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Intermediate 2 PE PowerPoint Presentation
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Intermediate 2 PE

Intermediate 2 PE

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Intermediate 2 PE

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  1. Intermediate 2 PE Structures and Strategies

  2. Attacking Strategy in Volleyball • Playing the serve to the weak receiver

  3. Playing to the weak receiver What did you do? When serving our attacking strategy was to play the ball to the weak receiver: • When playing I had a knowledge of this weakness and used a variety of serves to capitalise on this • Float serves – altered direction in the air, highlighting their inefficient footwork • Overhead power serves – downwards angle forced a dig

  4. Playing to the weak receiver Why? • Opponent found it almost impossible to dig the ball • Poor preparation of footwork and technique meant the ball projected out of court or lacked height and accuracy to the setter

  5. Playing to the weak receiver Impact on opposition: • When the receiver managed to play the ball, the setter was out of position to retrieve it • Pressure gave the setter diminishing options • Receiving team found it very difficult to set up any strong attacks

  6. Playing to the weak receiver • How did this assist my team? • My team mates could step to the net in preparation • My team mates could defend these weak attacks easily. • We were scoring easy points

  7. Strengths required to play this strategy • Technical • Tactical • Physical

  8. Technical Strengths • Good timing, control and dynamic balance when serving to ensure accuracy and consistency • Knowing when to contact the ball and how much pace to put on the ball ensured I did not overshoot the target player • Able to vary the angle and speed at touch. • Able to play a variety of serves: underarm, float, power

  9. Tactical Strengths • I must be good at reading the game and identifying the S &W of my opposition and how to exploit them • Varying my starting position, the pace and the angle of my serves • Able to make swift tactical decisions to help break opponents structure creating space to attack. • Able to move quickly onto court to be ready to field defend as my job is not complete until the point is won.

  10. Physical Strengths • Power is vital in arms and legs to gain enough pace on the ball to put pressure on the opposition • Strength and speed to create an unstoppable serve • Speed is also required to move quickly onto court to field defend.