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Sharon Draper

Sharon Draper

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Sharon Draper

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  1. Sharon Draper

    Author Visit To the Middle School
  2. Why do we need an author to come to the school ? A student identifies with the author and is encouraged to read their books Deeper understanding the creative process involved in designing a book lead to students connecting with all books in a “more meaningful way” It can encourage teachers to include new books in the curriculum Sparks student interest in reading and enrich the Language Arts and Reading Curriculum
  3. Sharon DraperNational Teacher of the YearFive-time winner of the Coretta Scott King Literary Award,New York Times Best-Selling Author
  4. Why Invite Sharon Draper? Was an English teacher in the Cincinnati, Ohio for thirty years First teachers in the nation to achieve the National Board Certification in English/Language Arts Has authored two books for educators, Teaching from the Heart and Not Quite Burned Out, but Crispy around the Edges Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award winner A master's degree
  5. Why Students read her books For tackling troubling contemporary issues and providing concrete options and positive African American role models Edgy and urban, her stories touch on topics that mirror those faced by many teen readers Deal with topics that may be controversial, but that are a very real part of everyday life for some people The largest part of the day is spent in school; it is their world. So she makes school assignments and activities vital parts of her stories Inspiring them to reach for their greatest dreams
  6. Goals & Objectives Improved achievement in all content areas due to increased reading comprehension Increased enjoyment of pleasure reading Increased interest in writing Encourage creativity and self expression Provide students with the opportunity to observe a positive role model in the fields of communications, writing and the arts Development of lifelong readers and learners
  7. Every Student to Have a Book All students and staff will read Double Dutch and discuss it prior to the author coming She will sign each book The book becomes a good reference during the writing workshop for each student They can mark passages that they might want to ask questions about They can refer back for writing style, character development It makes the whole author visit more memorable
  8. The Author’s Schedule Day 1: Morning presentation to the 8th grade 3 Workshops for 8th graders (30 students: 1 hour) Day 2: Morning presentation to the 7th grade 2 workshops for 8th graders (30 students: 1 hour) Evening presentation at the public library for the whole family. Day 3: Morning presentation 6th grade, 3 Workshops for 8th graders.
  9. What is the Cost? Honorarium $3000/day x 3 days $9000 Portable microphone $ 840 Double Dutch paperback ($4 each x 725) $2900 Lunch and bottled water for Sharon Draper $ 80 Travel 50 miles/day x 3 days x 50 cents/mile $ 75 Classroom sets of books 10 books for each $ 600 Books for media center $ 450 Recorded on digital tape – Playaway $ 330 $ 14,275
  10. What is the Cost to the Board of Education? $2,000 An annual increase to the Budget For a Yearly Author’s Visit
  11. Where is the Rest of the Money Coming From? Cincinnati Foundation - Learning Links Grant $1000 Ohio Arts Council - Creative Writing Program $2700 Kiwanis and Rotary Club Donation $1000 PTO grant for portable PA system $850 From Media Center Budget - for books $600 Revenue from additional book sales $300 School Media Center Cafe proceeds $725 Community Business donations $1000 Cincinnati Public Library & Friends of the Library $500 Sharon Draper: Donation in kind (reduced daily honorarium to 1800/day) $3600 total : $12,050
  12. Library Media Specialist’s Role Spearheads the effort and work in cooperation with the school PTA, Language Arts Teachers, Principal, Student Organizations such as the Book Discussion Club, Power of the Pen, and Minority Achievement Committee (MAC) Scholars. Responsible for suggesting authors, contacting the author and coordinating with community organizations and the public library Prepare the teaching staff for the event by providing background information about the author and sharing ideas for collaboration and ways to tie the books into the curriculum. Prepare the students for the event by providing booktalks, encouraging students to read the author's books and creating library displays of the author's books and read-alikes. Responsible for coordinating with the student organizations that will be assisting with the event Students from The Power of the Pen will assist in the organization and presentation of the writing workshops and assist with the sale of books to students
  13. Evaluation of the Visit Evaluation forms for each group: For the 8th graders participation in the workshops For the visiting author For the public librarian For the family audience at the evening presentation For the teachers (a week after the visit) A two page summary evaluation is required for the OAC and Cincinnati Foundation grant.
  14. Publicity The LMS will draft a press release and send it to the District Public Relations Director for distribution to the local media, e.g., Community Press, The Cincinnati Enquirer, local TV stations, and community calendars Sponsors and funding agencies will be recognized within the copy The Author Visit / Author-in-Residency Program will be posted on the District Homepage and the Media Center Website The LMS will report on this author in residency event in professional listservs and meetings. Bookmarks with information about the author, the visit dates, the library event and the titles will be distributed to students prior to the visit. The quarterly school newsletter will include articles about the event Displays of Sharon Draper's Books in the media center The Public Library will create a flyer about the evening community library presentation by Mrs. Draper The media will be invited to cover the public library presentation and will hopefully do a story on this collaborative event
  15. Other Thoughts Sponsors of the event will be invited to come to the presentations and meet Mrs. Draper. In this way, it is hoped that an on-going business/foundation - school partnership can be fostered. We will look at a measurable factors that will hopefully increased: the effect on circulation in the media center, the effect on reading and writing scores on the Ohio Proficiency Tests, and interest in literary pursuits (more entries in contests or school literary magazine which is how Mrs. Draper first started her writing career)
  16. Final Words by Sharon Draper I wrote for my students, for the kids I knew who didn't like to read, who weren't inspired by books or literature. Now the books are used in schools all over the country, teachers use them as learning tools for their classes, and when I speak to students at schools, all I really do is an extended version of what I've always done, which is teach."