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Labour Saving Devices PowerPoint Presentation
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Labour Saving Devices

Labour Saving Devices

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Labour Saving Devices

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  1. Labour Saving Devices Name: Jonathan Surname: Camilleri Class: 3.6 Subject: Home Economics

  2. What are Labour Saving Devices? Labour Saving Devices are all those appliances that help you to speed up the cooking process, save time and money. Examples of Labour Saving Devices are: Electric kettle Microwave oven Pressure cooker Food mixer Hand food mixer Food processor Liquidizer Coffee maker Juice extractor Electric sandwich maker Toaster

  3. Electric kettle An electric kettle is the best way to boil water for home and office use. It makes hot beverages like tea fast and easy to prepare. Tea tastes much better when made with freshly boiled water, compared to water heated in a microwave. All these kettles switch off automatically when the water boils, which is a big advantage over the stove top kettles which whistle until you turn them off.

  4. Microwave oven A microwave oven, or microwave, is a kitchen appliance employing microwave radiation primarily to cook or heat food. Microwave ovens have revolutionized food preparation since their use became widespread in the 1970s. However many chefs find microwave ovens to be of limited usefulness because the Millard reactions(a type of browning) cannot occur due to the temperature range.

  5. Pressure cooker Pressure cooking is a method of cooking in a sealed vessel that does not permit air or liquids to escape below a preset pressure. Because water's boiling point increases as the pressure increases, the pressure built up inside the cooker allows the liquid in the pot to rise to a temperature higher than 100 °C (212 °F) before boiling.

  6. Food mixer Food mixers are very good use of making sponges, cakes and buns. These have a big bowl that with it there are attached electric beakers for the making of whipping cream, mixing sauce, whisking fat and rubbing fat into flour. This is also used for cake mixes and bread.

  7. Hand food mixer Hand food mixers have a very good use for making cakes and whisking egg whites. These are not so very heavy as the normal food mixers so they are handy and easy to carry too.

  8. Food processor Food processors are very useful in grating, chopping and whisking. They usually have a range of blades that fits into a large bowl or jug. These are a speedy preparation in making of soups, breadcrumbs, dips and pastry mix.

  9. Electric sandwich maker This electric sandwich maker works with electricity as the name says. There are two main types of sandwich makers. These are the square plates and the triangle plates. These can be also two sliced or four sliced too.

  10. Coffee maker To force the water through the coffee, the simplest espresso machines use pressure that comes from heating water inside a sealed vessel. These types of machines can be bought for around $50, and there's even one that is made especially to take on a camping trip.

  11. Juice extractor Juice extractors are always handy and easy to carry. With these juice extractors you can get juice out of the fruit and vegetables. With these device you can make your own tomato pulp and you can also make a fresh orange juice.

  12. Liquidizers or blenders These liquidizers or blenders are used to crush chunky food into a liquid. These are also a good source for making soups, milkshakes, baby food and fruit juice.

  13. Toaster A toaster is a small electric kitchen appliance designed to toast bread, an act also known as 'making toast.' Prior to the development of the electric toaster, bread was sometimes toasted by placing it in a metal frame and holding it over a fire.

  14. What are those tips and hints that effect our choice of these Labour Saving Devices? These are: Safety Cost of use Performance Features Guarantee Complementary range Ease of service Specifications Aesthetics Ease of cleaning

  15. Safety When you’re choosing the labour-saving equipment make sure that this had undergone the safety marks as to prevent serious accidents at home. Be aware of cheap electrical appliances as they may not have the safety marks.

  16. Cost of use Before you buy think. When you’re buying tumble dryers these are very expensive as they run to dry clothes faster so if possible when you’re drying clothes dry them on the washing line and this becomes free.

  17. Performance When you’re going to buy the labour saving device first you have to the decide the model you are going to buy. This information can be obtained by shop assistant or friends.

  18. Features When you are buying a labour saving device and you want it with extras make sure that you know how to use that extra. For example when you are buying a cooker and you buy the automatic timer extra make sure you know how to use this timer.

  19. Complementary range When you are buying the labour saving device first watch out for the colour of your kitchen so that it can tone. This should be considered when buying accessories if you require a total look your kitchen.

  20. Guarantee This guarantee is the customer’s insurance that should occur in the product within a stated length of time from purchase for example for repair or replacement. This is obviously very important for those devices which are expensive.

  21. Ease of service Most of the labour saving devices can be sent back for a service. Attention because if the appliance is to big and bulky or it has been sent for a long distance this is inconvenient.

  22. Ease of use Once the selected appliance has been purchased this can be use easily. When you buy the appliance and you do not know how to use it training is given. What when buying an appliance as a gift because if the person is old or disabled the device must have and fit their needs.

  23. Specifications Before buying that appliance you want such as washing machine it is important that first check if the this will fit in the space available.

  24. Aesthetics When the purchased appliance is to be sited in the home it is important that it looks attractive that it’s colour matches to the rest of the room.

  25. Ease of cleaning When buying an appliance it is useful to discuss with someone who already owns the appliance how easy or difficult it is to keep clean. Those appliances which trap dirt can lead to food poisoning as mould can grow in areas to clean.

  26. THE END