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English at CU

English at CU

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English at CU

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  1. English at CU Student and teacher expectations M.E. Ellen Graber

  2. In this class you will • Be an upper-intermediate learner in CU’s language program. • Learn about culture and language • Write essays using the writing process • Go from feeling shy about mistaking to boldly making mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn, no matter how many times we make them!

  3. Assignments will include • Completing homework and class work, even if you don’t come. • Reading assignments= a book report, class discussions • Minimum two written essays following the writing process. • Pre-writing • First draft, sent online, to be printed after receiving feedback for your portfolio. Then you revise as needed. • Proofread with a classmate. • Final draft

  4. Juan Perez M. April 24, 2009 1st draft My cousin My cousin Alex is thirty years old. He is single and handsome. He is a fashion designer. He’s very good at his job. He usually lives in London, but he travels to Europe, America, and Asia a lot. The clothes he designs are beautiful, and he makes a lot of money every year. He loves bright colors, and many of his clothes are pink, red, yellow, and orange. His clothes are very popular in Asia. I am very proud of him and I love him very much. He is my favorite cousin. (Teachers name) 2nd semester UMSNH

  5. Growth as a language learner

  6. What to expect in this class • Work done in class as much as possible in a multimedia format • Positive learning environment in which students participate as much as the professor. • Interpersonal relationships • Courtesy and respect

  7. What instructor expects from students • Responsibility for learning. • Courtesy and respect. • Ask for help if you need it. • Listen attentively to all class members. • Arrive on time. • Work to solve problems, not create them. Avoiding them doesn’t make them go away.

  8. What Students Can Expect from the Instructor • Productive learning environment • Courtesy and respect • Offer assistance when needed • Listen to suggestions for improving class • Listen attentively to students • Inform students of assignments and syllabus changes. • Solve problems as they arise.

  9. Plagiarism • Knowingly “representing, by paraphrase or direct quotation, the published or unpublished work of another person as one’s own in any academic exercise or activity without full and clear acknowledgment. • Penalities= severe!. • warning or reprimand, • grade adjustment, probation, suspension, expulsion from course. • Turnitin and SafeAssign access.

  10. Grading policies

  11. Grading policies • Each assignment will be graded following the Department of Languages Guidelines. These guidelines include: • Ideas and content • Organization • Use of language • Sentence Fluency • Vocabulary • Use of conventions • See Appendix A of the student syllabus.