MEID & IMEI numbering space • The TIA MEID database is in test and the TIA web site also includes theMEID Administrator's section providing information on Guidelines and forms to applicants. The URL is: 3GPP2 Technology Webinar Workshop

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  7. cdma2000® is the trademark for the technical nomenclature for certain specifications and standards of the Organizational Partners (OPs) of 3GPP2. Geographically (and as of the date of publication), cdma2000® is a registered trademark of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA-USA) in the United States.