the culture of new orleans n.
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The Culture of New Orleans PowerPoint Presentation
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The Culture of New Orleans

The Culture of New Orleans

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The Culture of New Orleans

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  1. The Culture of New Orleans

  2. History of New Orleans • French settled in 1718 • French sold Louisiana to Spain 1762 • People of Spanish, French and Indian descent are called creole

  3. History of New Orleans • French got Louisiana back from Spain in 1803 • Napoleon promptly sold it to U.S. for $15 million • Made by Jefferson, Known as the Louisiana Purchase

  4. History of New Orleans • Battle of New Orleans

  5. Voodoo • Island of St. Dominique revolted • New Orleans was more lenient with slaves • This created an environment for open spiritualism

  6. Voodoo • Most Africans participated in the ritual • Most white were too afraid to interfere

  7. Voodoo today • Voodoo was made famous among whites by Marie Laveau • Today voodoo is mostly a tourist attraction

  8. The Music of New Orleans • Jazz started in New Orleans • Started with voodoo drums, then was brought into the church and made more lively • White and black people mixed their music until it became something of their own

  9. The Music of New Orleans • People like Buddy Bolden, Sidney Becket, and Bunk Johnson were among the early jazz pioneers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries

  10. The Music of New Orleans • Used musical instruments like the fiddle, banjo, drum, the cello, and later the trombone

  11. Mardi Gras • Mardi Gras, French for Fat Tuesday • Big feasting party before the fasting season of Lent, which is a season of fasting reflection and penance right before Easter Sunday

  12. Mardi Gras • 1740’s- Louisiana’s Governor Marquis de Vaudreuil held lots of masquerade balls • 1830’s- New Orleans had parties in the streets with maskers and horses and carriages • 1870’s- The first recorded Mardi Gras

  13. Mardi Gras • Since hurricane Katrina, Mardi Gras has become bigger • Not only do the Native Louisianans participate, but thousands of people from all over come to celebrate as well

  14. The Legend of Storyville • Also known as the Red light District • A man named Alderman Sidney Story allowed for legal prostitution in a sectioned off part of the city because it was running rampant everywhere else

  15. The Legend of Storyville • The Red light district was very successful

  16. The Legend of Storyville • The Blue Book • Basically like stats for the prostitutes of the brothels

  17. The Legend of Storyville • A woman named Lulu White ran one of the most famous brothels at this time • Men paid TONS of money for the women there called “octoroons”

  18. The legend of Storyville • Prostitution was once again made illegal in 1917 • Mostly because of the huge outbreak of syphilis and gonorrhea

  19. Hurricane Katrina • Happened in August of 2005 • Affected a few southern states, but hit Louisiana the hardest • About 80% of New Orleans was under water, 20ft deep in some places

  20. Hurricane Katrina • The effects were devastating, thousands of people had to leave their homes • The final death toll was 1,836, with 705 people still missing

  21. Hurricane Katrina

  22. Rebuilding After Disaster • Took WAY too long for the government to step in • The cost for damages was about $81 billion • Then Times-Picayune said “ New Orleans will forever exist as two cities: the one that existed before that date, and the one after”

  23. Rebuilding After Disaster

  24. New Orleans Today • Many parts of New Orleans are still ghost towns • A lot of money was given to businesses • Many of the art works were saved and are now in Museums, so there is stilla lot of tourist attraction down there.

  25. New Orleans Today • Schools are much better than they were before • Big film industry • Large music economy

  26. The End