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Satellite Accumulation Training

Satellite Accumulation Training .

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Satellite Accumulation Training

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  1. Satellite Accumulation Training

  2. You have been identified as a person responsible for the operation of a hazardous waste satellite accumulation area and therefore must complete an annual training program that teaches you to operate the satellite accumulation area in compliance with applicable Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. This training program is designed to comply with those applicable training regulations found in Ohio Administrative Code 3745-54-16. • Your area has been identified as a hazardous waste satellite accumulation area because you generate a constant type of waste that has been evaluated by the Department of Environmental Health & Safety and determined to be an EPA regulated hazardous waste. There are six basic mandatory requirements you must follow as a person responsible for the management of the satellite accumulation area. EPA inspectors can visit your area to ensure compliance with these requirements at any time.

  3. The requirements for satellite accumulation areas can be found in Ohio Administrative Code 3745-52-34(C). Please review the following six requirements and ensure that your satellite accumulation area complies with all of them. It may be a good idea to print and post the requirements so all personnel in your area are aware of the requirements.

  4. Satellite Accumulation Requirements • The container or containers used to accumulate your waste must be marked with the words "Hazardous Waste". A sticker for this purpose is available by contacting EHS. • The container or containers holding the hazardous waste must be in good condition. This means no cracks, no rust, and no leaks. If a container shows evidence of deterioration or begins to leak the contents must be transferred to a container in good condition immediately. In addition the container or containers must not be opened, handled or stored in a manner that may rupture the container or otherwise cause it to leak. • Use a container for your hazardous waste that is made of or lined with materials that are compatible with the waste and any waste mixtures accumulated in the container. • The container(s) holding the hazardous waste must be CLOSED AT ALL TIMES. The only exception to this is when waste is being added to or removed from the container. • The accumulation and subsequent storage of the waste must be at or near the point where the waste is initially generated and must be under control of the operator of the process generating the waste. • Do not accumulate more than 55 gallons of waste at the satellite accumulation area. In the event your site has been identified as a site generating acutely hazardous waste as defined by the EPA then accumulation must never exceed one quart. You will be notified by EHS if your area is generating acutely hazardous waste.

  5. Along with ensuring compliance with these six requirements, you must also have completed the annual hazardous waste training program before EHS can pick up your waste. If you have completed the training within one year contact EHS requesting a pickup of your hazardous waste prior to accumulating more than those amounts described above. Otherwise complete the EHS hazardous waste training program and request a pick up as described within.

  6. Complete the registration certifying you have completed this training. Only after completing the registration will you be allowed to operate a satellite accumulation area on campus. Fill out and Submit Registration:

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