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Getting Started with

Getting Started with

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Getting Started with

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  1. Getting Started with

  2. EndNote Web: • It allows you to: • Access your references from any computer with internet • Collect references from online sources • Drop citations into your paper as you type in MS Word • Choose the referencing system that is required for your assignment • Share collections of references with specified colleagues

  3. First go to:

  4. Click on the “Sign Up” link Your initial sign up must be on a computer within the DIT domain. After that you may use it from anywhere.

  5. Fill in your details Pay special attention to the password guidelines. They are a bit tricky and it’s normal for people to require more than one attempt.

  6. When completed click ‘I Agree’ to complete registration

  7. The main parts of EndNote Web are outlined in the getting started guide

  8. To get the full benefit from EndNote Web you will need to download a patch to the computer(s) you will be using it on most. To do this: …

  9. In EndNote Web, first click on the Options tab Next click on “Download Installers”

  10. Follow the instructions here to capture items from the web. If you’re using MS word with either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome then download this patch. Use this patch if you’re using Mozilla or Apple Mac.

  11. Once installed, the patch will … …Install the EndNote Web Cite While You Write (CWYW) toolbar in MS Word and …

  12. … Installs the EndNote Web internet toolbar Or…

  13. …Alternatively the web capture tool displays as one of your bookmarks

  14. Main ways of getting references into EndNote Web: Search DIT Library Catalogue Export from a database which links with EndNote Web Enter reference manually

  15. To search DIT Library first click on the ‘Collect’ tab and select ‘Online Search’

  16. When you enter this area for the first time you’ll need to customise the list by clicking “Select Favourites”.

  17. From the list on the left, Find and select “DIT Library” and click “Copy to Favourites”

  18. Now, you can choose “DIT Library” from the drop down list. Then click “Connect”

  19. Carry out your search as normal…

  20. First, check the references you want to save Then, select which of your reference groups to add the references to

  21. These references are now saved to EndNote Web

  22. Searching a database with a direct link to EndNote Web 1: ScienceDirect

  23. Carry out your search as normal

  24. Check the references you wish to save then click on “Export citations”

  25. There is no need to change anything here, Just click the “Export” button

  26. You should now get this message

  27. Searching a database with a direct link to EndNote Web 2: ISI Web of Knowledge

  28. Carry out your search as normal

  29. As before, check the article you’re interested in. Then click the “EndNote Web” button.

  30. You’ll be informed that the records are being transferred to your EndNote Web library.

  31. Sometimes it will be necessary to enter the references manually…

  32. If this is the case click on ‘Collect’ then ‘New Reference’…

  33. From the drop down list Select the appropriate reference type

  34. As you come out of each field the details are saved Just clicking in a field will open it for text editing

  35. Using with MS Word

  36. To enter a reference, first select the EndNote Web tab

  37. Select “Find Citations”

  38. Enter a search term for the reference you seek and hit “Find” If you are unsure of spelling, a search for the letter “a” will probably bring back all your references

  39. When you find the correct reference click “insert”

  40. This will: 1: Enter the reference in brackets at the point where the cursor is located 2: Begin constructing a bibliography at the end of the document

  41. If you’d like to have a title for the bibliography click on the bibliography preferences

  42. Click on the “Layout” tab Type your preferred title in The “Bibliography title” box

  43. Choose the appropriate referencing style from the “Style” drop down list. Once you have decided which style you need to use you shouldn’t really need to change this again.

  44. Click the “Preferences” button then the “Application” tab. It is useful to enter your email and password and check the box to remember it. Otherwise you get asked constantly to enter these details. Similarly it is useful to have EndNote Web open in the background when you are using it in MS Word.

  45. The internet browser toolbar (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) …

  46. The first button is just a bookmark which will bring you to the EndNote Web page The second button is useful if you find something while browsing on the internet

  47. When you find something of interest, click the “Capture” button

  48. If you get an error message like the one above you’ll need to go into ‘tools’ and turn off your ‘pop-up blocker’.

  49. You will then get a template where you can enter the relevant details and save to your EndNote Web account