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Little Slim Peeper

Little Slim Peeper

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Little Slim Peeper

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  1. Little Slim Peeper By Mr. Hutchinson and SMS Guys Read

  2. Early one morning, in the happy and peaceful woods, Slim Peeper began his day.

  3. Now Slim Peeper had much to do on this fine day before he could surprise his best friend, Awesome Opossum, at his birthday party. So he started his day with a fun little song.

  4. The first thing Slim Peeper did was to catch some tasty breakfast.

  5. Once breakfast was finished Little Slim Peeper needed to find a outstanding present for his best friend Awesome Opossum. So Little Slim Peeper set off through the happy woods looking for an amazing gift.

  6. Little Slim Peeper sailed over the joyful forest looking for something great. His excellent eyes peeped what looked like a cool stick poking out from behind a small shrubbery. The little bird swooped quickly down to the shrubbery and snatched the interesting stick…

  7. …When all of a sudden a cry rang out from the other side of the shrubbery. “Oy, that’s my tail,” said Ronald the ridiculous rat. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” replied the embarrassed little bird.

  8. The humiliated little bird quickly flew away from the uncomfortable scene with the rat’s tail. But no sooner had Little Slim Peeper flew over the nearest tree, than a delicious smell hit him square in the face.

  9. Little Slim Peeper spied his friend Aidan the Alpaca’s small, cozy cottage. A delicious smell wafted out of the open windows, and Little Slim Peeper swooped down following his nose.

  10. Aidan Alpaca waved to his friend and offered the little bird one of his freshest and biggest cookies.

  11. Little Slim Peeper flew away thanking his friend and grateful for his good fortune. He now had his gift for Awesome Opossum's birthday . The cookie smelled delightful. It called his name from the package in his little claws. Little Slim Peeper knew he couldn’t possibly eat his best friend’s birthday present, but the temptation was huge.

  12. Before Little Slim Peeper knew what was happening the massive cookie was just a trail of crumbs.

  13. Little Slim Peeper felt devastatingly guilty for eating his best friend’s birthday present. He was running out of time to find an awesome present. Little Slim Peeper thought that the human playground might be a good place to find a present.

  14. Little Slim Peeper flew over the trees and saw the human playground full of laughing and amused little children. As the little bird circled a small human girl released her large, round cherry red balloon. Little Slim Peeper jumped on the opportunity to collect the discarded balloon for his birthday gift.

  15. The little happy bird landed on a hollow moss covered log. He admired his newest birthday gift with a happy little chirp.

  16. But, all of a sudden the log started to rumble, Little Slim Peeper startled as out from the far end came the biggest bully in the forest, Pavan the Porcupine. “I see you found a toy for me,” laughed the bully Pavan. And out of his quiver of quills Pavan launched a spiky attack on Little Slim Peepers last attempt at a birthday gift.

  17. Little Slim Peeper was distraught. All of his attempts to find the perfect birthday present had failed.

  18. He was unsure what to do next. The party was in just twenty minutes. What could he do for a gift.

  19. Now Little Slim Peeper met with his friend Aidan Alpaca, still heartbroken from his recent losses. Aidan Alpaca was a wise and helpful creature and knew just what to say to his distraught little friend.

  20. “Don’t worry about a gift, Little Slim Peeper. Nothing could be a better gift than your friendship with Awesome Opossum. He isn’t going to want a lousy gift from you, he would rather have you at his party, laughing and having a good time. Nothing is a better gift than friendship,” said Aidan the Alpaca.

  21. So Little Slim Peeper took his friend’s word to heart and decided to go to the party even though he would be empty handed. He decided to take a quick bird bath and tidy up for the party. While he was bathing, a tail feather fell from his backside. Little Slim Peeper had a brilliant idea…

  22. Little Slim Peeper flew off to the birthday party, but wasn’t empty handed anymore. “Happy Birthday Awesome Opossum,” called Little Slim Peeper handing his tail feather to his pal. “This feather will represent our friendship forever,” said the little bird. “It’s both beautiful and meaningful. Thanks buddy, its my favorite present ever,” said the Opossum.

  23. It was truly a special day indeed.