2013 verifone customer forum n.
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2013 Verifone customer forum PowerPoint Presentation
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2013 Verifone customer forum

2013 Verifone customer forum

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2013 Verifone customer forum

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  1. 2013 Verifone customer forum

  2. Presented By: James Hervey Paul Jannarone Commander Site Controller

  3. Agenda VeriFone POS History Introducing Commander Site Controller Commander Site Controller Hardware Overview Commander Site Controller Software Overview Installing Commander Site Controller Commander Console Commander Roadmap

  4. VeriFone POS History Introduced Ruby in 1992 Sapphire launched in Jan 2003 Sapphire enabled Ruby to continue to function in a scanning and PCI environment Full transaction reporting for data warehousing Sapphire enabled Topaz – IP-based POS Fuel and electronic payments stayed on GEMPRO Topaz launched in Jan 2004 VIPER V910/V920 launched in Dec 2005 Dedicated EPS IP connection to POS and PIN Pads Still carrying old fuel interface and legacy GEMSTALL

  5. Industry Challenges Affecting Our Architecture Dispenser transaction becoming more complex Loyalty PPG Discounts Media Merchandising VeriFone’s Fuel interface is built on a Serial to IP interface EMV looming DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPACT OF THIS!!!!!!!!! In store needs for Mobility, Suggestive Selling Platforms More and more store promotions Mobile POS platforms Suggestive Selling Platforms VeriFone’s Core Store Control is based on Serial GEMCOM and older processing technology

  6. Point of Sale Roadmap VeriFone’s POS Strategy Simplified Migration, NOT Obsolescence 2014 2013 Over 150K Rubies SOLD Topaz 110,310(XL) 2004 1998 Sapphire 1,2&3 1992 Ruby SuperSystem CPU 2,3,4,5

  7. Introducing Commander Site controller

  8. Commander Site Controller Overview Fastest site controller in the industry Fuel authorizations in seconds Lightning Fast installs All IP-based, eliminates serial bottlenecks Remote management Commander accessible from any web-enabled device Compatibility with PDK Architecture for backwards compatibility with legacy interfaces Petro Platform for the future Supports Topaz and future petro platforms – including mobile POS VIPER Payment Architecture Fast, modular payment architecture Secure, PA-DSS Validated Horsepower to handle EMV Click to add graphic/image

  9. Petro Upgrade Ladder Protects Investment

  10. Commander Availability by Network

  11. Commander Site Controller Hardware Overview

  12. Commander Site Controller Hardware Click to add graphic/image Processor 2.10 GHz Intel Core i3-2310E CPU Slots for two additional CPU cards with dedicated I/O Memory 4GB DDR2 SDRAM Storage 8GB Solid State Mass Storage High Capacity HDD Hard Drive for automatic upgrade Connectivity 4x USB 2.0 ports 2x 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports 16x RS-232 Serial Ports expandable to 24 Display 2x20 Diagnostic Display on Front Bezel Operating System Secure Real-Time Linux 12

  13. More Hardware Features Dual Ethernet NIC Payment Network VeriFone Zone Redundancy “hooks” Power supplies Device interface boards Front panel system status display Provisioning for multiple HDDs (or SSDs) Modem option USB ports available Electronic Asset Tag (EAT) Wall mount kit available Battery technology Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Safer than other Li chemistries Higher capacity with “Petro-friendly” discharge profile Longer service life More environmentally friendly Trusted computing (TPM) Secure storage for data encryption keys NOT USED FOR PIN ENTRY Trusted boot (prevent booting of hacked software) Server-class thermal control “Smart” fans preserve conservative thermal design

  14. Retail Hardened Design Embedded Chipset Reduces thermal footprint Ensures longer lifecycle for motherboard enhancing supportability Conservative Thermal Design Designed to reduce heat to ensure longer life “Smart Fans” cool only when needed Graceful Shutdown Prevents corruption of OS and data if power is lost during operations Diagnostic Mode Commander Site Controller has a diagnostic mode with separate version of the OS that allows for recovery in the event of file corruption

  15. Forecourt Control Interface Box Connects Commander Site Controller to dispensers and card readers Support for: VeriFone SPP Gilbarco CRIND Wayne CAT Tokheim DPT Designed for ease and cleanliness of install

  16. Forecourt Control Interface Boards Current Loop Board FCI Box houses up to 4 interface boards Any combination of Current Loop and RS485 interfaces Standard installation with two boards – shown here with 4 boards for better performance or larger sites Current Loop Boards support Dispenser comms and Gilbarco CRIND RS485 Boards support SPP, Wayne CAT and Tokheim DPTs FCI can support combinations of dispenser types RS485 Board 16

  17. Commander Site Controller Software Overview

  18. Petroleum Site Evolution

  19. Platform Convergence • Applications and services that once ran on different CPUs in different boxes…Now all run on one board in a virtualized environment

  20. Store Control Improvements Support for VeriFone Integrated Promotions – including package pricing and increased numbers of mix and match Significant improvement in day close times including device polling and network polling Support for up to 32 Topaz or Ruby2 POS terminals – including mobile POS devices

  21. New Forecourt Interface for Commander VeriFone Fuel and DCR interface detached from POS and running on separate core on the Commander Site Controller Commander Site Controller includes multi-channel interface software for fastest transaction times Increased support for up to 64 fueling positions with minimal impact on performance Support for multiple manufacturer dispenser and DCR types on the same controller

  22. All Commander Sites Run Viper on Dedicated EPS Core • Dedicated EPS software separates payment network components from the POS application • Payment network changes can be implemented without impacting other areas of functionality • Commander Site Controller’s modern processor speeds indoor payment transactions • Loyalty and EPS configuration can be done easily through Web-based interface • Support for IP-based electronic payment transaction processing • Dedicated NIC support for payment network to enable physical segmentation of payments

  23. V950 Services Migrated into Commander • V950 Services integrated into the Commander Site Controller eliminate the need for an additional device • Help desk and diagnostic roles, such as log files • Manages remote software downloads and upgrades – for POS and indoor PIN Pads • Included support for internal hard drive allows for archiving of logs for support

  24. Commander Site Controller INstallation


  26. Commander Site Controller Configuration All connections are CAT-5 Ethernet except dispensers and DCRs which utilize 1 RS232 cable per loop

  27. Commander Site Controller Connected Components

  28. Commander Installation – Ruby/Sapphire Example New Components What Goes Away Sapphire Ruby’s Some serial cables Some Ruby Peripherals Third party pump interface device Distribution Box Site Controller Forecourt Control Interface Box Dispenser Interface Boards (as needed) Ethernet cables as needed Topaz Topaz Components

  29. Commander Console

  30. Web-based Configuration Management • Web-based tools for configuration • Store, forecourt and EPS configuration • Accessible from any Web-enabled device including smartphones and tablets 30

  31. Commander Mobile Dashboard Mobile Dashboard Inside Sales Report Mobile Dashboard is in early beta. Customer Feedback on requirements is still open Promo Reports 31

  32. Commander Console Enterprise Commander Console Enterprise is an enterprise-level tool that enables management of POS configuration across multiple sites POS Configuration Screen configuration Employee Configuration Tax and item configuration MX and CRIND receipt configuration Update credit card files Hierarchical Organize groups by legal, business and other hierarchies

  33. Where is this Headed?

  34. Petro Cloud Platform Vision Cloud-based platform for managing petroleum and convenience retail locations Access and manage sites anywhere/anytime you have connection to the network Potential modules Central Price book POS Setup and Configuration Central Back-up and Restore Content Management for Marketing Screens Device and Application Management

  35. Questions?

  36. Thank You