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  2. ABOUT ECO-DESIGN • ECO-DESIGN Ltd established in 1995 is producer of design lightings. Our range contains wall and ceiling lights for direct and indirect lighting as well as lighting cornices. • Oru pruducts are successfully presented at international fairs (Frankfurt am Main, Milano, Tokio, etc.)

  3. Materials • ECOLIT - ecological material based on natural gypsum, white finely structured surface with special penetration coating. Washable with water and fine detergent, can be painted with any dispersed acrylic dye. • AEROCERAMIC– special kind of burnt ceramics with porous structure, creating unusual lucid effects • STAINLESS STEEL – supplied in 3 different surfaces – brushed, polished or with decor. On request also special coating resistant to chlorine in air (in rooms with swimming pool). • CERAMICS – articles signed with C can be produced

  4. Pricelists • Listed by four-digit catalogue codes • Contain both – recommended retail prices and well as purchasing prices after discount • Unless it is clearly stated they do not include the light source

  5. Production lines • ARTLINE With a view to technology, design and materials the most modern products destined for the most demanding clients. Designed by famous designers such as Bořek Šípek, Olgoj Chorchoj, Alexander Dubský, etc. Applicable in luxurios interiors, galleries, etc…

  6. Production lines • AERO LINE wall and ceiling lights made from aeroceramics. Applicable in hotels, residential houses, administration buildings, etc… • WHITE LINE wall and ceiling lights made from ecolit. Designated for any architectural style. Unlimited use.

  7. Production lines • SILVER LINE wall and ceiling lights made from stainless steel with three different surfaces: Polished steel (SP) Brushed steel (SB) Steel with decor (SD) All of the Silver line products are IP 44 certified and therefore suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

  8. ECO-DESIGN codes – code explanation • The basic code of every fitting consists of four digits • They mean the body type with the particular electric equipment. For example 1201 means H 152 with two 15W fluorescent lamps E27

  9. ECO-DESIGN codes – body variants • * could mean a body variant, for example at H 113: • 1235/1 is H 113 with a 100W E27 bulb • 1235/2is HKP 113 with a 100W E27 bulb • 1235/3is HLL 113 with a 100W E27 bulb • 1235/4is HML 113 with a 100W E27 bulb • 1235/5is HNP 113 with a 100W E27 bulb

  10. ECO-DESIGN codes – glass • * could mean a colour of a decorative glass, for example at AB 161 fitting

  11. ECO-DESIGN codes – glass colours • standard colours of decorative glass are: • w – white r – red y – yellow g – green b – blue

  12. ECO-DESIGN codes – cover glass CG • Glass is a part of some types, the others could eventually be equipped with an additional so called cover glass • Cover glass can be used with cold light source only, it is not possible to cover a bulb, halogen bulb or discharge.

  13. ECO-DESIGN codes – cover glass CG • Cover glass code is CG, order code consist of a body type and these two letters, for example „ CG for H 113 “

  14. ECO-DESIGN codes – E E in the code means electronic ballast. A fitting with this ballast does not twinkle, it starts to shine immediately after switching on. It also works on a higher frequency, does not „whir“ and its consumption is lower than with a conventional ballast.

  15. ECO-DESIGN codes – DIM DIM in the code means a dimmable electronic ballast. Beside the advantages of an electronic ballast equipped fitting it is also possible to control the light intensity continuously using different controls. Dimmable ballasts can be analogical or digital. ECO-DESIGN use digital dim in the lighting fittings as a standard, both types can be used in a lighting cornice. A dimmable electronic ballast requires a different power source cable.

  16. ECO-DESIGN codes – DIM power source cable Digital ballasts ECO or EXCEL must be connected using a 5 x 1,5 CYKY cable. Analogical ballasts must be connected using 5 x 1,5 CYKY cable.

  17. ECO-DESIGN codes – DIM ECO DIM ECO is a dimmable ballast controlling the lighting intensity from 1% to 100%. It has no memory so after an electricity drop-out and a re-connection it automatically sets the fitting to 100% of the light output (less suitable for privat houses and flats when the owner leaves quite often for a longer time). Lower price is the biggest advantage.

  18. ECO-DESIGN codes – DIM EXCEL DIM EXCEL is a dimmable ballast which can be programmaticaly addressed controlling the lighting intensity from 1% to 100%. It has a memory so after an electricity drop-out and a reconnection it automatically sets the fitting to the same status quo as it was before the drop-out.

  19. ECO-DESIGN codes – EE EEdenotes an electric equipment for emergency and/or simultaneously conventional lighting. The fitttings contains an emergency equipment (invertor) with an accumulator which is kept live. After an electricity drop-out the light source uses the accumulator working at about 25% of its light output and it works at least 1 hour. After a re-connection the fitting switches to the main power automatically and the accumulator starts to recharge immediately.

  20. ECO-DESIGN codes – controls for digitally controlledDIM – switch dim • Using a normal push-button switch. The light fitting is turned on or off with a fast click. Light intensity is controlled by holding the button in „on“ mode, after the desired intensity is achieved the button is released. Use the same way to decrease light intensity. This system of control can be used for digital ballasts of ECO and EXCEL type. CYKY 5 x 1,5 cable must be used, the power supply phase leads directly to the ballast and the control phase (which can be the same) is interrupted by the push-button. It goes to the particular ballast connector then. ECO and EXCEL ballasts can be used in a DALI system.

  21. ECO-DESIGN codes – controls for a digitally controlledDIM – DIGIDIM DALI • Using the control panel: this panel is for 4 light scenes, their intensity control, saving, turning on and off. Control panels are connected via a cable, for example JYTY 2 x 1 or SYKFY 2 x 2 x 0,5. Lights with a digital or analogical ballast are laid on electricity via CYKY 3 x 1,5 cable and controlled via JYTY 2 x 1. cable

  22. ECO-DESIGN codes – controls for a digitally controlledDIM – remote control • It is possible to control analogical or digital ballasts using an IR remote control and IR sensors.

  23. ECO-DESIGN codes – body colour • The standard surface of ECO-DESIGN fittings is a washable granite. • It is possible to finish a fitting in any colour according to customer`s choice. The particular colour can be chosen from a pattern or delivered by the customer. The price depends on the colour opacity and quantity of ordered fittings. • A customer can paint the fittings himself using his own paints (acrylics are recommended) before or after the montage. In this case ECO-DESIGN guarantee does not cover the surface finish.