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English at Leisure PowerPoint Presentation
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English at Leisure

English at Leisure

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English at Leisure

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  1. English at Leisure

  2. Unit One Shopping Your Objectives At the end of this unit you should be able to :

  3. ----define/describe shopping facilities -----follow store plans ----ask for explanation/clarification ----interact with salespeople ----identify/describe desired goods ----comment on quality/suitability ----make suggestions -----describe faulty purchases -----follow guarantees ------write letters of complaint

  4. KeyPointsActivity1 Shops and Stores Activity 2 In a department store

  5. Activity 2 In a department store Questions used to ask for clarification of words: ----What is /are …? ----What does the word …mean?

  6. Useful words : wear--clothes:children’s wear, sportswear, school wear, swimwear/beachwear(swimsuits, bikinis),leisurewear, maternity wear,knitwear, underwear -ware---things: glassware, hardware, software, kitchenware, silverware,

  7. Activity 3Shopping Experience in UK Something which needs to be considered in shopping, esp. buying clothes: ----size, colour, style, shape, comfort, price, quality,pocket, buttons , zips, the collar, stitching, material-----cotton, silk,, wool, linen, polyester, nylon and viscose

  8. Useful offers of help and responses: 1.---Can I help you,madam/miss/ ladies/sir? ---- I’m just looking at the moment 2.----Do you have anything in particular in mind? ----I’m looking for a … 3. What exactly are you looking for? Something smart?Something for a special occasion, perhaps? ---- I suppose I want...

  9. Useful offers of help and responses: 4. What color are you thinking of? ---- Well, I’d love to go for something unusual like fashionable, perhaps 5. What size are you? ---I’m size 10. 6. --How about …? /What about…?

  10. 7. Why don’t you try it on? -----It’s too big /small/ red/ grey/dull/dark/ light, isn’t it? ----Short skirts don’t really suit me. ---Well, I’m afraid these two colours don’t match each other. -----They are cute , but the price. 8. It quite suits you with your blonde hair/black shoes... 9. It’s a good fit. / It fits you. 10. Light blue would be nice .

  11. Activity 4Shopping Protection Match the words in rectangle with those in oval according to the similar meaning.

  12. Activity5Faulty goods The following elements should be covered while dealing with the faulty purchases: exact problem; purchasing date; date of starting problem; proof of purchase ( the guarantee and the receipt); guarantee period; repairer; time necessary for repairs

  13. Useful expressions in describing the faulty purchases: Good morning . Can I help you? ---I bought this bag/jacket/vaccum cleaner…, and now it seems to be broken/ doesn’t work. O dear, what exactly seems to be the problem? ---- The zip doesn’t close/it doesn’t collect the dust. Yes, it’s definitely faulty. I do apologize. Do you have proof of purchase? ----Yes, here’s the receipt.

  14. Thank you . Yes, that seems to be in order. Now would you like a refund or would you like to exchange it for a new one that isn’t faulty?I can give you your money back if you like. ----I’d like to exchange it, please. That’s fine. Would you like the same color?

  15. Activity 6Faulty goods again Features of a Formal letter: Formal language is often characterized by longer words than informal, everyday language:inefficient --bad; imagine-- guess;further---more; Another feature is that formal language tends to use single verbs rather than phrasal verbs : returned ---went back ;completed-- filled in ; apologize --sorry

  16. Unit Two Gatherings and Celebrations Your objectives: At the end of this unit you should be able to :

  17. •  At the end of this unit you should be able to : ----to express greetings/ congratulations ---exchange personal news ----comment on appearance/physical changes ----make informal announcements -----discuss/comment on past events -----respond to formal/informal invitations -----write informal letters

  18. key points Greetings in General Many Happy Returns of the Day! Wishing You Many More Happy Years Together Happy Birthday One year older , One year wiser! Many Happy Returns of Your Wedding Anniversary

  19. Comment on each other’s appearance Comment on the ---weight ----height ---general appearance ----health ------hair style ---a new dress --- new shoes --- a new car ----the kids

  20. Comment on each other’s appearance--I think you’ve lost some weight. ---- You’ve changed your hair. -----You’ve had your hair done. ---What a good figure/ shape you have! ---You are looking very well. --- You look lovely with your hair. ----It’s a lovely colour. ----You look perfect in this new dress! ---- You look smart. ----You‘ve changed your hair, howwonderful!

  21. Response to the comment Requesting News ---What’s been happening? ----How’s work? ---Tell us all the news. ----What’s new? ----How are you getting along with your work? -----How is everything going?

  22. Congratulating --O,wonderful! ---That’s wonderful news. ---Congratulations, both of you. ----I’m very happy for you. ----That’s great!

  23. Toasting--I’d like to propose a toast to Jim and Ann. ---May they have many many happy years together! Cheers! ----To Susan and Frank. All the best! ----to the Happy couple! Cheers. --- I’d like to propose a toast to the health of Prof. Philip!

  24. Useful expressions How to write a formal invitation •      Mr .&Mrs. A •      You are cordially invited to •      the official opening of …/wedding ceremony of A and B/ 10th wedding anniversary •      of a and b/ Cocktail Party •      at 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 8th.

  25. •      The Secretary(R.Peters) •      Clayton city Library •      South Street •      Clayton Cl4 3 PA RSVP •      Tel: 597 8144

  26. How to write a formal invitation •      Don and Donna Ennis •      joyfully invite you to / request the pleasure of your company to a Valentine’s Day Party •      celebrating their Silver Wedding •      on 14th February •      in Portland •      47 Weymouth Road •      at 7 pm •      RSVP Tel. 562975 •     

  27. How to accept an invitation •      Many thanks for your kind invitation to the Library opening ceremony .I regret that I am unable to accept becausewe have a prior engagement. /I am delighted to accept and look forward to seeing you onSeptember 21st. / I was really happy to receive your invitation toyour wedding anniversary party. I’d love to come. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, 21st.

  28. Accepting an Invitation •      Student A - Start the conversation in a suitable way. --- Thank your friends for the invitation. ----Say how you will be traveling. ----Say when you will be arriving. ----Ask about accommodation. ----Ask about a present -- Any other details ? For example what to wear ---find out something about the party ---Answer and respond to any questions.

  29. Accepting an Invitation •      Student B --Respond to your partner in a suitable way --Say how pleased you are ---Ask about traveling arrangements. --Find out how long your guests will be staying ---Offer to put them up. --- Suggest a suitable present. ---Give some details about the party, for example other guests. ---Answer and respond to any questions.

  30. Unit Three Eating and Drinking Your objectives: At the end of this unit, you should be able to :

  31. Your objectives: At the end of this unit, you should be able to : ØAsk about / describe ingredients/utensil, etc. ØExpress preferences ØGive reasons ØReject suggestions/ offer alternatives ØFollow menus ØOrder food in a restaurant ØMake suggestions ØAsk about /describe dishes ØDescribe a (n) eating/drinking experience ØFollow a written guide

  32. key points 4Kitchens 4    Interest in Food 4    An Outing to a Restaurant 4    A Pot Luck Supper 4    Chinese Menus 4    British Pubs 4    Following an Information Leaflet 4    A New Experience

  33. Useful words for kitchen Questions about a dish: What ingredients it is made from? What is it cooked in? What is it served on? How is it presented? What does it like ? What do we eat it with ?

  34. Interest in food vI love kitchen gadgets—special utensils for peeling , mixing things, grating things and so on. vI’m really into experimenting in the kitchen. vI have a very sweet tooth so I adore desserts. v  I’m a wine enthusiast. v  I’m a big fan of Chinese food. v  I do likeWestern food. vI get great pleasure fromsetting the table… v  I particularly like…

  35. Giving Reasons for Your Choices 4    I think…would be an ideal gift for … because he/she ... Rejecting Suggestions & Offering Alternatives     We could buy a beer making kit for Sally. Yes, we could, but she’s more interested in wine, I think.

  36. Seating the dinner This way, please. Could you follow me, please?   Here’s your table. Is it all right? Please wait in the lounge, we’ll give you a call. What about that one? Your table’s ready, sir.

  37. Useful language for food and drink 4What would you like to eat? 4What would you like to drink? 4Tea or coffee?

  38. Making suggestions in a restaurant ---Why not have fish and chips? ----You could try the shepherd’s pie? ----You could try the lamb stew. ----- I’d recommend apples in toffee ---- You could try it and see ----Do you fancy that cottage pie? ----I’d recommend the Caesar salad

  39. Unit Four Home Improvements Your objectives: At the end of this unit you should be able to :

  40. •      To discuss home improvement /decoration •      To describe furniture •      To discuss furniture arrangement •      To respond to suggestions •      To talk about repairmen •      To describe common tools •      To describe household problems To describe a room

  41. key points •      Liu Li and Rachel’s room •      do it yourself •      Skilled workers •      Household repairs •      discussing furniture arrangement    describing rooms

  42. Improving the Room •      Imagine your friend wants to improve his/her rather dark and gloomy flat. What suggestions could you make? You could … •      You could havesomething done, --- have it repaired/rewired/ re-plastered/ redecorated /have a new carpet fitted

  43. •      buy some plants, make curtains, make cushion covers, build book shelves, replace the mosquito netting in the window screens , paint the walls, change the lighting, put down the new floor covering/ carpet, have the telephone connected, choose/buy some furniture, buy a washing machine, arrange the furniture, fit a new lock on the door, hang some pictures

  44. Home Improvement •    Useful expressions: •      How is the room coming along? •      We spent a fortune buying the other things we need. •      It’s been good fun. •      We’ve made some bright yellow curtains. •      The sofa bed is covered in brightly colored, patterned fabric. •      It converts from a colorful sofa during the day to a comfortable bed at night! •      They are really convenient .We’re concerned about saving space, you see. •      The dining table folds up too.

  45. SKILLED WORKERS •      Useful language: Activity 3 Skilled Workers •      Which of the following tool boxes belong to a plumber / a joiner/ an electrician?

  46. IDENTIFYING HOUSEHOLD PROBLEMS •    The pipe is leaking •      My washing machine has broken down. •      Our central heating system has stopped working. •      The lighting have fused. •      The TV has broken down. •      The gas pipe in the kitchen is leaking. •      The lock isn’t working properly. •      There’s an electrical fault, I think. •      I’m having problems with the gas cooker. •      There’s something wrong withthe air-condition system.

  47. Discussing Furniture Arrangement •      The description of the position : •      Between the bed and the wall, behind the door •      In the left hand corner, beside the window, •      In the corner, against the left hand wall, at the door end of the room, •      In front of the window •      Besidethe wardrobe, after a small gap/space •      Againstthe wall, in the space behindthe door

  48. Unit Five Entertainment at Home

  49. ¨Your objectives: ¨Talk about your own home-based hobbies/leisure activities ¨Ask about other people’s ¨Chat about modern home entertainment ¨Discuss plans for an evening ‘s home entertainment ¨Identify different types of TV programmes ¨Describe TV programmes ¨Use expressions of gentle persuasion ¨Follow written accounts of TV programmes