electronic travel log training n.
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Electronic Travel Log Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Electronic Travel Log Training

Electronic Travel Log Training

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Electronic Travel Log Training

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  1. Electronic Travel Log Training North Carolina Department of Administration Division of Motor Fleet Management

  2. Designed for Flexibility • Agency defined authorization level • End User (Vehicle assignee) • Cost Center • Division • Department • Agency Retains Control of who can access information.

  3. Step one: Accessing the system • To access the electronic travel log system simply go to: • Https:// • The first time you go to this site if you have not been there previously see the PowerPoint presentation for NCID

  4. To view Mileage Logs • Hover over Mileage Logs • Click on Report Monthly Mileage Log

  5. The white tab is the information being displayed. To toggle between Unreported and reported simply click on the words. Unreported - displays all mileage logs that have not been reported for the vehicles. Reported - displays all mileage logs that have been updated for this billing period.

  6. If more than one vehicle is assigned to an agency then you can view information by vehicle number or driver name. Only 10 vehicles will be displayed at a time. You can change the order by clicking on the top row. Click Driver Name to sort by Driver Last name and first name.

  7. To update only the ending mileage and days out of service for a single vehicle, click the icon in the select column.

  8. Enter mileage, number of days out of service (if any), and click update.

  9. You cannot enter a mileage lower than the previous ending odometer. If the miles driven is more than 7,000 in any one month, an error message will be displayed. If this amount is correct, click the update key The new system will verify Days out of service entered against the number of days kept by Motor Fleet. Call Motor Fleet if you receive an error message and you do not agree with the days out of service . Once the information is accepted it will move to the reported tab.

  10. To view submitted logs, Click the reported tab. These are modified the same way the unreported logs were. The logs can be modified until the 21st day of the month when the billing is run.

  11. If you are an agency administrator, you may use the edit button to update mileage and the company and fund/center

  12. You may update the mileage and the company and fund/center If your agency is an NCAS agency, the company/fund/center must be a valid NCAS company/fund/center.

  13. To view Agency Mileage Log Reports • Hover over Mileage Logs • Click Agency Mileage Log Reports

  14. Click the type report you need to create Click Create Report

  15. View and print the reported log in the same manner. The document is an Adobe Acrobat pdf document Click Open to open and view/print the document or Save to save it to your computer.

  16. Click the Print key to print the report Click the X to close the screen and return to the Agency Mileage Reports

  17. System Input Constraints • After midnight on the 21st of each month, the reported logs will be invoiced. • Users can input information at any time.