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Intermediate 2 PE

Intermediate 2 PE

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Intermediate 2 PE

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  1. Intermediate 2 PE Preparation of The Body Basketball

  2. Aspects of Physical fitness most important to basketball.* Cardio Respiratory Endurance (Aerobic endurance)The ability of the heart and lungs to work for a long period of time with a constant supply of oxygen. * Speed endurance (Anaerobic Endurance)The ability to repeat short sharp bursts of speed (High intensity) over a long period of time.Examples of why Cardio respiratory endurance is needed.* To tight man for man mark for the duration of the game to deny space and time on the ball.To bring the ball up the court or shoot and rebound both ends for duration of the game.To get back before the ball into zone defence to protect space.To lose a marker and support in all attacking plays.To sustain good decisions, and skill levelfor the duration of the game.

  3. Speed endurance importance • To sprint up court to receive a pass. • To cut and drive to basket for a high percentage shot • To give and go. • Fill lanes in a fast break situation to create a numerical superiority. • Sharpness in passes, rebounds to keep in possession. • To sustain a range of shooting options. • To sprint back and defend to get into zone or man mark and deny space. • To chase a loose ball • Bring the ball up the court at speed • To collect rebounds at both ends of the floor . To outmanoeuvre an opposition in 1v1 to break though defense. * To tight man for man mark to restrict movement and options. * Short burst in quick succession to defend counter attacks. * Intercept opposition passes.

  4. Assess your fitness • Resting heart rate ? ____________P20 • Peak flow reading? ____________P20 • Training zone calculations • Maximum heart rate 220 – age • 70% ___________ aerobic training zone • 85% ___________anaerobic training zone

  5. Stroke volume- The amount of blood pumped from the heart in one contraction. • Oxygen Dept – When demand for oxygen exceeds supply. A performer is forced to slow down and recover to pay back the oxygen used up Aerobic Threshold - The optimum point before the athlete needs to start working anaerobically. Anaerobic Threshold – The optimum point before the onset of fatigue and lactic acid build up and fatigue

  6. Heart structure Bigger and stronger (hypertrophy) Chambers increase in size. Bigger pumping station Heart Rate Bradycardia (slow heart rate) Lower working heart rate Longer before you move from aerobic to anaerobic threshold. Recover quicker after exercise. Adaptations and benefits of endurance training

  7. Blood volume Due to an increase in the size and thickness of left ventricle more blood can be taken in and more powerful muscular contraction (Stroke volume). More red cells therefore more blood/oxygen Lungs Bigger and stronger, ling volume/capacity increases therefore more oxygen taken in per breath. Increased number of capillaries, greater exchange of gases, heat, waste, nutrients. Advantages of endurance training


  9. Further advantages • Anaerobic training known to improve muscle tolerance to lactic acid by product. • Increase muscular strength • Delay the onset of fatigue • Could reduce resting heart rate, impact is significant. • Sustained decisions and skills for the duration of a game. • Aerobic training results in an increase in the size of slow twitch muscle fibres.

  10. Interesting points • 5 litres of blood are pumped round our body in 1 minute. • Red cells survive for only 4 months (wear and tear) • If you give blood it takes 6 weeks to reconstruct blood cells. Hence why athletes never give blood and cheaters try to free load.

  11. Consider this!Jim’s wife thought he was crazy when, at age 37, he began jogging a few times per week with some friends. After all he had never been interested in sports and has always shied away from any form of exercise. Despite his muscle soreness and inability to keep pace with other runners, Jim increased his training to six times per week. After 8 weeks of this new regime, he suddenly realised that it was relatively easy to keep pace with other runners. In fact, he had become the leader of the group and often felt as if he had to slow to stay with others. When the other runners decided to increase their training in preparation to run the Boston marathon, Jim considered it a challenge and joined the group in running 60 miles per week. During the race, he was able to run well ahead of his training partners, finishing more than an hour before them: His time of 2h 45 mins placed him in the top 3% of the 9540 runners in the race. Suddenly, it was apparent that Jim was gifted with an unusual capacity for endurance running, a talent that could be realised only after his body had be stimulated to adapted the stress of hard work.Never give up when training as you don’t know the outcome until your body is under pressure. It is easy to fail.

  12. Homework’s • P21+22 (Homework diaries) simple Question + answer – recall knowledge • P23 (Frequently appears in exams) • Discuss the importance of 2 aspects of physical fitness when playing basketball. • Use notes and info sheets on roles to help complete this answer. • Structure • State your role and main responsibilities in opening sentence. • Give a definition of each aspect of fitness when you begin discussion • Discuss the needs for each aspect in offense and defense in your role (why, what if?) • Use basketball terminology • Discuss each aspect one after the other. • Relate science to answer (Top end pupils)