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CMP Master Instructor Training PowerPoint Presentation
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CMP Master Instructor Training

CMP Master Instructor Training

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CMP Master Instructor Training

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  1. CMP Master Instructor Training Introduction and Clinic Procedures

  2. Your Instructor: Gary Anderson • Director of Civilian Marksmanship Emeritus • Lead developer of the GSM and RFS Master Instructor Courses • Distinguished Badge: International and Service Rifle • Vice President, ISSF (World governing body) • Immediate Past President, USA Shooting (U. S. National governing body for Olympic shooting)

  3. Contact Information • Clinic or Match Support: Shannon Hand, 419-635-2141, X1101, • Rifle Clinic Content: Gary Anderson,

  4. Workshop Schedule • Master Instructor Notebooks: • With GSM slides and notes • With RFS slides and notes • With Instructor resources • Workshop Procedures: • Presentations • Range practical work • Discussions welcome any time • We are here to learn together!

  5. Master Instructor Mission • Organize and teach CMP-sanctioned rifle clinics at your home clubs & ranges • Provide knowledge and instructional methods that ensure new shooters receive first-class instruction • Our Mission: Attract more new shooters and get them off to a great start

  6. CMP Master Instructors • Must attend an in-person training course covering CMP clinic/match procedures and instructional material in detail • CMP trains Master Instructors for: • Club Rifle Clinics and Matches (CMP Games events) • JROTC Rifle Marksmanship • Youth Camp Riflery

  7. CMP Games Events • As-Issued Military Rifle Events • Any Military Rifle • M1 Garand • Springfield Rifle (M1903, M1903A3) • Vintage Military Rifle (U. S. Krag, M1917, manually operated foreign military rifles) • M1 Carbine • Modern Military Rifle • Other CMP Games Events • Rimfire Sporter (.22 cal. RF sporters) • As-Issued Military Pistol (M1911-type, military-police semi-autos)

  8. CMP-Sanctioned Activities CMP-affiliated shooting clubs may sanction and conduct these types of activities: • Clinic: Instruction with dry firing or range firing • Combined Clinic & Match: Instruction combined with a sanctioned match • Match: Sanctioned match only(recommend short instruction period or coaching by experienced shooters if there are new shooters)

  9. The Future of the Shooting Sports • The future of the shooting sports depends upon attracting more participants, youth and adults • The CMP statutory mission is to “instruct citizens of the U. S. in marksmanship” • Each year 1,700 CMP-affiliated gun clubs conduct 100 new shooter clinics and 1,200 As-Issued Military Rifle and Rimfire Sporter Matches • CMP Games event participation is growing—we are attracting many new shooters—our mission is to continue this growth!

  10. CMP Support for MIs • All Sanctioned Clinics/Matches Receive: • On-line listing • Scorecards (free) • Clinic Completion Certificates (free) • .30-06 ammo at special prices ($0.59/round) If available, 22 RF ($306/5,000) (prices subject to change) • Achievement Award pins ($1.25 ea.) • Standard national rules • Sanctioned Clinics/Matches Taught by Master Instructors Receive: • Instructional Materials: Notebooks & CDs for MIs • On-line listing with “taught by MI” designation • Student Booklets

  11. Sanctioning Applications

  12. CMP Online Listing of Clinics & Matches CMP Competition Tracker

  13. Instructional Guidelines • CMP Rifle Clinics are designed for students with no previous marksmanship training • Clinics teach gun safety and range procedures needed to safely complete A-IMR or Rimfire Sporter courses of fire • Clinics teach fundamentals of marksmanship and firing positions needed to fire A-IMR or RimfireSporter courses • Clinics ensure that new shooters’ first target shooting experiences are safe, rewarding and enjoyable • CMP Clinics strive to help new shooters become regular shooters • Clinic instruction focuses on As-Issued Military Rifles or Rimfire Sporter Rifles--instruction can be used for other types of rifles too

  14. Organizing A Clinic or Match • Set date—schedule classroom & range—make initial plans--draft program • Apply for CMP sanctioning • Appoint & train assistant instructors/range officers • Publicize clinic/match • Obtain supplies--set up class room & range • Conduct clinic or match • After event--communicate with participants--offer additional opportunities to shoot • Submit report to CMP—plan next event

  15. Model Schedule—Clinic with Match 0700-0800 Check-In, rifle safety inspection 0800-1100 Classroom instruction & demonstration CMP Clinic Sections 2-8 (issue student texts) Loading practice with dummy rounds 1100-1200 Dry fire position practice (prone and standing positions, + sitting for RFS) 1200-1300 Lunch break 1300-1700 Match, 30-shot AIMR course of fire or 60 shot Rimfire Sporter course 1700 Presentation of certificates and awards

  16. Instructional Matches • Many clubs organize and sanction “instructional” matches especially for new shooters • Offer a “New Shooter Clinic” before the match (1-3 hours) • Offer loaner rifles • Recommend 30-shot “A” Course • Squad new shooters with experienced shooters and encourage coaching • Allow extra prep time and flexible time limits

  17. SAFETY INSPECTIONS The first step for clinic students should be a rifle safety inspection Use the CMP Rifle Inspection Checklist Inspections should be done by knowledgeable club members Provide ECIs to all clinic students who do not have them Web slings can also be provided/sold at this time

  18. PUBLICIZING THE CLINIC OR MATCH Good publicity means good attendance Have gun club members invite family and friends Prepare announcements for local new media (newspapers, radio) Prepare a promotional flyer (see model) Distribute flyers on community bulletin boards, in sporting goods retails stores, etc.

  19. Tips for Clinic Instructors • Follow the Lesson Plan—Teaching points in clinic slides are consensus “best practices” • Follow the Lesson Plan—Your best defense in a liability suit • Show class how all rifle demonstrations start with cleared rifle, with an ECI inserted • Test your demonstration equipment • Rehearse your demonstrator before the class--Never use an unfamiliar demonstrator • There are no hopeless students or lost causes—match challenging students with your best instructors • Do Safety Inspection for all rifles brought to new shooter clinics • Have loaner rifles for students to use • Have web slings and dummy rounds for students to use (verify that all dummy rounds are dummy rounds)

  20. Staying Up-to-DateOpen: User Name: gsm Password: 09

  21. CMP A-IMR Master Instructors and a typical class of new shooters CMP Rifle Clinics: Getting more new shooters off to a great start

  22. CMP Master Instructor Courses – Class Photos

  23. CMP Master Instructor Courses – Class Photos

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