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Their Stories:

Their Stories:

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Their Stories:

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  1. Their Stories: Tribute to Homicide Victims Behind the Names and Faces in our Tribute to Crime Victims are personal stories as they are remembered by their loved ones. Once the headlines of the homicides fade away, these victims are sometimes forgotten by all but their families. It is important that we tell the stories of the lives they lived, and remember what has been lost. Personal stories and photos are provided by the families of the victims. Our sympathy to the families and friends of these victims. We are sorry for your pain and loss. Photos and stories are presented in alphabetical order. If you would like to submit a personal story and/or photo of a loved one who was a victim of a homicide in Tulsa County, or a homicide victim who lived in Tulsa County, please contact us: 918-596-4977

  2. Joseph Adetula 1986-2005

  3. Amanda Dawn Al-Rifai1982-2005 Amanda’s Story: Beautiful mother, daughter, sister and niece. Taken from us at 22. Such a big heart, loved by many. We all love and miss you, wish you could be here to see your daughter grow. She looks just like you, from her eyes to her smile, we see you there. The pain of losing you is always with us. I can hear a laugh in a crowd or see blond hair at a distance and for just a moment I think it is you, but it isn’t to be. You are gone from us. Too far away to touch you or to hold you but never too far away that we can’t love you. Fly free, Amanda. PS: Your hat still hangs on my bedpost. Love, Mom, Angelica, Sophany, Rocky, Craig, Tommy, Steven, Savannah and many friends and family

  4. Stefanie Andrews1990-2008

  5. Gary S. Arps 1969-2006

  6. Ashley Au 1989-2007

  7. Cori Baker1994-2007

  8. Adrienne Barker 1979-2005

  9. Scott Bolton 1981-2004

  10. Richard L.Brown 1959-2007

  11. DiAndre’ Blackwell1978 - 2001 Dre’s Story Dre’ as he was affectionately known, began his life’s race in December 1978. It is a race from the cradle to the grave. In between be it short or long, comes life and so it was with Di Andre’ Oran Blackwell. On October 21, 2001 Dre’ completed his race. At and early age Dre’ accepted Christ as his personal savior. DiAndre’ had a deep spirit that will never be forgotten. The hopes and aspirations that he had for his son, Jalen and daughter Andrea’ will live on through us. - Dre’s mother, Talana Blackwell

  12. Kayla Renee Burchett 1995-2005 Kayla’s Story Kayla was taken from this life at the tender age of 10. In those short ten years she touched more lives than some people touch in a lifetime. Kayla loved to cheer, play basketball, softball, and tumble. Kayla was an honor student at Herald Elementary School in Colllinsville, Okla., where she lived with her “Mammoo” and “Pops.” In school, she was always the one to befriend the new student, want to help her teachers, and be a friend to anyone in need. There was one person that meant the most to Kayla and that was her “Mama” Tara. They both were taken from their friends way too early at the hands of three murderers who’ve all been successfully tried and convicted. Kayla loved life, her friends, and most of all her family – grandparents, aunts, uncles and her cousins. Kayla loved babies and would always be first in line to hold, cuddle or feed them. Such innocence. She is missed by everyone whose life she touched. Her blonde hair, blue eyes and big smile will live on forever.

  13. Tara Rae Burchett 1979-2005 Tara’s Story Tara loved life. You would never know if she were having a bad day. Her smile and big dimples were always present. The love of her life was her daughter, Kayla, who was also taken from us at the hands of three murderers. They’ve all been successfully tried and convicted. Tara grew up in Owasso, Okla., where she eventually married and made a home. That was one of her greatest joys – the simple life – cleaning, cooking and being a housewife. Tara was a Daddy’s girl. Although she leaned on her Mom and sister, Daddy was always the apple of her eye and vice versa. Tara had many friends and cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles who miss her greatly. Tara’s spirit will live on forever in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.

  14. Danny Z.L. Carter, 21 1985 -2006

  15. “Becca” Castaldi 1985 - 2009

  16. De Anna Rosser-Coatney1965 - 2007Ronald Coatney1958 - 2007

  17. Dennis Cox 1970 -2008

  18. Richard Crowels1955-2008

  19. Sydney Dailey1995-2008

  20. Dena Dean 1982-1998

  21. Michael William Dubin 1967-2008 Michael’s Story Michael was a free spirit, who loved to laugh and have fun. The love of his life was his son Justin, and the feeling was mutual, as you can tell by their picture. Michael loved to ride his Harley, go to the lake and be with his friends. He had four sisters who loved him, and parents whose hearts will always be broken because of the murder of their son. Michael had a large family from Tennessee that remembers those dark brown eyes and the laugh that always made you laugh, too. Michael’s murder was senseless, as all murders are. Today he is with his Heavenly Father and we look forward to joining him there someday. My prayer as Michael’s mother, is that others will come to know Jesus as their Saviour, so we can all join him someday.

  22. Sean Due 1988-2007

  23. Bernard Favors 1984-2006

  24. Kaitlyn Finnegan 1991-2009

  25. Polly Foote1957-2007

  26. Heather Garoutte 1991-2007

  27. Virgil Goodwin 1959-2006

  28. David Wright Graham 1964-2004 David’s Story David was loved by family and friends. He grew up in the Oklahoma City area. He later settled in the Tulsa area. He is survived by two beautiful daughters, his father and step-mother, his mother, two brothers and one adorable grandson he never got the chance to meet. On August 11, 2004 he was brutally beaten. He endured numerous surgeries, but never regained consciousness. He lived for two months, when on October 11, 2004 he went to rest peacefully in God's hands. The man who killed him was convicted of murder and sentenced to 19 years in prison. David will be remembered for his love of his family, his talent and love of cooking, and his wonderful sense of humor.

  29. Gericho A. GriffinDec. 2007 – Feb. 2009 Gericho’s Story “Our Little Man” Gericho was born and lived his short life in Tulsa, Okla. He was the light of our lives and brought us so much joy. He touched so many lives and he had purpose on this earth. He was loved by so many people and he felt this love. He was a happy child and loved to laugh and make others laugh. He was a comedian. Prior to his death he lived with his mother Gabriela Griffin and his grandmother Jessie O'Brien. On Feb. 10, 2009 he was violently shaken by a man who was watching him for a few hours while his mother was at work. He was declared brain dead on Feb. 11, 2009.

  30. John Wesley Hines1978 - 2008 John’s Story John loved his family with all of his heart. When his Grandpa died in 2002 he moved out of his apartment and in with his Grandma to take care of her. Nothing meant more to him than his family. He was so looking forward to the birth of his son. Zachary John Silas was born two months after John was murdered. John would have been a wonderful Dad. Our beloved J-Dub. We love you and you will live forever in our memories. We will do everything we can to let Zachary know how much his Dad loved him. - Cherrie Nolen, John’s mother

  31. Jesse Hurt1982-2008

  32. Robert Johnson 1977-2004

  33. Casey Jones1978-2007

  34. Kevin A. Jones 1966-2008

  35. Joshua Jordan 1985-2008

  36. Theodore D. Kindley 1972-1992 Ted’s Story I gave birth to a 9 pound, 11 ounce -baby boy in November 1972. Here he came, lungs working at full volume, little legs flailing, arms waving. Then a smile from ear to ear. How beautiful! I say, “Thank you, Lord for this child. I will teach him well the right ways of life, about you and heaven.” Nineteen years pass. He loved his church and God. He loved his parents, sister, brother, Grandmother, aunts and uncles. He was liked by everyone. School was hard, but he graduated. It was time for him to leave the nest, and I thought he would be all right; boy was I wrong. On August 17, 1992, at the age of 19, Ted’s life was ended by four evil boys. They had no respect for Ted’s life or for the other three people who were shot in that cold restaurant freezer. I won’t see grandkids. I won’t ever see that smile again, or hear that voice call, “Mom!” The pain of loss is still more than I can bear at times. Ted, I love and miss you so much. Love, Mother - Claudia M. Cryer

  37. Victoria Lynn Knight 1980-2004 Vicki’s Story Vicki was a beautiful young woman who was passionate about life. She was loving mother to her son, Devin. She was a wonderful daughter whose vivacious character made her a joy to raise and watch bloom into a beautiful young woman. She loved to dance while growing up. She would dance like the world was her stage and she was the star.  Vicki’s hair was the color of sunshine and her eyes were as blue as the sky on a clear summer day. She was beautiful both inside and out. he loved everybody and knew no strangers. She had wisdom about her in her young years that most will never know. She was a special person, uniquely of her own. Vicki’s life was cut short at age 24 while at work on June 5th 2004 when a man came into her business in Tulsa and murdered her before robbing the store. Anthony McClanahan was sentenced to Life for Murder and Life for Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon on March 15t 2009.  When the sun is shining in a clear blue sky, I look into the heavens and think of my beautiful daughter. “Dance baby” for the heavens are your stage now and you are the star. - Love, Mom

  38. Shannon Lacey1971-2007

  39. T.C. Lane 1981-2003

  40. Timothy Lannom 1955-2007

  41. Wayne L. Lee 1928-2002

  42. Carlos Lopez Jr. 1978-2008

  43. Tommy James Lovell 1974-2009 Tom’s Story Tom was deeply loved by his wife, two boys, family and friends. Tom loved deeper than anyone could imagine. His compassion for mankind and animals was a wonderful trait he possessed that made anyone proud that knew him. He was a carpenter by trade and his work was beautiful and always had to be perfect. He lost his fight on this earth at the hands of another who owned a gun on Feb.10, 2009. Although his work on earth is now completed, he is now a warrior for Christ in his Army of Angels. His faith with God was very deep and he witnessed too many of his struggles on this earth. Tom is remembered for his love for his family and friends and always putting their needs first. He will be missed by all of those that knew him and loved him. We Love you, Tom. - Your Family

  44. Alexander Lowe 1985-2003

  45. David Lujan 1963-2008

  46. Maria Martinez1970-2009

  47. Amey Mason 1985-2005

  48. Terry Maxey 1954-2006

  49. Kelly McCarthy1971-2007

  50. Katherine S. McLane 1975-1997 Katie’s Story Katie was a young woman just starting her adult life. She leaves behind a son being raised by his maternal grandparents. She also left behind two brothers who to this day miss her terribly. She saw only good in people’s hearts. She is missed by a host of family and friends and especially her Dad and Mom. - Clara McLane, Mother