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PULASKI COUNTY SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT presents Setting up an Infrastructure Trial/ Dress Rehearsal March 12, 2014. Adapted from Pearson training. Goals. Infrastructure Trial/Dress Rehearsal Introduction What , How, When, Where, Why, How: Questions about Infrastructure Trial

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  1. PULASKI COUNTY SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT presents Setting up an Infrastructure Trial/ Dress Rehearsal March 12, 2014 Adapted from Pearson training

  2. Goals • Infrastructure Trial/Dress Rehearsal Introduction • What , How, When, Where, Why, How: Questions about Infrastructure Trial • Communication Plan • Importance of district-wide communication • Getting Started: Resources • Available Training Modules and Manuals • Technology Activities: Proctor Caching and SystemCheck for TestNav • Activities to complete before an Infrastructure Trial • Preparing for an Infrastructure Trial: Using the PARCC Training Center • Creating “dummy” students • Creating and managing test sessions for an Infrastructure Trial • PARCC Support contacts

  3. Infrastructure Trial/Dress Rehearsal Introduction Whatis an Infrastructure Trial? • Answer: • An Infrastructure Trial is a “dress rehearsal” of a computer-based assessment. It does not use real student information. • This is low-stakes, dry run for final confirmation that: • TestNav is configured correctly • Devices can successfully run TestNav • Network will bear the full load • Participating staff know what to do for computer-based assessment

  4. Infrastructure Trial/Dress Rehearsal Introduction Whoshould be involved in an Infrastructure Trial? • Answer: • Everyone within the LEA and the school who will have a role in the computer-based PARCC assessments should be included in the Infrastructure Trial. • Test Coordinators • Test Administrators • LEA technology staff • School technology staff

  5. Infrastructure Trial/Dress Rehearsal Introduction Wheredo I access the Infrastructure Trial? • Answer: • The Infrastructure Trial is conducted using the PARCC Training Center at http://PARCC.Pearson.com/TrainingCenter . The PARCC Training Center offers the ability to create “dummy” students in bulk to reduce preparation time for the Infrastructure Trial. • Set up login access for your staff • Create “dummy” students in PARCC Training Center for the Infrastructure Trial and assign to test sessions • Confirm technology setup and configuration using Infrastructure Trial test

  6. Infrastructure Trial/Dress Rehearsal Introduction Whenis the Infrastructure Trial? • Answer: • Plan to conduct an Infrastructure Trial only after you have confirmed site and staff readiness. • Complete training activities • Confirm network and assessment environment configuration • Develop a communication plan

  7. Infrastructure Trial/Dress Rehearsal Introduction Whyis an Infrastructure Trial necessary? • Answer: • Reviewing set up and communications prior to testing in an Infrastructure Trial can avoid possible problems and delays during the live assessment. • Provides practice for all participating users • Minimal additional activities are needed to conduct an Infrastructure Trial • Students and test results are not affected • Provides practice of communication plans to be sure everyone knows who to contact for help • Validates device and system configuration set up

  8. Infrastructure Trial/Dress Rehearsal Introduction Howdo I know when the Infrastructure Trial is complete? • Answer: • The Infrastructure Trial is complete when you can confirm that you are ready for the computer-based assessment. You may use the trial as needed to confirm readiness. • Report progress to district IT staff • Ensureconfigurations and environment settings are correct • Try again if needed • Make changes to communication plan as needed

  9. Communication Plan Communication Plan

  10. Communication between staff is critical Content Filters Firewalls Proxies TestNav District IT Communications Important Notices LEA-specific PARCC Communications School Testing Staff LEA Technology Staff School Technology Staff Firewalls Proctor Caching TestNav District IT Communications Special Alerts IT-specific and School Coordinator-specific New Tools New Processes White Papers Important Notices Pearson Communication

  11. Getting Started: Available Resources Getting Started: Available Resources http://PARCC.Pearson.com/Support

  12. Getting Started: Available Guides and Manuals Available Guides and Manuals • Materials for School Coordinators and Test Administrators • PARCC Test Administrator Manual • PARCC Test Coordinator Manual for Computer-Based Testing • PARCC PearsonAccess User Guide • Infrastructure Trial Readiness Guide • Materials for LEA and School Technology Coordinators • TestNav 8 User Guide • TestNav Proctor Caching Guide • Quick Start Guides for TestNav 8 and Proctor Caching • Infrastructure Trial Readiness Guide • PARCC PearsonAccess User Guide

  13. Technology Activities: Phases for Site Readiness Technology Activities: Phases for Site Readiness http://PARCC.Pearson.com/TechInformation

  14. Phase 1: Bandwidth & Hardware Verification • SystemCheck validates testing workstations meet the minimum requirements to run TestNav 8. • To gather realistic results, SystemCheckshould be run from a student testing machine on the same day of week/time of day as when you anticipate performing online testing. • Launch SystemCheck from http://PARCC.Pearson.com/SystemCheck. • A

  15. Phase 2: Assessment Environment Configuration • Phase 2: Assessment Environment Configuration Assessment Environment Configuration • Disable applications that could launch automatically • Verify that testing workstations meet minimum requirements • Verify that the TestNav content and certificates are trusted on testing workstations.

  16. Phase 3:TestNav Configuration in PearsonAccess • Phase 3: TestNav Configuration in PearsonAccess To create and maintain TestNav configurations, log into PearsonAccess and select Configure TestNav from the Test Setup menu NOTE: A user must have the Technology Staff role assigned to their login id to create TestNav configurations.

  17. Phase 4:Infrastructure Trial/Dress Rehearsal Infrastructure Trial Once you have completed the first three phases, conduct an Infrastructure Trial for each school in your district and evaluate the outcome. Make adjustments to devices, networks, and re-train staff if necessary. Make sure that everyone with a role in the computer-based assessment understands what to do and who to contact for assistance. PARCC Hotline phone number: 234-2175 • Phase 4: Infrastructure Trial

  18. Phase 5: Pre-administration Checklist Pre-Administration • Coordinate computer-based testing with your Internet service provider • Validate Phase 1-3 Activities have been completed • Pre-cache tests by selecting the Proctor Caching button within the Session Details page if necessary • Phase 5: Pre-administration Checklist

  19. Using the PARCC Training Center Preparing for the Infrastructure Trial: Using the PARCC Training Center http://PARCC.Pearson.com/TrainingCenter

  20. PARCC Training Center Log In The Infrastructure Trial is conducted in the secure PARCC Training Center. NOTE: If your state currently uses PearsonAccess for other assessments, you will have a separate login and password for the PARCC Training Center and PARCC operational PearsonAccess site. The PARCC logo will be present in the header to help identify the site.

  21. Creating “Dummy” Students Create “Dummy” Student Data for Practice • Create mock students using the Create Students option from the Student Data menu. Create as many students as needed to represent the number of simultaneous test takers that would be tested on a typical day during the live test window. Choose the organization (school), create a class (group) name, select the grade, test name, and choose the number of students you would like to create for practice in the organization you have selected.

  22. Creating “Dummy” Students Continued • In the PARCC Training Center, new students created using the wizard will automatically be registered for the computer-based test mode of the test selected in the Create Students step.

  23. Test Management: Create and Manage Test Sessions

  24. Test Management Continued Create Test Sessions for Practice

  25. Test Management Continued Manage Test Sessions

  26. Session Details

  27. Training Center and Live PearsonAccess Site PARCC Training Center log in PARCC live assessment site log in

  28. NEXT STEPS • Develop plan and communicate plan • Ensure students have practiced using TestNav • Coordinate an infrastructure trial at your school • District wide trial – 60 minutes • Elementary Schools – PBA – March 19 • Secondary Schools – PBA – April 4 • Identify and train test administrators • Create log-in • Procedures for the day • Assign students computers • Provide copy of infrastructure trial script • Prepare test site

  29. NEXT STEPS • Create test sessions • Session Name – Use teacher name and room number • Use infrastructure monitoring form to identify issues • Fax a copy to DTC immediately following trial • 490-5724 • Call DTC or IT with major issues • Determine if an additional trial is necessary • Plan for Field Test • Test Schedules due March 21, 2014 • Fax to 490-5724 • Email to LaJuana, Knikiah Banks, Frances Tate and Nikita Henderson

  30. Contacts • PCSSD PARCC Technical Support Line • 501-234-2175 • Test Administration Questions • Contact La Juana Green • 234-2082 • 234-2083 • 234-2084 • 234-2077 • 804-9682 – cell • 234-5724 – fax • All materials will be accessible on Sharepoint • Type inst.pcssd.org (do not type www) • Click on department tab - Counseling and Testing Services • Click on Testing link under Shared Documents • Locate PARCC folder

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